H. Brewer Son & Co.

Ivy Meadow Dairy

    In Kelly's 1920 directory George Brewer & Sons, cycle agents & H. Brewer, Son & Co. shared the same address of 30 Market Place. George moving here in Sept. 1918.

Western Daily Press: 8th Jan 1931 - Meeting of a Chippenham Man's Creditors:

    A meeting of the creditors of George Brewer, trading as G. Brewer & Sons, cycle agents, of 30 Market Place, Chippenham, Wilts., was held at the Official Receiver's offices, Baldwin Street, Bristol yesterday, before the Deputy Official Receiver, Mr. W. Ormiston.

    The deficiency was given as 77 3s 5d and the alleged causes of failure were:- "Want of capital, keen competition, trade depression and extended credit to customers."

    The Deputy Official receiver said the debtor, formerly a bricklayer, commenced business as a cycle dealer at the Causeway (49), Chippenham, but for some time he was also following his occupation as a bricklayer.

Sons' Help

    He traded under the name of G. Brewer & Sons, but his sons had no interest in the business beyond assisting in the shop.

    In September, 1918, he removed his business to 30 Market Place, Chippenham, where he has since traded.

    He stated that his business was successful until about 1925, when, owing to competition and trade depression business began to decrease, and that for the past two years he had been pressed by creditors.

    Mr. E. H. Hawkins of 4, Charterhouse Square, London, was appointed trustee.

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BREWER SON & Co / CHIPPENHAM (In floral shield motif)

"HYGEIA" Dairy Supply, London. Height 8.5"

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