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   Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre have twelve deeds relating to a house, malthouse, and land in Langley Burrell. Including probate of the will of William Hulbert, 1712 (Arch. Wilts.); settlement on the marriage of William Buy and Anne Wayte, 1740; abstract of title from 1773, referring to deeds not present.  Parties: Hulbert, Buy, Wayte, Spanswick. Knight, Bradford, Guy, Merewether, Lloyd, Gaby.  (1712-1820).

William Knight. This one of the earliest references (1804) to a brewery at Langley that I have found, it refers to it as lately fitted out by William Knight (1755-1802).  William Knight married Martha Allen at Langley Burrell by license on 2nd Oct. 1782. He died and was buried at Langley Burrell around 16th May 1802.

James Marshman of Langley Burrell married Catherine Dark of Christian Malford, in that parish on 5th May 1807.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 11 October 1804.

    George Frederick Giller was born 1824 in Melksham, Wilts. son of George Giller of the Bear Inn & auctioneer, & Susannah his wife. He married Mary Hulbert, daughter of John Hulbert of Lypiatt, in Corsham on 12th Dec. 1844. Earlier in January that year the Hulberts had suffered a traumatic house breaking while they were all present, the thieves were caught however and transported for life that March. Giller went into partnership with John Sheppard Junior at the Langley Brewery around 1845 after his partnership with his father (in the auctioneer trade) was dissolved on 14th Nov. that year. John Sheppard senior & junior dissolved their partnership at the end of 1841. The partnership of Sheppard & Giller was officially dissolved on 29th Sept. 1847 in favour of Mr. Giller. (Perry's Bankrupt & Insolvent Gazette 9.10.1847) John Sheppard Senior was born in Collinbourne Kingston, Wiltshire. He married Hester Hulbert on 9th Feb. 1804 in Dauntsey, Wilts. He died in 1863 Corsham aged 84 and was buried in Langley Burrell on 17th July. George F. Giller sold the brewery on 30th May 1862, with the stock and plant sold on 2nd & 3rd of June due to his retirement from the brewing business. Also in the sale were 2 public houses, one in Foghamshire called the White Hart (formerly the Live & Let Live and before that the Apollo) in the occupation of Edwin Welsh (formerly Thomas Knight-1842), the other called the George & Dragon in Back Lane (formerly the Hat & Feathers) in the occupation of Henry Cook.

  Henry Collett was born in Keevil, Wilts. in 1829, eldest son of Daniel Collett, farmer, and Mary Buckland, daughter of Jacob Buckland (c.1768-1846) who were married at Kington St. Michael on Mon.18th Feb.1828. Mary's father Jacob died leaving 11 children. Henry, whilst living at Lushill, near Swindon, married Elizabeth Buckland (1834-1872), second daughter of Edwin Buckland, farmer of Kington St. Michael, and Louisa Collett (1806-1850) his wife. Edwin was Henry's uncle (his mum's brother). Elizabeth died suddenly at the brewery on 1st April 1872. Henry Collett 's second wife was Rosa Wright, second daughter of the late Mr. James Wright of Chippenham, married by the Rev. F. S. Carlyon at St. James Church, Bath on 5th June 1873. Henry died on 12th April 1896 at the brewery, leaving his business to Frank Walter Collett and Charles Henry Collett, brewers and Alfred Wright, relieving officer.

    Ralph Pearce was born in Salisbury, Wilts. around 1864. In 1881 he is a Brewer's pupil (possibly under George Ellis Oram the Taunton brewer, who was living at nearby George's Yard or at Henry Hammans' Town Steam Brewery), living at home with his mother Charlotte, a butcher in Andover High Street next to the Swan. Ralph's first wife was Sarah Emily Parnell, born Tigley, Dartington, Devon who he married in Totnes, Devon in 1888, she died at the Lion Brewery, Totnes on 31st Aug. 1889 aged only 22 after bearing Ralph a son, Ralph Parnell Pearce. Ralph junior became Melksham Council Sanitary Inspector (1927). In 1891 Ralph Pearce was a brewer next door to the Crown & Sceptre pub in Bedford Street, Ampthill, Beds. He married Florence Mary Allen (1865-1950), eldest daughter of Wm. Stephen Allen of the Cottage, Ampthill on 28th Jan. 1892 at Ampthill parish church. He had 2 more sons and a daughter from this marriage. Ralph appears at the Langley Brewery by 1901 and was elected president of the Wiltshire Brewers' Association on Friday 29th July 1910 at their Trowbridge meeting.
    Ralph died at his home, appropriately called "Ampthill", Malmesbury Road, Chippenham on 14th July 1934. His executors were his son Ralph Parnell Pearce, surveyor, and his daughter Constance. Florence continued living at "Ampthill" and died at 30 New Road, Chippenham on 10th Oct. 1950.

Langley Brewery 1

, 1 & 2 Gallon Stone Jars Collett1.jpgCollett2.jpgCollett3.jpg
Printed: H. COLLETT / LANGLEY BREWERY / CHIPPENHAM. Variations with rounded shoulders,

Potter: Powell, Bristol. (Rounded shoulders).
Potter: Price, Bristol.

 2 Gallon Stone Jar Collett4.jpg
Impressed: 288 / H COLLETT & SON / Spirit Merchants / Langley Brewery / CHIPPENHAM

Potter: Price + Bristol.

Gallon Stone Jar Pearce1.jpg

Potter: Powell, Bristol.

2 Gallon Stone Jar Pearce2.jpg Pearce3.jpg

29 on shoulder.

Potter: ?, Bristol.
Image courtesy Martin Tudor.

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