John Henry Elliott

Mineral Water and Ginger Beer Bottler

John H. Elliott senior, born around 1835 appears in Bristol in the 1861 census as a lemonade manufacturer at 10 Slope's lane, St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol. John married Elizabeth Ann Hicks at Holy Trinity, Bristol on 19 December 1858. In the census John gave his birthplace variously as Cambridgeshire, Kent, Edinburgh, Scotland and Stroud.
His son of the same name was born 1859 and followed his father as a bottler in the same business. By 1871 the family were at 12 New Bread Street, St. Philips. In 1881 John senior is an aerated water bottler at 15 Lath Street, St. Paul's, by then his son was a labourer in the aerated water factory.

In 1885 a John Henry Elliott acquired an off-licence at North View Terrace from a William Powell.
Tragedy struck in 1889 when John the son met with a horrific accident.
It was reported in the Western Daily Press Saturday 19 January 1889 p.6.:

"Death from burns: At the (BRI), Mr. Wasbough held an inquest on the body of John H. Elliott, aged 29, who resided with his parents at Mor(e)ton Street.
Elizabeth Ann Elliott said her son was a bottler at the Ginger Beer Works. On the 30th October he was seized with a fit and fell on the fire. He was taken to the infirmary and died on Wednesday last. Sarah Lodge said she went into the deceased's house on the day in question. There was an empty chair in front of the fire, and the deceased was lying with his head under the grate and his shoulders were touching the bars. He was not sensible. Witness lifted him up and sent him to the infirmary. He was burnt very severely.
Mr. Swain, house-surgeon, said the deceased died from blood poisoning caused by severe burns. A verdict was accordingly returned."

In 1891 a John H. Elliott senior (born Scotland?) is a ginger beer bottler at 1 Moreton Street (off Wellington Road), St. James & St. Paul's.
1901 he is a bottler in mineral water works living at 20 Alma Street which is very close to the Beaufort Street address.
My guess is that the Beaufort Street address on the flagon was the factory and most of the above addresses were residential.

By 1911 John H. Elliott senior is an out of work bottler at 169 Easton Road.

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