Grocers, Wine & Spirit Merchants etc.

    Abraham Henly was born at Lyneham, Wilts. in about 1788, bapt. 1st Jan. 1789, son of Jacob Henly and Sarah Large (bapt. Tockenham 3rd Mar. 1768) who married on 4th Feb. 1788 in Lyneham. He married Sarah Stiles of Whitley, Melksham, in Calne by license on 30th June 1809. On the 4th Sept. that same year he is advertising for a shopman at his Grocer's & Draper's in Calne. The above shows the record of the Henly family of Calne from trade directories. There were brothers Alexander, Robert, John and Thomas and sisters Ann and Elizabeth.

    Saturday died at Lickhill House, near Calne, in his 75th year, Mr. Jacob Henly, a man who has passed through life beloved by his family, esteemed by his friends, and whose loss will be deeply and sincerely lamented. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 16 December 1824). In his will Jacob leaves a legacy to his sons John, Abraham and Thomas. He also leaves 700 in trust to Thomas Large of Thickhorn, farmer, and son Abraham, shopkeeper, for the children of his deceased daughter Ann Stiles, to be divided among them should they attain 21 years. He leaves his son-in-law James Fry 100. He leaves 2,200 to his trustees for his son Robert Henly, upon attaining the age of 25. The grandchildren aforesaid getting a fifth share of the interest on that capital. Sarah, his widow also gets a large legacy and all the household goods and estate. He also leaves property in Henfield, Streatham to his sister Catherine Hanson, which he obtained by the will of his other late sister Jenny Harrison.

    Abraham let the house at Lickhill in May 1840.

    Abraham & Sarah had children: Sarah Large (b. 3rd Oct. 1812, bapt. 31st May 1813); Abraham (b. 11th Mar. 1814, bapt. 27th Nov. 1815); Henry Stiles (b. 28th Jul. 1815, bapt. 27th Nov. 1815); Jacob (bapt. 14th Feb. 1819); Winifred Stiles (bapt. 14th feb. 1819); John (bapt. 16th May 1822); Elizabeth (bapt. 16th May 1822); James Fry (bapt. 29th Dec. 1824); Thomas Large Henly (bapt. 24th Feb. 1826); Emily (bapt. 15th Dec. 1828).

    Abraham's third son Jacob died off Jamaica on 20th March 1836 aged 17.

    In the 1841 census Abraham was in Stock Tything, Calne, next door to Highlands House, he is a Wine Merchant and his son, also Abraham, is a Brandy Merchant. Abraham is with his wife Sarah, and also daughters Winifred & Elizabeth and sons James & Thomas. This would be the directory period of A. Henly & Son.

    Abraham Henly was elected Mayor of Calne in 1849.

    In the 1851 census Abraham is a Wine Merchant, Alderman and J. P. of the Borough, at Lickhill, Calne, his late Father's house, with his wife Sarah, and daughters Winifred & Emily. He also became Mayor of Calne.

    Abraham's wife Sarah died on 9th Nov. 1852 aged 69, and Abraham died shortly afterwards on the 20th, aged 64, both at Lickhill house. His mother died in Calne on 6th April 1856, aged 89. She left her estate to surviving son Robert.

    1. Robert Henly, the Ironmonger - Son of Jacob. Robert Henly was baptised in Lyneham on 20th Dec. 1807, son of Jacob (a yeoman) and Sarah.

    Robert Henly age 31, son of Jacob Henly late of Calne, Farmer, who is awarded the freedom of the City of London on 27th Feb. 1839, who is a journeyman ironmonger in St. Botolph, Aldersgate Without, and a member of the Company of Tallowchandlers of London.

    In 1841 this Robert Henly, the ironmonger, was living with his wife Mary Ann in Christchurch, Sussex, with children Alexander (3) and Emily (10 months). There is also a Clara Henly aged 15. Alexander Lewis Henly's birth on 29th Jun 1838 was registered in St. Saviour's, Southwark, but he was baptised in Calne on 2nd Oct. 1838. Emily Elizabeth Henly was registered in the same place, born 12th July 1840, baptised 10th August 1840 at Holy Trinity, Newington, Surrey. Clara may have been the daughter of brother Thomas.

    Robert Henly of Christchurch, Surrey married Mary Ann Nicholl, daughter of William Lewis Nicholl at St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, London, on 15th May 1834, by license.

    Robert and Mary Ann had another daughter, Mary Ann Nicholl Henly, born 21st May 1843, registered St. Saviour, Southwark and baptised 15th Feb. 1844 in Holy Trinity, Newington, Surrey.

    In the 1855 electoral register, Robert Henly, tallow chandler, is living at 98 Milton St., Dorset Square, Regent's Park, London.

