Richard Slade & Sons.

Brewers & Aerated Water Manufacturers.


    Richard Slade was born in 1804 in Dodington, South Gloucestershire and baptised at Tormarton with West Littleton on 26th Aug. 1804, son of John Slade and Mary.

    From the late 1830's Richard ran a beer house called "The Woolpack", in Back Lane, Chippenham where he can be found in the directories for 1839. In 1841 he married Sophia Hayward, in Bath. They had children Eliza Hayward Slade (b.1843, bapt.10th Dec.); William Hayward Slade (b.1847, bapt. 5th Mar.) and Edwin Slade (b.1851, bapt. 1st May) n.b. Edwin is named Alfred in the 1851 census before he was registered and baptised. Richard's wife Sophia died in 1854. Richard, as well as being a licensed victualler, was in the dairy business too until 1855, when he sold his dairy herd, however he still retained the 80 acre farm. In 1856 he married again to Mary Catherine Shipp, registered in Faringdon. By 1867 he was trading as R. Slade & Son, William was now 20, as was Edwin by 1871 and involved in the business, Slade & Son became Slade & Sons. Richard Slade's younger brother Francis Slade appears briefly as licensee of the Woolpack in 1878, this is likely during the setting up of the new brewery premises at Old Road for his sons, but by 1881 census, Francis is a milk seller farther along Back Lane. In 1871 Francis is listed as farmer and brewer, so may have been helping his brother out, he appears there again in 1885-90 and seems to be running the Woolpack after Richard's retirement move to New Road in 1885, he may have also taken on Richard's dairy interests. Unfortunately William Hayward Slade, maltster, brewer and coal merchant, died on 21st Dec. 1881, leaving Edwin, now aged 30, in charge of the brewery. William's coal merchants remained in Foundry Road until c.1886. William had married Ann Elizabeth Rudman née Downing in 1871, they had children Edith Annie (b.1872); Richard (b. & bapt. 2nd June 1873 at Oxford College, Chippenham); John (b.1874) and Minnie (b.1876). In 1881 the census records them at a lodging house in Penzance, Cornwall. Two more children, Henry (or Harry b.1878) and Percy (b.1879) are found living with Annie's brother John, in Stanton St. Quintin, the same year. In 1891, William and Ann's son John lived with his mother and her other children, (including son by previous marriage, Robert Edwin Downing Rudman (b.1867, at Orford Cottage)), in Langley Burrell and had joined the brewing business by 1901, quite possibly at the Langley Brewery.
    Richard and Mary had other children: Matilda Sophia (b. 1858, bapt. 11th July); Sarah Ann (b. 1860, bapt. 6th May) and a son, born 13th March 1865.
    Richard died on 29th April 1885, he remained both beer seller and farmer up until his death. Edwin, now a brewer, was an executor, as was William Hart Porter, livery stable keeper, both of Chippenham. Willliam Hart Porter was husband of Richard's daughter Eliza, whom she'd married on 14th March 1865 at the Baptist Chapel, Chippenham. Edwin married Ann Wilshere Goold in 1878, their first son Edwin Gould Slade died at birth in 1879, William Goold Slade was born on 21st Dec. 1880. Edwin was licensee of the Bear Hotel, Chippenham, until 1st May 1890.

    Edwin Slade died in Chippenham on 8th Nov. 1907, probate to Albert Pike and William Goold Slade, brewers, and Richard Baycliffe Wood, solicitor. Albert Pike was Edwin's clerk at the brewery from at least 1890.

    William Goold Slade married Sarah Elizabeth Spalding of Burton-on-Trent, registered in Ashby de la Zouch in 1908. Her father Christopher was a coal merchant so they may have met through this connection. "Mr. Spalding had a remarkable career. From office boy he rose to be first chairman of Lord Donnington's group of collieries, and at the time of his death he was chairman of Moira Colliery Company, Ltd., the Donisthorpe Colliery Company, Ltd., C. Spaldings, Ltd., and the Donington Sanitary Pipe and Fire Brick company, Ltd." (Birmingham Daily Post - Monday 27 February 1939 p. 14.). The Slades were also coal and forage merchants. Sarah died in 1962 and William in 1972.

    The beer and mineral water ledger for the years 1921-26 is held by the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham, ref.: 2111. In 1926 the brewery was absorbed by George's Bristol Brewery.

workers Slade8.jpg


6 & 10 oz Hamilton Bottles Slade2.jpg

Approx 21.6cm (8.5") and 18.8cm (7.4") long.

6 & 10oz Codd's Bottles Slade7.jpg
Embossed: SLADE & SONS / (Broad "S") / CHIPPENHAM. Powell & Ricketts and Powell Bristol
10oz, 22.2cm (8.75") high.

6oz, 19.7cm (7.8") high.
Maker: Powell Bristol or no makers mark.

6oz Codd's Bottle Slade8.jpg
Embossed: SLADE & SON / (narrow "S") / CHIPPENHAM,

Maker K.B. LD., C., (Kilner Brothers Ltd.) 18.8cm (7.4") high.

Ginger Beer Bottle Slade3.jpg
Printed (in scroll): Ye Olde / FASHIONED / Ginger Beer / SLADE & SONS / CHIPPENHAM.

17.8cm (7") high. Cork Stopper.
Price, Bristol.

Ginger Beer Bottle Slade10.jpg
Printed (in scroll): Ye Olde / FASHIONED / Ginger Beer / SLADE & SONS / CHIPPENHAM / (under) GALTEE MORE / PATENT No. 4179  (Uses pin through lip to hold cork).

Potter: Price, Bristol. 17.5cm (6.9") high.

Blob top mineral bottle. Slade9.jpg

Makers: P & R, B. (Powell & Ricketts, Bristol), Dark Green. Height: 19cm (7.5").

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