Boots Cash Chemists

    On 1st June 1931 Boots Cash Chemists (Western) Ltd. took over the lease of Steele & Marsh's old chemist shop in Milsom Street, Bath, their third branch in the city, and it is likely they appeared in Melksham a little later because they are not in the 1931 directory. Boots Cash Chemists (Western) Ltd. announced their new telephone number "Melksham 185" in the Bath Chronicle, 29th Sept. 1934. By 1939 they were known by the now familiar "Boots the Chemists". They may have occupied a premises previously inhabited by Ernest J. Hughes, chemist, who appeared in the 1911 census in the High Street although his shop was Market Place.

10oz Blue Poison Bottle Boots1.jpg
Paper Label: No.C1834 / SHAKE THE BOTTLE / The Lotion / FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY / SURGICAL SPIRIT / Boots Cash Chemists / (Western) Ltd./ Dispensing Dept. / 3 High Street / MELKSHAM (Wilts.) / Tel.185.

Height 7"

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