Woodward & Co.

Wine & Spirit Merchants, Marshfield, South Gloucs.

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Marshfield is a village in South Gloucestershire on the Bristol-Chippenham road, about halfway between the two towns. It had a brewery from the late 18th century until around 1886/7.  I have had numerous examples of flagons from these brewers pass through my hands over the years, 2 gallon seeming the most popular size. The earliest are the Woodward and Golding which are both in brownware saltglaze and  the then new 2 tone glaze of the late 1840s, likely made by Powell potteries of Bristol, the 2 on the lip is characteristic of this manufacturer and a hangover from the brownware days.
John Golding was a brewer in Marshfield when his wife Mary Ann died of consumption on 22nd June 1834 (Gloucestershire Chronicle). John re-married on 23 Jun. 1840 to Louisa Taylor in Dodington, Gloucestershire.  On Saturday 17th Jan. 1852 John was victim of a highway robbery at Bannerdown. John was born in 1808, baptised 20th April, son of William & Jane. His business was located in the High Street and he had retired by 1861. John died in 1883. He had been in partnership with Isaac Woodward from at least 1829-1849. Another family tie occurred on Tuesday 229 Aug. 1837 when John Golding's sister Jane, daughter of the late William Golding, maltster of Marshfield, married Henry Woodward of West Kington, son of farmer George Woodward.
In 1851 Elizabeth Woodward née Golding (John's sister) was the brewer at the Were Brewery, Were Lane, Marshfield, along with her son William Golding Woodward. It is good to see a woman taking a lead role in a company at such an early date, although widows were often given special license dispensation to avoid paying them parish relief. Elizabeth was born in 1805, baptised 29th Nov. She married Isaac Woodward on 9th Dec. 1828 by license in Marshfield. Isaac was born in 1801 and had died on 11th Dec. 1849.
William Golding Woodward was born in 1829 and baptised 29th Dec. His father Isaac was a brewer by this date. By 1861 the brewery was employing 7 men. William G. Woodward died on 31st May 1872 after a lingering illness and by now his brother Henry John (1841-1910) ran the brewery in partnership with Elizabeth. Elizabeth Woodward also died in 1871 leaving Henry John on his own.

The Marshfield Brewery was sold in August 1886 and described thus:

Lot 1. All that compact premises, known as "The Marshfield Brewery," situate in the town of Marshfield. where an Old-established Business is being carried on, with 15 barrel Copper, two Reservoirs and Coolers, Extensive Cellarage, with Store Pieces; Round-room, Spirit Stores, fitted with Store Casks; Malthouse, with Kilns and Store-rooms, Office, Cooperage, with Carpenter's Shop; large Yard, with Sheds; Cart and Nag Stables, Coach-house, and all other necessary buildings, all well supplied with water. A convenient Dwelling House, containing two Sitting-rooms, two Kitchens, five Bedrooms, two Store-rooms, Dairy, China Pantry, and Offices; Pleasure and Kitchen Gardens, and Pasture Land, in the occupation of Messrs W. G. and H. J. Woodward, and described as...(Nos. 141-144 and 776/7 on tythe map).

The sale was to settle a case at the High Court of Justice, Chancery division: Woodward v. Harry.

2 Gallon Brownware Stone Jar Woodward8.jpgWoodward11.jpg
Impressed: Woodward & Golding / Spirit Merchts / Marshfield  2 on lip.

Potter: Unmarked (possibly Powell of Bristol).

2 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward7.jpgWoodward12.jpg
Impressed: Woodward & Golding / Spirit Merchants / Marshfield . 2 on lip.

Potter: Unmarked (likely Powell of Bristol).

2 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward1.jpgWoodward6.jpg
Impressed: E & WG WOODWARD / Spirit Merchants / MARSHFIELD

Potter: Unmarked. Also similar but with larger text and potter: Price + Bristol.

2 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward2.jpgWoodward10.jpg
(Nos. 413 & 497)

Potter: Price, Bristol

2 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward3.jpg
Impressed: WOODWARD & CO / Spirit Merchants / MARSHFIELD

Potter: Price + Bristol

2 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward5.jpg
Impressed: WOODWARD & CO / Wine & Spirit Merchants / MARSHFIELD

Potter: Price + Bristol

4 Gallon Stone Jar Woodward9.jpg

Potter: Price + Bristol
Image courtesy Martin Tudor.

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