Alfred Chivers

Beer Retailer, Mineral Water Manufacturer & Cycle Agent

    Alfred Chivers was born in Melksham in 1854 to parents Giles & Mary who lived next to the Unicorn pub. He married Julia Abbot in 1877.They had children: Edith Blanche Chivers, (b.1880) and Rowland Edgar Chivers, (b.1883).

    Alfred is listed as a ropemaker in Union St. in the 1881 census, as was his older brother William. By 1891, however, he is listed as a Soda Water Maker in Bank Street. By 1892 he had a beer retail and bicycle stores in King Street. In 1892 he was involved in a court case because he had come into possession of stolen bicycles from a thief named Herbert Walford, a printer in Lower Bristol Road, Bath. (Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette - Thurs. 1st Sept. 1892, p. 2).

    Alfred died on 10th October 1902 leaving his effects to his widow Julia.  Although the late Alfred appeared as a beer retailer in the 1903 directory, his widow Julia was also there as a dressmaker on the Bath Road.

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