W. & A. Tayler

Wine & Brandy Merchants.

  CHIPPENHAM, WILTS., 7th Oct. 1789.
    The partnership between JOHN HIBBARD and WILLIAM TAYLOR, of Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, Brandy Merchants and Co-Partners, having been this day mutually dissolved:
    All persons having any claim on the said partnership, are desired to send an account thereof to the said John Hibbard and Wm. Taylor that the same may be discharged;- and all persons indebted to the said partnership, are requested to pay their debts to the said John Hibbard and William Taylor.
    ☞And the said John Hibbard, who will in future carry on the business on his own account, solicits the continuance of the favours of his friends and customers. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 22 October 1789 p.2.)

    At the time of the split Hibberd concentrated on the Brandy and Spirit Merchant business, whereas, William Tayler (according to the Universal British Directory 1793-8) continued as Mercer, Draper, Undertaker, Grocer, Cheese-factor, Hop Merchant, Banker, and agent for the Royal Exchange Fire and Life Office.

    William Richard Tayler was baptised on 19th Aug. 1791 and Alfred Tayler was born in Chippenham on 21st Dec. 1796 and baptised 5th Jan 1798, sons of William Tayler and Mary. Other children of William and Mary were: James Alfred (b.7th Nov. 1792, bapt. 4th Jan. 1793); Edwin (bapt. 9th Jan.1795); Robert (b.12th Sept. 1799, bapt. 1st Jan. 1800); Caroline Matilda (b.18th Jan.1802, bapt. 14th Jan.1803) and Eliza (bapt. 21st May 1809).The name spelling alternated between Tayler/Taylor.

    1817 - "On Saturday 22nd ult. died, at Chippenham, much respected, John Hibbard, Esq. aged 65, formerly a wine and spirit merchant of that place." (Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 3rd March 1817 p.4.) John was actually baptised in Chippenham on 24th May 1750, son of Thomas and Ann. In his will he decreed that he should be buried with his parents in Chippenham, and among his benefactors was his servant at the time of his death, Ann Burgess, to whom he left 800, which probably came as a bit of a shock, another former servant got 150.

    1823 - "Persuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause wherein Joseph Allen, and others, are Plaintiffs, and William Higgs, and another, are Defendants; the Grandchildren of Richard Hibbard, living at the time of death of John Hibbard, the Nephew, late of Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, Innholder, (who died on the 22nd February 1817), or if dead, their personal Representative or Representatives are forthwith to come in before Francis Paul Stratford, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London, and make out such their relationship to the said Richard Hibbard, or in default thereof they will be excluded the benefit of the said Decree. March 11, 1823. (Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 17th March 1823 p.1.).

    On Friday 29th Sept. 1826 William Richard Tayler was unanimously elected Bailiff for the borough of Chippenham.

    Caroline Matilda Taylor married William Taylor, a courier from Tetbury, in Chippenham, on 2nd May 1829. Her father and sister were dead by this time as she is stated in the Cheltenham Chronicle - Thursday 14 May 1829 as being the only daughter of the late William Taylor of Chippenham.

    During the night of 23rd Sept. 1833 some villains broke open the outer door of a warehouse belonging to Messrs. W. & A. Tayler of Chippenham, but not being able to effect a passage through an interior door, they retired without any booty.

    Mary Tayler, widow, died in Chippenham in January 1834. Her will is extant. At the time of her death, son James Alfred had also passed, he was survived by his widow Mary Ann and son William Henry Tayler.

    Married - On the 23rd inst. Mr. Alfred Tayler, of the firm of Messrs. W. R. & A. Tayler of Chippenham, spirit merchants, &c. to Miss (Sarah) Dredge, of Corsley, near Frome. (Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 25 September 1834 p.3.)  The marriage was in Corsley, Wilts. by license.

    William Tayler's sons, grocers in Pigot's 1830 directory, carried on the banking side of the business, and by 1841 Alfred and William Richard were Chippenham High Street bankers at the Market Place end of the street, although William Richard continued in the Wine Merchant trade too. They do not appear in the 1842 directory.

    By 1851 Alfred was a landed proprietor living with wife Sarah in Pilly Vale, Frome. William Richard "retired wine merchant" was unmarried and living with them.

    Alfred Taylor died at the end of 1854, his will being proved in January 1855, leaving his estate to his surviving brothers and sisters.

    I think William Richard Tayler died 6th January 1858 in Warminster, probate to executors William Tayler of The Folly, Long Newnton, Wilts, and William Henry Tayler of Warminster, printer and chemist. These sound like brother-in-law William and late brother James's son William Henry.

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