Melksham Spa


Melksham has for some years been rapidly advancing into note as a respectable
watering place. About half a mile east of the town is an excellent saline aperient spa
similar to the Cheltenham Waters, but of much greater strength, and the springs are
most abundant in their supply.

Stone Spa Bottle MelkshamSCW1.jpgMelkshamSCW1a.jpg
Impressed: MELKSHAM / Saline Chalybeate / WATER.

Maker: PRICE, BRISTOL. 7" high.

Champagne type Bottle MelkshamSCW.jpg
Paper Label: The / Melksham Natural / Chalybeate Spring / Water.


Two mineral springs, one Saline and the other Chalybeate, were discovered in
the vicinity some years ago; and in 1816 a new saline spa was obtained by
drilling to a depth of 351 feet. It was anticipated that Melksham would
advance into note, in consequence of the magical properties these waters
posessed, and every accomodation for visitors was provided, including a pump
room, hot and cold basins,a handsome crescent, an agreeable promenade &c.
But with all these inducements, success was not commanded.

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