Alfred Bird

Baker & Confectioner

    Alfred Bird was born in Corsham in 1868, his father was Henry Bird of the Cross Keys (Henry was son of Mark Bird and Mary Thorngate, Mark's second wife)  and Alfred's mother was Ann Thorngate. Henry and Ann married in Corsham on 28th Sept. 1865. Ann was the daughter of Henry Thorngate and Elizabeth Brown, who married in Corsham on 30th Jan 1834.

    Unfortunately Alfred's mother Ann died in the late summer of 1869, shortly after Alfred's birth, aged just 27. The following year, 1870, Alfred's father Henry married Eliza Neal, in Bath, daughter of a close neighbour at the time, William Neal of Middle Pickwick, near to the then Spreadeagle pub. This would have been the only mother Alfred would have known growing up. Eliza was born in Nettleton in 1845 to William & Hannah Neal.

    Alfred married Mary Brown (Daughter of John Brown and Mary Neal b. 1868 bapt. 9th Feb. Corsham) in Corsham on 29th October 1889. Their first son, Vernon Henry John Bird died in infancy, however they went on to have 2 daughters, Kathleen Mary Bird born 1893 who sadly died in 1906 & Evelyn Mable Bird, born 5th May 1895, married Reginald T. Evans and survived until 1986.

    By the time he married, Alfred was a master baker and confectioner at his shop on the East side of the High Street, a few buildings along from the Methuen Arms. After about 1900 he added aerated water and ginger beer making to his talents. Later he lived at 55 Pickwick Road and died 5th Jan. 1954

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6 & 10 oz Codd Bottles Bird1a.jpgBird2.jpgBird5.jpg

(Rear) THE / NIAGARA / BOTTLE . Barnett & Foster, Makers London N. Rd.65433.
Height: 18.3cm & 22cm.

Stone Ginger beer Bottles Bird4.jpg

Potter: Price Bristol. 2 Versions. Slightly different shade, shape & lip. Internal Screw Stopper.
Height: 20.5cm & 20cm.

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