C. D. Barker & Co.

Aearted Water Manufacturers

Charles Dexter Barker was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, in 1853, son of Baptist minister William Barker and wife Eleanor Pendrell Newton. He married Mary Elizabeth Ashmead in Clifton in 1875.

From the Hastings and St Leonards Observer - Saturday 11 September 1875 page 5: "MARRIAGE OF THE SON THE REV. W. BARKER. On Wednesday morning there was large congregation assembled at Buckingham Chapel, Clifton, to witness a wedding between Miss Mary Elizabeth Ashmead, eldest daughter of Mr. Frederick Ashmead (the City Surveyor), of Glenthorn, Almavale, Clifton, and Mr. C. D. Barker, of Hastings. The wedding party was conveyed from Glenthorn to Buckingham Chapel in handsome equipages, supplied by Cornish, of Clifton. Arrived there the bride was escorted to the communion rail by her father, Mr. F. Ashmead,. followed by the other portion of the bridal party, of whom the Misses F. and F. D. Ashmead (sisters of the bride), and the Misses M. and F. Barker (sisters of the bridegroom) acted as bridesmaids, and Mr. G. Ashmead, Mr. J. Ashmead, and Mr. W. Barker as groomsmen, the bridegroom being attended as his best man by Mr. F. Ashmead. The costume of the bride was exceedingly chaste and effective. Her dress was of pure white poplin, trimmed with tulle, orange blossoms, lilies, and clematis. She wore a wreath of orange blossoms, from which gracefully descended an ample veil of tulle, the folds of which reached far below the waist. The bridesmaids were prettily attired in mauve and maize coloured muslins trimmed with tulle; hats of bright claret, with trimmings of maize colour corresponding with the dresses. The ceremony was performed in accordance with the practice of the Baptist community by the Revs. John Penny and W. Barker (father of the bridegroom), and was of an eminently religious character. The service over, the happy couple and the attendant party of friends were quickly conveyed back to Alma-vale, where an artistically arranged and sumptuous dejeuner had been prepared by Chappie, of Regent street, Clifton, and was partaken of by about thirty guests. The presents, which were very numerous, were laid out in one of the drawing-rooms, were much admired, amongst the most interesting of them being a silver and cut-glass butter cooler, the gift of the bride's Sunday-school class. Later in the day the happy couple left for North Devon, their departure being accomplished amidst an orthodox shower of rice, and amidst also the hearty good wishes of all assembled." 

From the London Gazette, 24 March 1882: "The Bankruptcy Act, 1869. In the County Court of Gloucestershire, holden at Bristol, In the Matter of Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors, instituted by Charles Dexter Barker, of  51, White Ladies-road, Clifton, in the city of Bristol, Chemist, and a Copartner in the firm of C. D. Barker and Co.,of Abbotsford-road, in the parish of Westbury-upon-Trym, in the city and county of Bristol, Mineral Water  Manufacturers. NOTICE is hereby given, that a First General Meeting of the creditors of the above-named person has been summoned to be held at the offices of Messrs. Benson and Carpenter, Bank-chambers, Corn-street, in the city of Bristol, Solicitors, on the 5th day of April, 1882, at  twelve o'clock at noon precisely.—Dated  this 21st day of Marcb, 1882.   BENSON and CARPENTER,    Bank-chambers, Corn-street, Bristol, Solicitors for the said Debtor."

From the Western Daily Press - Saturday 12 August 1882, page 4: "C. D, Barker Co., MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURERS. ONLY ADDRESS:— ABBOTSFORD ROAD, COTHAM HILL., BRISTOL. N.B.—Having disposed of my Chemist's Business the White Ladies Road, the last May, to Mr John Facey, arranging with him to receive orders, &c. for Mineral Water Business for three months, and that period having expired. now feel obliged by Customers sending their orders and payments direct to the Office at the Factory, ABBOTSFORD ROAD. To ensure getting correctly credited for Empty Bottles and Cases, it will be necessary either to return them or give notice, Post Card or otherwise, at the above address. C. D. B. and Co. beg respectfully to solicit further kind patronage for their MINERAL WATERS and AERATED BEVERAGES, the high quality of which is constantly acknowledged by competent judges.


SODA WATER......................1/9
            ditto      ......................1/-
            ditto  ..........................1/6
POTASS WATER..................1/9
SELTZER WATER................2/6
GINGER ALE........................2/3
    ditto    BEER......................1/9
SODA WATER......................5/-

POTASS WATER..................5/-


SELTZER WATER................6/-

AERATED WATER..............5/-

 The above prices are for quantities mentioned. Bottles are charged 2s a dozen: Syphons are charged each; the same amounts being allowed when returned. Families waited upon regularly for orders. Post orders executed with dispatch. Please note only One Address, viz.— to., ABBOTSFORD ROAD, COTHAM HILL, BRISTOL"

From The London Gazette, 26 Dec. 1882: "NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership hereto-fore subsisting between us the  undersigned, Charles Dexter Barker and Charles Brotherhood, carrying on business as Manufacturers and Sellers of Aerated Waters, in Abbotsford-road, Cotham Hill, within the city of Bristol, under the style or firm of C. D. Barker and Co., has been, dissolved, by mutual consent, as and from the 1st day of December, 1882. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Charles Dexter Barker.—Dated this 22nd day of December, 1882.                                  Charles D. Barker. Charles Brotherhood."

Charles Brotherhood was an engineer, born in Chippenham, Wilts. on 25 Apr. 1855, son of civil engineer Rowland Brotherhood and Priscilla Penton. He married Ada Jane Millward, on 25 Aug 1887, at St. John The Evangelist Church, Clifton. It seems that he was in partnership with Barker in the Mineral water business between 1880 and 1882.

From the London Gazette, 15 Feb. 1887: "NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership hitherto subsisting between us the undersigned, Charles Dexter Barker and Leslie Bradley Miller, carrying on business as Consulting Chemists and Electrical Engineers, at 76, Turnmill-street, London, E.C., under  the style or firm  of  C. D. Barker and Co., was, on the 7th day of February, 1887, dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due or owing to or by the late firm will be respectively received and paid by the said Charles Dexter Barker, by whom the said business will in future be carried on.—As witness our hands this 10th day of February, 1887.  Charles Dexter Barker. Leslie Bradley Miller."

From the deaths column of the Western Daily Press - Monday 25 September 1905 page 10: "BARKER—18th inst.. Charles Dexter Barker, of 2, Beverley Road, Chiswick, late 51, White Ladies Road, Clifton, aged 52 years." Charles actually died on the 17th at the Esplanade Hotel, Southsea, Hants.

No bottles are known to me from this company.

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