Wine & Spirit Merchant

    William Henry Parry was born around 1805 at Dulas's Court, Herefordshire, on 10th Feb 1831 he married Marianne Hill in Calne, Wilts. In the 1841 census he is listed as a druggist, living at Honey Garston Cottage in Calne.

    They had at least 7 children: Martha Ann (1831); William J. (1834); Charles Henry (1836); Thomas Adams (1838); Alfred Young (1839); Elizabeth Kate(1842) & Mary Ellen (1846). Charles, Alfred & Thomas were born in Wootton Bassett, the others were born in Calne. Marianne, William's wife, died in 1866 aged 57.

    By 1851 William Henry Parry was an Auctioneer and Valuer assisted by his son Charles Henry, (Parry & Son) and this was to remain a central part of the family business. William as he preferred to be called, died on 2nd June 1878 in Calne. His son Thomas Adams Parry, who had become a Wine & Spirit & Coal Merchant in Chippenham and was initially assisted by Charles, and was an executor of his father's estate, he never married. Thomas and Alfred later had an artificial manure business together in Chippenham from around 1867, but by 1871 it seems that Thomas was running this whilst Alfred had continued the wine and spirit trade.

    Henry Cannon was born about 1823 in Cookham, Berks. He resided at Showell Farm, Lacock and was an auctioneer and valuer, he was in business with Charles Henry Parry from 27th April 1867 succeeding Parry, Son & Stevens (see below) until the partnership was dissolved in favor of William Henry Parry, becoming Parry & Son once more from 1st Jan. 1870. In the 1871 census Charles Henry is listed as Auctioneer & Wine Merchant. At this date, Alfred Young Parry was a successful farmer of 140 acres in Kington St. Michael, the family seemed to run several businesses concurrently.

    Charles Henry Parry married Laura Lavington of Poulshot, Wilts. in 1870, they had 4 children: Laura Lavington Parry (1871);  Evelyn (1874); Herbert Henry (1876) and Dorothy Olive (1888), one of which, Laura Lavington, died in 1885 aged just 13. Charles, by 1911 was a director of the Royal Wilts. Bacon Factory in Calne. he died in 1913 and Laura his wife died in 1923, aged 71.

    By 1875, Alfred Young Parry had taken over the Wine & Spirit merchant business in the Market Place, Chippenham. He had married Lavinia Theresa Cogan of Kingston, Somerset in 1865. Alfred died at Market Place, Chippenham on 10th December 1888 aged 50. He was running the Wine & Spirit Merchants until his death. By 1901, Alfred's brother Thomas Adams Parry, who was now nearly blind, was being cared for by Lavinia. Thomas died in 1905 aged 69.

2, 4 & 6 Gallon Stone Jar Parry1.jpg Parry2.jpgParry3.jpg
Impressed: PARRY & SON / Wine & Spirit Merchants / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Powell Bristol. (4 gal. in D. Sutton Collection)

2 Gallon Stone Jar Parry5.jpg
Impressed: 2 / T. A. & A. Y. PARRY / Wine & Spirit Merchants / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Price + Bristol.

1 Gallon Stone Jar Parry4.jpg
Impressed: 17 / A. PARRY / Wine & Spirit Merchant / Chippenham / WILTS.

Potter: Powell, Bristol.

Thomas Stevens was born in Huntspill, Somerset around 1846, his father was butcher, Isaac Stevens and mother Sophia Durston. In 1851 he was at school and by 1861 was a shop assistant at Benjamin Prew's Tailors and Clothiers shop at 294-295 High Holborn, London, with his elder brother James. He could not have joined the firm of Parry, Cannon & Stevens in Chippenham, for long, before he died on 12th Nov. 1867, leaving his estate of under 450 to his father Isaac in Huntspill.

2 Gallon Stone Jar ParryS&S2.jpg

Potter: Price + Bristol.

1 & 2 Gallon Stone Jars ParryS&S1.jpgParryS&S3.jpgParryS&S4.jpg
Impressed: PARRY SON & STEVENS / Wine & Spirit Merchants / CHIPPENHAM / Wilts.

Image (right) courtesy Codd Tony.
Potter: Price + Bristol.

1 Gallon Stone Jar Parry&C1.jpg
Impressed: PARRY & CANNON / Wine Merchants / CHIPPENHAM / Wilts.

Potter: Price + Bristol.

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