Robert Henry Cridland

Grocer & Provision Merchant - Keynsham

The address seems to alternate between Temple Street and Victoria Street but I do not think "The Stores" actually changed location.

CRIDLAND'S STORES, TEMPLE STREET, KEYNSHAM c.1900 (Colorized from b/w postcard)
Cridland's Stores, Temple Street

Robert Henry Cridland was born in 1861 at Willsbridge, South Gloucestershire, son of Railway Porter and former soap boiler Luke Cridland and wife Elizabeth Dixon Ponting Elliot. The family later  moved to Wotton-under-Edge where Luke became a grocer. In 1881, age 20, he was assistant at Isaac Hall's grocer's shop on the main street at Marshfield. In the second quarter of 1888 he married Emily Brownsea of Beercrocombe, Somerset, registered in Keynsham. On 18 May 1889 Emily gave birth to a son, William Robert.

From the Western Daily Press - Monday 10 July 1911 page 5:  "Instances of animal intelligence are always acceptable, and they are all the more so when well authenticated. Here is a case, the particulars of which are vouched for by the owner of the animal concerned—Mr. R. H. Cridland, of the City and County Supply Stores, Keynsham. One evening, after coming off journey, Mr Cridland’s pony, evidently impatient for drink, went to the water tap, turned it on, and quenched its thirst. This interesting fact was communicated to Mr Cridland by the lad who looks after the pony, but being somewhat sceptical, the owner resolved to see if the operation would be repeated. On the following evening Mr Cridland took up a convenient position, and saw the pony directly it was unharnessed go to the tap, turn it on, and drink. The water at first did not flow fast enough, but the pony was quite equal to the emergency, and gave the tap an extra turn. Mr Cridland, in forwarding this information, adds postscript—" He did not turn the tap off again"."

From the Western Daily Press - Wednesday 8 April 1936 page 12: "Deaths... CRIDLAND.—April 8, at South Lodge, (68) South Road, Weston-super-Mare, Robert Henry Cridland (late of Keynsham), suddenly; aged 75. Funeral. Weston-super-Mare Cemetery, Thursday, 2.15 p.m."

From the Western Daily Press - Monday 12 December 1938 page 12: "Deaths... CRIDLAND. —December 9, at 68, South Road, Weston-super-Mare, Emily, widow of Robert Henry Cridland; aged 78 years. Funeral, Weston-super-Mare Cemetery, Tuesday, 2 p.m."

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