Miscellaneous Box Seals

    Perhaps a useful source in discovering the origins of these glass bottle seals is "A history of the manor of Hazelbury : with some account of the families of Croke, Bonham, Young of Bristol, Speke and Tempest" by George Jardine Kidston (London : Methuen & Co., 1936), a digital version of which can be found on the FamilySearch website here. The attributions I have given here are speculative in that unless we have a copy of the purchase order from the glass bottle works we can never be 100% sure, but I am confident that these suggestions are highly likely.

    T. S. is probably Thomas Speke of Hazelbury b. 4th April 1690, d. 1725. He left Hazelbury to brother Edward in trust for his widow Anne Gore. The seals were excavated during construction work at Hazelbury.

    G. M. was a little trickier, but I came across George Mullins (4), Rector of Ditcheridge. There were at least four generations of George Mullins in Box. 1. George Mullins (1667-1733); 2. George Mullins (1728-1796); 3. George Mullins (1759-1842) and 4. George Mullins (1800-1867), Rector of Great Chalfield and Master of Corsham Almshouses. Although not all direct descendants of each other they are all related. George Mullins 2 & 3 were father and son, and both schoolmasters in the village of Box. The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 9th March 1769 p.2. carries an advertisement for a spelling book for children, the work of George Mullins (2) of Box.

    George Mullins (1) or Mullens, was baptised in Colerne, Wilts. on 19th Dec. 1667, son of Henry Mullens. This George married Susannah Lewis in Ditteridge (formerly Ditcheridge) on 23rd Oct. 1701. George and Susannah had children Edward Mullins (1703-1746) and Hannah (1705-). Susannah died in October 1705 around the same time as daughter Hannah. George later re-married to Elizabeth, they had at least three more daughter baptised in Box: Susannah (bapt. 24th July 1709); Elizabeth (bapt. 13th Aug. 1711) and Elionar (bapt. 18th Nov. 1715). This George died on 9th Dec. 1733 in Box.

    George's (1) son Edward married Lydia Lovell on 10th Dec 1727 in Norton St. Philip, Somerset. Edward and Lydia had at least five children baptised in Box: George Mullins (2) (bapt. 7th Dec. 1728); Lydia Mullins (bapt. 27th Sept. 1730); John Mullins (bapt. 10th Jan. 1733); Edward Mullins (two baptisms in close proximity, maybe first one died, bapt. 12th Nov. 1736 and 31st Jan. 1737) and Susannah (bapt. 4th Oct. 1740). George Mullins (2) married Mary Nutt in Box on 14th January, end of 1749/50. They had children: Jane (bapt. 1st Nov. 1750); Thomas (bapt. 14th July 1752); George (bapt. 6th Apr. 1755); Mary (bapt. 17th Jan. 1757); George Mullins (3) (bapt. 1st Sep. 1759); Edward (bapt. 24th Sep. 1762); John (bapt. 23rd Sep. 1764); Ann (bapt. 9th Sep. 1766) and Mary (bapt. 16th July 1769). George Mullins (2) became schoolmaster in Box around 1746, The schoolroom and workhouse building was constructed in 1722, the top floor of the workhouse building was the schoolroom and George had a separate staircase constructed to link it to his own garden, the schoolmaster's house was next door.

    George Mullins (3) b. 1759, died in Box on 16th Feb. 1842 in his 83rd year. His father's school was advertised in the Bath papers from 1755-1783. George married Mary Curnick in Box on 17th July 1791. He had taken the school over from his father by 1796. His sister Jane also ran a school for young ladies in Box. In 1834 there were 30 free scholars and 10 paying. Paying pupils were charged 12 guineas a year but the school was primarily a charity school. George was also churchwarden and vestry clerk

    Rev. George Mullins (4) was born 17th Aug. 1800, son of schoolmaster George Mullins (3), he was surrogate of Box in 1825 and was ordained in 1823, as Rector of Ditteridge, he married Susannah Gardiner of Catherine Place, Bristol, at St. Paul's, Bristol, on 5th Jan 1836. Around the 27th Nov. 1845, this Rev. George Mullins was promoted to the Mastership of the Free School and Chaplaincy of the Almshouse at Corsham, founded by the Lady Margaret Hungerford. Patron Lord Radnor. He had originally assisted his ageing father in the running of the school at Box. By 1858 George was Rector of Great Chalfield. The Rev. George Mullins died at 12 Park Terrace, Oxford on 29th Apr. 1867. The Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 103 (1833) part 1. p. 357 describes some roman remains discovered in the Reverend's garden at Box.

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