The Queens Head

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A Thomas Lee (bapt. 14th Mar.1730 in Box son of James Lee & Elizabeth) marries Elizabeth Cottle by license in Box on 15th April 1752.

Sale catalogues of the Furniture of the late James Stevenson Esq. at his late country house in Box to be had of Mr. Lee at the Queen's Head. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 16 March 1769)

In 1780, a Mr. Lee was living at Cheyney Court, Box. His daughter married Mr. John Sone, butcher of Bath 25th Sept. 1780. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 28 September 1780 p.3.) The Cottles also later lived at Cheyney Court.

Miss E. Lee, "a young lady of most amiable disposition", daughter of Mrs. Lee of Box dies in November 1787.

Last night as a little boy, grandson of Mrs. Lee of Box, was bathing with some of his companions, in the river near Box, venturing beyond his depth, he was unfortunately drowned. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 06 June 1793 p.3.)

George Mitchell, only son of Mrs. Mitchell, of the Queen's Head, Box, died in Kingston, Jamaica, aged 24 : (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 02 August 1821 p.3.)

At the Chippenham Petty sessions for Thursday 1st May 1879, the license of the Queen's Head was transferred from the trustees of the late John Spink (sic.) to Ralph Sk(e)ate Ponting : (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 08 May 1879 p.5.)

Ralph Skeate Ponting was born in Melksham in 1843, son of Edward Ponting and Elizabeth Butler who had married by license in Melksham on 20th March 1834.

Ralph's older brother John Edward Ponting was a master draper and grocer, of the Parade, Box, initially also with brother Ralph and sister Ann in 1861. John was employing 2 men and 1 boy in 1871, where Ralph also still worked before taking on the pub. 

On 12th May 1879, at Box Church (Rev. G. E. Gardiner presiding), Ralph married Bertha Speck (b. Babington, Som.), daughter of James Speck (1810-1879) and Sarah Veal (m. 9th May 1833) of the Queen's Head. James Speck was born in Chudleigh, Devon about 1810, according to his probate, Bertha Speck, his daughter, John Edward Ponting, draper of Box and Francis Mountjoy Elliott of Biddestone were his trustees. James had died on 5th Feb. 1879 at the Queen's Head.

Ralph and Bertha's only daughter Minnie died at the Queen's Head on 11th June 1902 aged 21. The couple also had 2 sons, Ralph Skeate Ponting (b.1884) and Robert Henry Ponting (b.1887).

Ralph Skeate Ponting of St. Aldhelm's Villa, Box died on 11th Dec. 1923, aged 81, his widow Bertha Ponting died at St. Aldhelm's in 1935 aged 83.


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