William Couch - Chemist

    William Couch was born in East Preston, Sussex, in 1874, son of George Couch and Susan Gorsuch, he married Marion Doreen Salway in Chippenham in 1910, Marion was the daughter of Chippenham grocer John Perry Salway, and William was a boarder at their residence in the Causeway in 1901. Couch had his own shop at 42 Market place registered as a chemist & druggists on 13th July 1897, the number of his examination certificate was 11827. (from the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists and Chemists & Druggists).

    Iron Oxide - (from: The Chemist & Druggist-14th Apr. 1906. p579).
At Chippenham on April 5, Mr. William Couch, chemist
and druggist, Market Place, Chippenham, was summoned
tor selling iron oxide which contained not more than 20 parts
of peroxide of iron, 16 parts of water, 54 parts of sulphate of
lime, and at least 10 parts of alumina, etc., instead of 90 per
cent, of peroxide of iron combined with about 10 per cent, of
water. Mr. Couch stated in his evidence that he took over the
drug from his predecessor and was not aware that it was
not of the proper quality. It, was a drug that was not in
great demand. The Bench said they did not regard the case
as a serious one, and decided that defendant must pay the

    Bill & Marion had a daughter Annie Doreen in 1911 who married Arthur Edmund Burton in Chippenham in 1939. Arthur died on 16th Nov. 1960. There is a short entry in the "Chemist and Druggist" of 22nd Jan. 1966 to this effect: COUCH. Recently. Mr. William Couch, Bristol Road, Chippenham, aged 91. Mr. Couch qualified in 1897 and was in business in the Market Place,
Chippenham. Wilts, for sixty years until he retired five years ago.


One & a half oz Blue Poison Bottle Couch1.jpg

Paper Label: CAUTION-For External Use Only / THE LINAMENT / To be used twice a day / W. Couch Chemist and Druggist / (By Examination) / MARKET PLACE / CHIPPENHAM

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