    In 1861, Robert, wife Mary Ann and daughter Emily were living at Shrub Hill House, Box, Wiltshire. Robert's birthplace is given as Lyneham, Wilts. Robert is now a proprietor of houses. Robert dies here on 24th Nov. 1864 aged 56. Mary Ann, his widow, died at Fairhaven, Batheaston, on the 1st June 1881, aged 67.

    2. Robert Henly & Son, Grocers. In the 1841 census there is also a Robert Henly aged 50, who is a grocer in the Market Place, Calne. He is with wife Anne aged 60, and children Mary (25), Ann (20), Elizabeth (20), and son Robert (20) who is also a grocer.  Robert (senior) is not a descendant of Jacob, he is from Bremhill, bapt. 10th Apr. 1785 there, son of Robert Henly and Martha Ford (m. Bremhill 8th Apr. 1781), he married Anne Pottow in Cherhill on 27th Sept. 1810. Robert was elected Mayor of Calne in 1846. His son Robert junior (b. 15th April 1818, bapt. 11th Oct.) was elected mayor in 1865 and created a bit of a scandal by not turning up at the Mayor's banquet. Anne, Robert senior's wife dies in Calne on 30th Apr. 1855, aged 69. In the 1851 census Robert senior is a land proprietor and his son is running the grocery business. Mary and Elizabeth still live at home. Robert Henly junior married Alice Crook in Calne on 24th June 1851. He becomes a Master Grocer. His wife Ann is stated as being from Devizes. Robert Henly senior died in Calne on 13th Feb. 1876 aged 90. Robert junior died in Calne on 16th May 1889 aged 71, he had had a stroke ten years previously and also suffered a heart condition. 

    3. Robert Henly, sexton & gardener, b. 1811, married Ann Slade in Bremhill on 24th Jul. 1831. In the1841 census he is aged "30" in Bremhill, a gardener, at the home of Ann's parents, Benjamin and Jane Slade, Ann's brothers, Benjamin and Sidney. Robert and Ann by then had children . In 1851, he is a Gardener living in Calne, with his wife, and children: Mary Ann (bapt. 8th Apr. 1832), William (b. 1837) Jane (bapt. 9th Jun. 1840), There was also a child Jane bapt. in Bremhill 2nd Feb. 1834 who died 2nd Feb. 1836. There were later children, Abraham (bapt. 9th Oct. 1842), Robert (bapt. 4th Jan. 1845), and James (bapt. 31st Jul. 1848). By 1861 he was sexton and gardener. He was, in his role as sexton, along with a Mr. Jefferies, undertaker to the Marchioness of Lansdowne at her funeral on 17th April 1851, Mr. Robert Henly walked in front of the coffin. He retired as sexton in 1864 due to ill health.

    Thomas Large Henly, b. 16th Jan. 1826, the son of Abraham: The T. L. Henly name found on the jars is Thomas Large Henly, son of Abraham (see above). Information about him can be found here. He married Catherine Baily on the 6th April 1847 in Calne. He was an flax entrepreneur but was bankrupt by 1867. In 1901 he is living with his sister, Sarah Large Smith, at 72 Sinclair Rd. Hammersmith. In 1911 he is a widower, lodger at 20 Benbow Rd. Hammersmith. He died likely in that place, registered in Fulham in 1912. His wife, Catherine, in 1881, was living at 1 Clifton Wood, Bristol, with 3 daughters and a niece and nephew.  In the 1900 U.S. Federal Census she is a Sister at the "House of Good Shepherd" in City of Orange, Ward 03, Essex, New Jersey, age 78, claiming widowhood as she is unlikely to know the whereabouts of her husband. She died in Belleville, Essex, New Jersey, U.S.A. on 3rd Mar. 1902.

4 Gallon Wide Mouthed Saltglaze Stone Jar Henly10.jpg
Impressed: 4 / A Henly / Calne.

  Image courtesy Michael Squires.

3 Gallon Wide Mouthed Saltglaze Stone Jar Henly4.jpgHenly5.jpg
Impressed: 3 / A Henly / Calne.

Right image courtesy Tony Hughes.

1 & 2 Gallon Stone Jars Henly3.jpgHenly7.jpg
Impressed: 1 / A. Henly & Son / Calne, and 2 / A. Henly & Son / Calne.

Powell, Potter, Bristol
Right image courtesy Tony Hughes.

2 Gallon Stone Jar Henly2.jpg
2 / T. L. Henly / Calne.

Powell, Potter, Bristol

2 Gallon Wide Mouthed Stone Jar Henly1.jpg
Impressed: HENLY / CALNE.

Potter: Price, Bristol.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Wide Mouthed Stone Jar Henly8.jpg
Impressed: A HENLY / CALNE.

(handle missing)
Potter: ? Likely Bristol.

2 Gallon Saltglaze Stone Jar Henly6.jpg
Impressed: A HENLY / CALNE.

Potter: ? Likely Bristol.
Image courtesy Tony Hughes.

Half Gallon Stone Jar Henly9.jpg

Potter: Price, Bristol.

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