James Barrell & Lawrence Hill Aerated Water Works

Aerated Water and Ginger Beer Manufacturers.

James Barrell was born in 1841 in St. George, Bristol, son of James Barrell. He married Harriet Bishop at St. Paul's, Clifton, on 7 Sept. 1864.

On 13 October 1868 James Barrell gained the license of the Blackmoors Head, 18 Clarence Road, St. Philips, Bristol, from James Tilley. His youngest daughter Mary Ann died there on 17 Feb. 1869 age 2. Another daughter, Ada, was born there on 27 June 1870. From at least 1872 he established a ginger beer works at the Blackmoor's Head, in Clarence Road.

From the Western Daily Press - Wednesday 17 April 1872 page 2: "WANTED, sharp LAD. One accustomed to Wire Bottles, at the Blackmoor's Head, Clarence Road."

From the Western Daily Press - Friday 26 July 1872 page 2: "WANTED, MEN and BOYS.—Apply at Barrell's Ginger Beer Works, Clarence Road, St Philip's."

On 25 August 1877, at the Lawford's Gate Licensing Sessions, James Barrell, of Morton Street, Russell Town, Ginger Beer Manufacturer, applied for an outdoor beer license which was granted.

On 29 November 1880 James Barrell was granted the  transfer of the license of the White Hart Inn at Newport, Berkeley, Gloucs. from Elias Bragg to himself.

From the Western Daily Press - Thursday 4 December 1884: TO BE LET, PREMISES fitted for Aerated Water Manufacturing. Immediate possession. Rent free until Christmas. Apply by letter to J. W. Gabriel. 30, Morton Street, Russell Town.

From the Western Daily Press - Saturday 25 July 1885: (Businesses or stocks to be let or sold) MINERAL WATER BUSINESS, with Cart, Horse, and Harness, complete.—J. Maidment, 30, Morton Street, St. George's, Bristol.

From the Western Daily Press - Tuesday 23 February 1886 page1: "LAWRENCE HILL AERATED WATER WORKS. 30. MORTON STREET, RUSSELL TOWN, BRISTOL. WILLIAM R. NURSE is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises, on THURSDAY Next. Feb. 25th, 1886, The PLANT. MACHINERY, and other EFFECTS in connection with the above. Also Bay MARE, Crank-axle CART, and Set of HARNESS. Particulars to be seen in Handbills. On view the day preceding the Sale, between 10 and 4. Sale One o’clock. The whole will be offered first in one Lot, and If not sold will immediately afterwards be sold in separate Lots. City Chambers. Nicholas Street."

From the Bristol Mercury - Friday 28 June 1889 page 2: "FOR SALE, Cheap. 300 dozen best White Stone GINGER BEER BOTTLES.—Apply James Barrell, Newport, near Berkeley. Gloucestershire.

On 30 August 1889 the Police opposed the renewal of the license of the White Hart Inn at Newport, on the grounds that the house was not properly conducted, but the bench granted the renewal for James Barrell.

From the Gloucestershire Chronicle - Saturday 05 October 1889 page 5: "MERCHANDISE MARKS’ ACT. At Berkeley, on Wednesday (before Colonel Granville Browne and Mr. J. W. Rolt), James Barrell appeared to answer two summonses which had been issued against him at the instance of J. L. Selkirk, manager and inspector of the Bristol and District Bottle Exchange and Trade Protection Association, for having, within six calendar months preceding the date of the information, sold to Ann Horseman, of the Bird-in-Hand Inn, Berkeley, two bottles of aerated water to which the registered trade mark of T. Brooke, Bristol, mineral water manufacturer, was falsely applied, contrary to the Merchandise Marks Act, 1887, and upon the like information, at the same date and place, for having sold to Ann Horseman two bottles of aerated water to which the registered trade mark of Jonathan Burdett Bowler, of Bath, manufacturer of mineral and aerated waters, was falsely applied. Mr. Carter (Clifton, Carter, and Co.) appeared on behalf of the prosecution. Before the evidence was called Mr. Scott (magistrates’ clerk) informed defendant that he had right, if be pleased, to be tried before a jury; but the defendant elected to have the case tried before the justices, and pleaded guilty to both charges. Mr. Carter informed the Court that in consequence of the great loss incurred by mineral water manufacturers, through their bottles being bought by marine store dealers, in May, 1887, the mineral water manufacturers of Bristol formed the association named, and most of the mineral water manufacturers in Newport, Cardiff, Merthyr, &c , bad joined the association. The defendant described himself as Bristol mineral water manufacturer, but be was not known there. Defendant was fined, in Brooke’s case, the mitigated penalty of £2 10s. and costs, amounting to £4 15s.; and in Bowler’s case a like penalty of £2 10s. and costs (£4 11s. 8d.) He was allowed a month in which to pay the fines and costs; or in the alternative one month in each case."

In April 1888 the Morton Street premises was sold and the tenant at the time was a Mr. Mullett. By October 1889 it was the Russell Town Coal Stores.

James Barrell died in 1903 and was buried in Berkeley parish on 28 May.

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