Hernry J. D. Blake & Sons & Chippenham Aerated Water Co. Ltd

    Originally in River Street from 1901 and then 1911-1915 New Premesis at Old Road, as a side note, a company was actually incorporated in March 1889 as Company No: 28397; Chippenham Licensed Victuallers' Aerated Water Company Ltd. It was registered by Waterlow & Sons Ltd. of London-wall, E. C. without articles of association and with a capital of £1500 in £1 shares, dissolved 17 January 1893, whether this was connected with the later company is uncertain but it was long gone before the later company started.  Registered as Company number: 69616; Chippenham Aerated Water Company Ltd. was incorporated in April 1901, with capital of £1000 in £1 shares. It's first directors were John Morley Lincoln Mills, F. W. Honniball and H. Daniels.  It's remit at the time of formation was to "carry on the business of hop-merchants, manufacturers and dealers in non-intoxicating drinks made from hops, mineral and aerated water manufacturers, hotel and restaurant proprietors, tobacconists, & c." (Chemist and Druggist, Apr. 6th 1901 p.563.)

    Formerly premesis of  Stephen Smart at 32b River Street, moving to a new premises in Old Road and at some point becoming Henry J. D. Blake & Sons late Chippenham Aerated Water Co. In Kelly's directory of 1915, after the death of Henry, both Henry J. D. Blake & Sons (maltsters) AND Chippenham Aerated Water  Company are listed in Old Road. In February to May 1915 Mortimore, the Chippenham coal merchant, was advertising for a working foreman to take full charge of a small Mineral Water Factory. Mortimore was possibly in ownership of the premises at this time or was custodian for he Blake family. It seems probable that the Blake family took over around 1912. By 1917 the Aerated Water Company seems to have vanished and according to company records was dissolved before 1916. The sale of plant and machinery which took place in 1918 blamed the war for the closure of the factory:

From the Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser - Saturday 17 August 1918 page4: "OLD ROAD AERATED WATER FACTORY, CHIPPENHAM. Close to the G.W.R. Station. Sale of the WORKING MINERAL WATER PLANT and about 78 DOZEN SYPHONS & CASES, 885 DOZEN CODDS BOTTLES & CASES, 482 DOZEN SODA WATER, DRY GINGER, & STONE BOTTLES & CASES, 85 JARS with TAPS, MINERAL WATER REQUISITES AND MATERIALS, WELL-MADE TROLLEY WAGGON & CRANK-AXLE CART, THREE SETS DRAY HARNESS, MACHINERY AND PLANT, including Gas Generating Plant and Pressure Filling Machine for Bottles and Syphons, both by Tyler & Co., London; Syphon Filling Machine by Meadowcroft & Co., Blackburn; Bottle Filling Machine by Hinchcliffe, Ltd.; Bottle Corking Machine by Meadowcroft & Co.; 1 h.p. ELECTRIC MOTOR and Switchboard by Edwards & Armstrong, Bristol; Bottle Washer and Tank; 4-Bottle Syphon Filler by Wilcocks, Bath; COPPER with STEAM JACKET and Fittings; Bottle Filler, newly overhauled; quantity of Shafting, Pulleys and Plummer Blocks; Slate Tank with Tap; 4-Partition Slate Syrup Tank with Taps; 4 OAK ROUNDS; Cross-tube VERTICAL STEAM BOILER, by W. Preston & Sons, London; 3 Leather Belts; Portable Boiler. N.B.—The Plant was all in use until the closing of the business, and will be found in good working order. Messrs. Tilley, Parry & Culverwell have been favoured With instructions.from Messrs. Henry J. D. Blake & Sons (late Chippenham Aerated Water Co., Ltd.), to SELL by AUCTION, at the Factory, Old Road, Chippenham (owing to the war, the business having been closed), on WEDNESDAY, the 28th Day of AUGUST, 1918, commencing at 12.30 o’clock, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, PLANT, MACHINERY, AND EFFECTS. Detailed particulars in catalogues,to be obtained seven days prior to Sale from the Auctioneers, 14, Market Place, Chippenham."

Henry John Darke Blake was born on 27 Jan. 1848 in Castle Coombe, Wilts. and baptised in Biddestone on 22 July 1906. He was a farmer and maltster at Manor Farm. He married Lucy Jane Prior in 1881 and had at least 4 children. Esther Jane Blake, b. 1881; Henry Prior Blake, b. 23 May 1882; William Blake, b. 18 June 1883 and Walter John Blake, b. 3 June 1884. Henry J. D. Blake died on 24th July 1906 shortly after his baptism. After his death his sons ran the company, William representing the firm at the Bath Licenced Victualler's Association's diamond jubilee dinner at Fortt's restaurant in Milsom Street, Bath (reported on 2 March 1912).

    In the directories for 1903 and 1907, whilst still at River Street, Frederick William Honiball was secretary of the company. 1901-1911 he was also a clerk at the condensed milk factory in the centre of town. Born in Chippenham in 1873 he was a resident of Langley Burrell during his sojourn as secretary. Frederick married Mary Margaret Harding in Preston in 1917. He died at Prospect Lodge, Corsham on 31st July 1928.
    John Morley Lincoln Mills, born in Chippenham in 1874, was also a clerk at the condensed milk factory at the aerated water company's inception, later becoming an accountant by 1911. The eldest of the trio of directors was Henry Daniels, born in Chippenham in 1861, who in 1901 was overseer of the cream department at the condensed milk factory.

    After the new premises was built in 1911 Bernard Francis Taylor (b.1888) was secretary of the company. Curiously he was also a clerk at the condensed milk factory and resident in Langley Burrell.

New Factory

10 oz and split size Codd Bottles CAWCO1.jpg CAWCO6.jpgCAWCO10.jpg

1023 on base of large type,1020 on small with "LTD".
No glass maker name on some versions with "LTD" missing. On image 3, the 10oz on left with "LTD" has South Wales Glass Co. Ltd / makers / Newport on reverse.
Approx 8.8" and 7.75" high.

10 oz & split size Codd Bottles CAWCO7.jpgCAWCO11.jpg

Glass makers C B & CO, N on 10 oz, Borron Newton on 6oz. 9" and 7.75" high. C B = Charles Borron & Co. Newton glassworks.

Ginger Beer Bottle CAWCO5.jpg
CHIPPENHAM AERATED WATER CO. LD.(in circle): HOME BREWED (in centre.) Internal screw stopper.

Either no potters mark or Skey, Tamwoth on some. 6.9" high.

Ginger Beer Bottle CAWCO3.jpgCAWCO3a.jpg

(Stopper with pin in side of lip through small hole)

Potter: Price, Bristol. 6.9" high.

1 & 2 Gallon Stone Jars with Taps CAWCO2.jpg CAWCO8.jpg
CHIPPENHAM / AERATED WATER / COMPANY LD. (printed on front of jar), wooden threaded tap

Potters: Price Powell & Co. Bristol

Blob Top Mineral Bottle CAWCO9.jpg

Makers: N ?   likely Charles Borron     Dark green glass.

10oz Codd Bottle HJDBlake1.jpg

Makers:Powell / Bristol.

2 Gallon Stone Jar (Straight sided) Blake2.jpg

Potter: Likely to be Price / Bristol.

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