J. & W. Fox

Wine & Brandy Merchants.


    WHEREAS the Partnerſhip subſiſting between us, the underwritten John Phillis and John Fox, with William Hazeland, late of Melkſham aforeſaid, but now of Bradford, in the ſaid county, carpenter and wheeler, being diſsolved on the part of the ſaid Wm. Hazeland, unknown to either of us, receiving divers ſums of money to a conſiderable amount for timber, laths, and other goods belonging to the ſaid partnerſhip, which monies ſo received he refuſes to account for to us, and for which fraudulent behaviour, we the underwritten intend to proſecute the ſaid Wm. Hazeland :- This is therefore to caution all persons that have purchaſed any timber, laths or other goods belonging to the ſaid partnerſhip, not to pay the ſaid Wm. Hazeland for the ſaid goods, but pay the monies remaining due to us, or either of us underwritten, he the ſaid Wm. Hazeland having no authority to receive the ſaid monies, or they will be proſecuted for ſuch neglect for the ſaid debts due to us, after this public notice. Melksham, July 6, 1776. JOHN PHILLIS. JOHN FOX." (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 25 July 1776)

    "Committed to Fiſherton Gaol by Thos. Burges, Eſq. - W. Beckington, late of Eveſham, in the county of Worcester, charged with having, in the night of Tueſday laſt, burglariouſly broken into the ſhop of Messrs. John and Wm. Fox at Melksham, and with having ſtolen therefrom 2 pieces of cotton check, 2 pieces of light drab kerſeymere, and various other articles." (Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 10 August 1818)

    Mrs. John Fox of Melksham died 3rd Nov. 1817, Mr. John Fox (Sen.) her husband died 1818. (Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 04 May 1818)

    John Fox was son of John Fox, baptised 13th May 1788 at Melksham. John Fox died after a short illness at Melksham on Weds. 7th Jan. 1829 aged 42.

    Ann, eldest daughter of Wm. Fox of Melksham Forest married Christopher Bevan of the same place Weds. 3rd March 1824. Ann was born around 1796.

    William Fox, wine & spirit merchant is mentioned in this lease of lands dated 1831.

    Wm. Fox, esq; deceased, late of No. 5, Cleveland Place, Bath, and formerly of Melksham, Wilts. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 01 November 1849). William died Sat. 6th of Oct. 1849, he was a member of the Society of Friends.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stone Jars Fox3.jpg Fox4.jpgFox8.jpg
Impressed: J & W Fox / Melksham.

Potter: Bristol? Glazing variations.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stone Jar Fox5.jpgFox5a.jpg
Impressed: 2 / J & W Fox / Melksham.

Potter: Bristol?

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stone Jar Fox6.jpgFox6a.jpg
Impressed: 2 / I & W Fox / Melksham.

Potter: Bristol?

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stone Jar Fox2.jpgFox2a.jpg
Impressed: 2 / William Fox / Brandy Mercht. / Melksham.

Potter: Bristol?

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