Reuben Hayward

Spirit Merchant

    Reuben Hayward was born in Corsham, Wilts. 1799/1800, he was baptised in Corsham on 12th Dec. 1800, "Rubin Hayward", the son of  John Hayward and Phillis Tinson, who had been married by license on 24th June 1791. The Hayward family go back in church records at least to the 1580's in Corsham.

    "Ruben" Hayward married Mary Willshire/Wiltshire of South Wraxall, in Bedminster, South Bristol, Somerset, on 27th Feb 1824.

    "Committed to the house of correction, Devizes - Richard Withers, for three months, for being found early in the morning in a passage leading to the dwelling house of Mr. Reuben Hayward, of Melksham, for an unlawful purpose." (Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 19 February 1829). In 1831 Reuben is an agent for Royal Exchange Assurance in Melksham.

    On Thursday 2nd October 1834 "At Wraxhall, on Thursday, Mrs. Hayward, the wife of Mr. Reuben Hayward, Grocer, & c. of Melksham." (Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 06 October 1834 p. 4).

    In the 1839 directory of Melksham, Reuben is listed as a Draper, in Bank Street, but by 1841, the census records him as living with brother Elisha (Elias), and children Mary, Richard, Catherine & Thomas, in the High Street. Reuben is a Spirit Merchant whilst Elisha is a Draper.

    The 1851 census has Reuben listed as Landholder. His son Richard John is now 21 years old and Grocer & Draper, daughters Marianne (Mary Anne) and Catherine are still living at home.

    Richard John Hayward was born in Atworth, Wilts on 1st Feb. 1827, baptised there 1st Jan. 1830.

    Catherine Ann Hayward was baptised 1st Jan. 1830 in Atworth.

    Marianne Hayward was baptised 26th Mar. 1826 in Atworth.

    Thomas Hayward died in December 1841 aged 8.

    Reuben Hayward died in 1856, he was buried in Corsham on 22nd May. He was still listed as Draper, Grocer and Wine & Spirit Merchant in the High Street in 1855. His business was succeeded by Edward Gane Flooks, husband of his daughter Maryanne.

Flat Sided Stone Flask Hayward1.jpg
Impressed: R. Hayward / Melksham. 8" high x 2.75"x 4.75".

Potter: unknown but style likely Powell, Bristol.

1 Gallon Stone Jar Hayward2.jpgHayward5.jpg
1 (on lip) / R. Hayward / Melksham.

Potter: Powell style intermediate glaze.
Image right courtesy Michael Squires.

2 Gallon Stoneware Flagon Hayward3.jpg

Potter: unknown but style likely Powell, Bristol intermediate glaze.
Image courtesy Paul De'Ath at Wotton Auction Rooms.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stoneware Flagon Hayward4.jpg
Impressed: R Hayward / Melksham

Potter: unknown Bristol brownware.
Image courtesy Paul De'Ath at Wotton Auction Rooms.

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