George Edgecumbe

Grocer etc,

George Edgecumbe was born on the 20th Nov. 1814 in Chippenham to parents George Edgecumbe Snr. & Sarah Sloper. He was married to Frances Sargant Gibbs, eldest daughter of Mr. Gibbs of Nile-Street, Bath, at Trinity Church, Bath on 28th Dec. 1840.

In the Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser - Saturday 15 August 1840 the partnership dissolution of Edgecumbe & Edgecumbe, (Father & Son) Confectioners of Chippenham was announced, Perry's Bankrupt Gazette - Saturday 15 August 1840 tells us this was due to debts run up by George the younger, however, George the younger was still trading as a confectioner in the census of 1841. His Father was now living with younger brother and brewer, Henry Edgecumbe.

Its seems that both Father & Son had already diversified into the general grocery business by the time the split occurred and George senior died after a lingering illness, aged 63, on 18th July 1841, reported in the Wiltshire Independent - Thursday 29 July 1841 p.2.

By 1861 George had extended his grocery business to Cheese factor, but by 1871 he was living in Limpley Stoke and was a commercial traveller.

By 1863 George was again in financial difficulty and was forced to execute a deed of assignment to avoid bankruptcy.

From the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 17 September 1863 page 2: "GEORGE EDGECUMBE'S ASSIGNMENT. NOTICE is hereby given that by DEED dated the 15th day of September, 1863, GEORGE EDGECUMBE of Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, Grocer, and Provision Dealer, CONVEYED unto JOSEPH LANE of Chippenham aforesaid, Gentleman, and EDMUND MILES of Stanton St. Quintin, Farmer, ALL his ESTATE and EFFECTS to be applied and administered for the benefit of his Creditors in like manner as if he had been at the date thereof duly adjudged a Bankrupt; and such Deed was duly executed by the said George Edgecumbe, Joseph Lane, and Edmund Miles, on the day of the date thereof, in the presence of and attested by Alfred John Keary, of Chippenham aforesaid, Solicitor, and now lies at the office of Messrs. Goldney, Keary, and Renny of Chippenham aforesaid, Solicitors, for execution by the Creditors. Dated this 16th day of September, 1863. GOLDNEY, KEARY, and RENNY."

George's premises in the High Street were sold, the following provides a good description of the property:

From the Wiltshire Independent - Thursday 24 September 1863 page 2: "CHIPPENHAM, WILTS. CAPITAL BUSINESS PREMISES AND RESIDENCE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. F. ALEXANDER at the "Angel Hotel,” Chippenham, on Friday the 2nd day of October, 1863, at 4 o’Clock in the afternoon, A FREEHOLD STONE-BUILT BURGAGE HOUSE With extensive Frontage to the High direct and Market Place of the Borough and Market-town of Chippenham.
The House contains a commodious Retail Shop, a Large Sitting Room and Private Entrance at the front; with Bedrooms, Sitting Room, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Bakehouse, Cellars, and other requisite and convenient Offices, in good repair, and well supplied with Water. At the rear is a large Building, formerly used Cloth Factory, together also with Ware-rooms and Lofts, Four-stalled Stable and Coachhouse, and productive Walled Garden, containing about three-quarters of an Acre, extending to the back water stream of the River Avon.
The whole is in the occupation of Mr. George Edgecumbe, except three Store Rooms over the Stable and Coach-house, which are let to Mr. Henry Gale. The Premises have a Back Entrance from the High Street by Gutter Lane, and are well adapted either for first-class Private Residence, or for an extensive Wholesale and Retail Trade. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs. Goldney, Keary, and Renny, Solicitors, Chippenham."

Later, George became a partner in the firm of William Nicholls & Co, Annatto manufacturers, at Rowden Hill, as a commercial traveller for the firm. He spent some time in Ireland in this employ, returning in October 1873. (Western Daily Press - Wednesday 1 October 1873 page 3)

From the London Gazette - 20 July 1877 page 4282: "NOTICE is hereby given, that; the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned Edwin Hancock, Francis Barnitt, William Gibbs, and George Edgecumbe, carrying on business at Rowden Hill, Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, as Annatto Manufacturers, under the style or firm of William Nicholls and Co., has been dissolved, by mutual consent, as far as concerns the said Francis Barnitt, who retires therefrom as and from the 31st day of March, 1877. All debts owing to and by the said partnership will be received and paid respectively by the said Edwin Hancock, William Gibbs, and George Edgecumbe, by whom the said partnership will in future becarried on under the style or firm of William Nicholls and Co.—Dated this 20th day of July, 1877. Edwin Hancock. William Gibbs. Francis Barnitt. Geo. Edgecumbe."

By 1881 George had moved to Buckingham Villas, Abbey Park, Keynsham and was still an annatto manufacturer (yellow dye for butter and cheese based on seed pods of tropical Bixa orellana tree). He also had an interest in the "Roberts's Patent Emery & Glass Cloth Company Ltd." factory at Chew Mills, Keynsham, which was in voluntary liquidation in 1879. He died there on 13th Feb. 1889. His son George Harold, then a woollen manufacturer living at Moor Cottage, Netherton near Huddersfield, and his daughter Esther Elizabeth of Keynsham inherited his estate.

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