Frederick Walter Hunt (father & son)

Mineral Water Manufacturer & Wine & Spirit Merchant
The Black Swan, Stapleton Road, Bristol.

Frederick Walter Hunt was born Bristol in 1878 at 2 Roslyn Terrace, baptised on 24 Feb. at Woolcot Park, St. Saviour, son of Frederick Walter Hunt and Bessie Frampton Hamilton. At 13 years old, the young Frederick was at Colston's School. In the 1901 census the family were Wine & Spirit Merchants at the Black Swan, 438 Stapleton Road. Frederick Walter married Adeline Beatrice Victoria May Barnard Wills on 18 August 1908.

From the licensing meeting on Thursday 26 November 1880, the license of the Black Swan, Stapleton Road, was transferred from Joseph Bryant Chick to Frederick Walter Hunt. Chick had been landlord since 13 June 1876.

In the Western Daily Press - Monday 25 May 1903 Frederick was advertising for a youth about 18 who was used to bottling, so he was getting the mineral water plant up and running at this date at the Black Swan spirit stores. He appears in the 1906 directory as a Mineral Water Manufacturer.

by 1911 Frederick and Adeline had moved to 23 Brentry Road, Stapleton, Frederick was still a Hotel Manager at the Black Swan.

Harry Lavis took over the Black Swan from Frederick around 1927 (Harry himself, a well known local sportsman and president of the Bristol Licensed Victuallers Association, died Oct. 1929). Frederick Walter Hunt sen. died on 15 Oct. 1932 at Denehurst, 19 Broncksea Road, Northville, Filton, Gloucestershire leaving his effects to his widow Bessie.

From the Western Daily Press - Tuesday 18 October 1932 page 7: "POPULAR PERSONALITY PASSES. Death of Mr Frederic Walter Hunt. As already announced, the death has occurred at his home, Denehurst, Broncksea Road, Filton, in his 86th year, of  Mr Frederic Walter Hunt, for many years host of the Black Swan Hotel, Eastville, and a popular member of the directorate of the Bristol Rovers' Football Club. Mr Hunt went to the Black Swan in 1880, and two years later sustained considerable loss when the Froom rose to a great height and there was extensive flooding, the waters reaching to St. John's Arch, Nelson Street, Bristol. Mr Hunt altogether had the experience of 17 floods while he was at the Black Swan. He joined the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars in 1882, and during his service with them of 25 years, earned distinction as a marksman. Among his trophies were the Troop Regimental Cup and the Loder Cup, which he won at Bisley in 1896. He also won the English Twenty Aggregate against some of the best shots in world. He leaves a widow and one son. The funeral will take place at Canford Cemetery to-morrow." Frederick Walter Hunt senior had been born in 1847 and baptised at St. Paul's, Bedminster on 25 Oct. 1847, son of Daniel & Louisa, he married Bessie in 1873 but I cannot find a record of this.

From the Western Daily Press - Wednesday 24 February, 1937 page 12: "HUNT. At 19, Broncksea Road, Filton, Elizabeth Frampton Hunt, widow of the late Frederick Walter Hunt, passed peacefully away February aged 81 years. Interment, Canford Cemetery."

Frederick Walter junior died on 30 July 1952 at Denehurst, 19 Broncksea Road, Northville, Filton, Gloucestershire. His widow Adeline survived him, she died at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey on 6 Nov. 1972.

Half Gallon Stoneware Flagon Hunt1.jpgHunt2.jpg
Printed:  F. W. HUNT / WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT / (Black Swan image) / STAPLETON ROAD / BRISTOL - 977 on shoulder.
Made without handle, likely originally had wicker basket.
Potter:  Price / H / Bristol

6oz/ Split Size Codd's Bottle Hunt4.jpg
Embossed: HUNT / BLACK / (Swan image) / SWAN/ BRISTOL

Glassworks:  Powell & Ricketts, Bristol.
Image courtesy Simon Chesterman.

10oz Codd's Bottle Hunt5.jpg
Embossed: HUNT / BLACK / (Swan image) / SWAN/ BRISTOL

Glassworks:  Powell & Ricketts, Bristol.
Image courtesy Simon Chesterman.

Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle Hunt6.jpg
Printed: F. W. HUNT / HOME BREWED /  (Black Swan image in circle) / GINGER BEER / BRISTOL

Potter: ? Internal Screw Stopper.
Image courtesy Miles Griffin.

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