William Beaven


William Beaven was possibly the son of Christopher Beaven and Mary Hayward, and brother of Thomas Hayward Beaven, he was baptised in Melksham on 2 April 1811. William Beaven of Rowden Farm, Chippenham, died in May 1841, age 30, and was buried at Chippenham St. Andrew on 12th. It is possible he began the wine and spirit business that was continued by his brother Thomas.

There was, however, another William Beaven in Chippenham, he married Mary Cullis at Chippenham St. Andrew on 19 April 1803. Ten years later in 1813 he was a sergeant in the local Wiltshire militia and by this time he had two children. Alice Beaven (Biven) baptised 24 Aug. 1806, and Selina Beaven (Biven) baptised 21 Oct. 1810, both at Chippenham. Later there was daughters Mary Ann Beaven, baptised 31 January 1813, Dorcas (Biven), baptised 11 Aug. 1815 and son Alfred (Bevan), baptised 30 Jan. 1820. Son Alfred became a cooper, and Dorcas a silk weaver.

Mary Beaven lived in Blind Lane (later Back Lane) and died in 1851 a pauper, she was buried at Chippenham St. Andrew on 30 May age 71.

This William Beaven was a tiler, plasterer and decorator by trade, so it is unlikely he would have used stoneware flagons like these although I include him here as a possible candidate.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stoneware Flagon Beaven4.jpgBeaven5.jpg
Impressed: W. Beaven / Chippenham

Potter:  Bristol brownware, unmarked.

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