S. Wiltshire

Grocer, Calne.

    Simeon Wiltshire was a grocer, baker, and provision merchant, born in Studley near Calne in 1845, son of George Wiltshire, also a grocer, and Tryphena Cole.

    In the 1861 census Simeon is an assistant grocer, but living in Studley. By 1871 he was a grocer in Studley, but by 1875 he was at 22 Church Street, Calne, where he remained for the rest of his career.

   Simeon married Charlotte Jane Newman Fortune, daughter of Henry Fortune and Jane, in Bath in 1880. They had children: Margaret Jane (b.1881); George Henry (b. 1883) and Elsie May (b.1884). A James Fortune lived near the Wiltshires in Studley in 1871.  Charlotte's father, Henry Fortune, was a plumber born in Lacock, and the family lived in Church Street, Calne.

    At the sessions of October 1881, Simeon was granted a license to sell sweets.

    In 1889 Simeon applied for a license for the off-sale of wines, "the Magistrates' Clerk said Mr. Wiltshire now held a license for the sale of sweets. - The applicant stated that the license was in connection with Kinlock's agency, and had been granted to previous agents for many years past. - The Chairman said he did not approve of that kind of license. - Mr. Brown: It is only the thin edge of the wedge. - Mr. Wiltshire: This is not a fresh agency; a license has always been granted to Kinlock's local agent. - The Bench refused to grant the application, but renewed the license for the sale of sweets. - Mr. Wiltshire, before the Court rose, asked the Bench to adjourn his application for one month. - The Chairman: The magistrates have already decided to refuse your application. - Mr. Wiltshire: The license is only for selling bottles off the premises, and if the application is not granted customers will be put to the inconvenience of sending to Chippenham and Devizes. There is nothing against me, Mr. Cross. - Inspector Cross: No. - Major Heneage: There are a great number of respectable people who would like to sell drink, but we think there are already too many places for the sale of drink.- The Bench adhered to their decision." (Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 29 August 1889 p.6.)

Simeon Wiltshire, of Sheldon House, Calne, died in Clifton, Bristol, on 5th July 1920. Probate to Charlotte Jane Newman Wiltshire, widow, and Maurice Holley, clerk.

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Impressed: S. WILTSHIRE / Grocery Stores / CALNE.

Potter: Price, Bristol.

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Impressed: 2 / S. WILTSHIRE / Family Grocer / WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT / CALNE

Potter:  Price / 6X / Bristol.

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Potter:  not marked.
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