Stinchcomb & Davis - Stinchcomb & Son

Mineral Water Manufacturers

Edward Charles Stinchcomb was born in Bristol on 22 Jan. 1862, the son of George Rollinson Stinchcomb, a Bristol grocer and Mary Ann Bailey of Calne, Wilts. Edward grew up around his parent's grocery shop in Montague Street, St. James, Bristol. By 1881 the family had moved to 29 Blenheim Street, St. Philip & Jacob's, Bristol, and aged 19, Edward was assistant in the shop. in 1891 Edward was living at 1 Tudor Road, Ashley Vale, St. Paul's, Bristol, where he was a dairyman, with a housekeeper and lodgers. His housekeeper was a woman named Florence Annie White (née Cockram) who had married Frederick William James White, a Bath plumber, in 1879. In 1891, however, although the census does not state Florence is a widow, Frederick (known at the time as James) was clearly not around, because Florence had a son, George Frederick Stinchcomb, by Edward Charles Stinchcomb on 21 August 1891. Edward and Florence eventually married on 9 June 1892, registered at Barton Regis, Bristol.

Around 1886 Edward's father, George, along with his son, had started a wholesale and retail dairy business in Bristol, in May 1890 they were advertising the "Wiltshire Dairy" at 51 Milk Street, and in January 1892 were advertising milk at 15, 20 or 30 gallons daily, or any quantity. G. Stinchcomb & Son. Later that year they had an address at Rookery, Ashley Road. By Feb. 1893 they had expanded to Dairy Farmers' supplies. In 1894, 1897 and 1902 Kelly's directory, George is still a dairyman at Milk Street (No. 49), and there is an Edward Stinchcomb, shopkeeper, Silver Street near the Old Fire Station.

Certainly by 1901 Edward, Florence, and their son George, had moved to 30 Lower Ashley Road, where Edward was now a Mineral Water Manufacturer and employer. This premises came on the market in January 1898, and was again on the market by April 1903 although the directories list the business here until 1906.

Henry Percival Davis was born in Bristol on 20* Jan. 1860 (*from 1939 register) and he was baptised Percival by his mother Eliza on 26 Oct. 1862 in Bristol. He preferred to be known as Percy. He married Clara Jane Madocks in Bristol in 1886. In the 1891 census Percy is an Aerated Water Bottler, living at 17 Tudor Road only a few doors away from Edward Charles Stinchcomb. It is very likely they were in business together at this time or shortly after this date. By 1901 Percy was at 23 Tudor Road, the family had two boys, Herbert and Wallace. The mineral water business with Stinchcomb began as Stinchcomb & Davis, but it is clear from alterations to the bottle moulds that "& DAVIS" was replace by "& SON" likely before or during 1901.

The company had ceased trading in 1909. Edward and son George left England on a ship called the Osterley of the Orient Line on 19 March 1911, they were bound for Australia. Edward died on 16 Feb. 1941 in Bassendean, Swan, Western Australia. It seems Florence remained behind, she died in Bristol on 12 Oct 1935.

2 Gallon Stoneware Tap Jar Flagons Stinchcomb1.jpgStinchcomb6.jpgStinchcomb7.jpg
(near tap aperture): POWELL'S / PATENT TAP

Potter: Price-Powell, Bristol (left)
Potter: Powell, Bristol (right & stopper) images courtesy Miles Griffin.

10oz Codd's bottle. Stinchcomb5.jpg

SD on base.

Glassworks: Powell & Ricketts, Bristol

Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle. Stinchcomb8.jpg
Printed:  *STINCHCOMB & DAVIS* / BRISTOL (in circle) YE / STONE / GINGER / BEER (in centre).

Potter: Powell, Bristol -     All white glaze.

10oz Codd's bottle. Stinchcomb4.jpg

S & S on base.

Glassworks: Powell, Bristol.

6oz Codd's bottle. Stinchcomb2.jpgStinchcomb3.jpg
Embossed lengthwise:  STINCHCOMB / & / SON / BRISTOL

S & S on base.

Glassworks: Not marked.

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