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Granby Russell was born in 1853 in at The Berkeley Castle tavern, Berkely Place, Clifton, Bristol son of brewer and victualler William Russell and wife Maria Wait Berry, he was baptised at Clifton St. Andrew on 25 January 1853. In 1871 he was a clerk, living with parents at 4 Belle Vue, Clifton. He married Isabelle, daughter of James Spratt, butcher, at the parish church, Clifton, on 6 May 1877. Isabelle was born 9 March 1854. At that time Granby was a Corn Factor and his father had become a Corn Merchant. The following year, Granby started his Wine Merchant business, at 11 Lower Portland Place, Clifton. On 7 April 1880 he acquired the Beer Dealer's license for that address from Charles Handcock. That same month he acquired the agency for Kinahan's LL gold medal winning whisky. His address was referred to as "Mall Buildings, Clifton". Granby also owned the Adam & Eve pub on Hope Chapel Hill, Dowry Square, Clifton, which in 1880 he rented to Alfred Eatell. At the time, Granby was living at Queen's Road, Clifton.

In the 1881 census Granby and Isabelle are living at 6 Bruton Place, Clifton, with 3 year old daughter Lucy. In the Western Daily Press - Saturday 17 September 1881 page8, Granby announces his intention to apply personally for the license of the Adam & Eve, which had recently been given up by one Eliza Gunningham. The transfer was granted on 5 October 1881. On 4 January 1882 he applied for transfer of the license of the New Cumberland Hotel, Hotwell Road, from Jacob Minnett, this was not granted. It was however granted on 15 February, and the Adam & Eve license was transferred the same day to Mary Ann Crossman. By 1883 Granby was agent for Walter Showell & Son, Brewers & Maltsters, at the Mall. On 16 January 1884, the license for the Steam Packet Hotel, Merchant's Parade, was transferred from Granby Russell to Mary Ann Harris.

By 1884 Granby was an agent for Barrett's Screw Top Bottles. In the Western Daily Press - Wednesday 6 May 1885, page 2, he runs the following advertisement: "WANTED, a CELLARMAN who thoroughly understand Bottling of Wines, Spirts. Beer, and stout. Preference and good wags given one with knowledge of Bottling and Corking Aerated Waters. Granby Russell, Wine Merchant, Clifton." In 1885 he seemed to have difficulty finding an experienced bottler, especially for the Mineral Waters and Ales. By April 1886 he was selling Bass & Co.'s March brewings in cask and bottle.

Briefly in 1886-1887 Granby held the license for the Lamb Inn, West Street, St. Philips, the license was transferred to Charles W. Batten on 19 January 1887. On 28 March 1888 Granby obtained the license of the Wine Vaults, Dowry Parade (with a cellar under No. 4 Love Street), from Frederick G. C. Weir. On 21 November the same year the license was relinquished to Frederick George Moore. Granby had this property under a repairing lease for 14 years dated Feb. 1888, and rented it out to under-tenants. That property was for sale in July 1889.

Granby's father William Russell died in 1891, he was buried on 6 May at Arnos Vale. It is possible that a flu epidemic which was rampant at the time may have claimed him. In the 1891 census Granby and Isabelle were living at 2 Canynge Road, Clifton, with daughter Lucy, son Wilfred, and daughter Violet. By 1892 Granby was advertising himself as Successor to James Price & Son, Clifton & Bristol. James Price was at 2 Mall Buildings and 11 Portland Place c.1863-1874 and in Nicholas Street, Bristol before that. That same year he was offering a 9 room house in Sion Hill for rent. He was also an agent for Wheatley's Hop Bitter, Hop Stout, and Brewed Ginger Beer.

In 1897 Granby's address was 22 The Mall. He received a Grocer's License there on 22 September 1897. On 30 August 1899 the license for the Wine Vaults, Portland Street was transferred from William Robert Mudge to Granby Russell.

From the Bristol Mercury - Monday 23 July 1900 page 7: "MISHAP AT BATH. On Wednesday a carman named Davis, in the employ of Mr Granby Russell, of Clifton, Keynsham and Bath, at the White Hart Inn, made a salad, and used in the operation some fluid from a bottle which formerly used to contain vinegar. Unfortunately It was sulphuric acid, and having partaken of It the poor fellow died on Friday evening at the Royal United Hospital from the effects of his mishap." So by 1900 Granby had expanded his business beyond Bristol. He was also advertising for a new carman. By 1901 he was letting out the "To Live and Let Live" on Midland Road, St.Philip's and the Wingrove Hotel.

In the 1901 census the family are at 30 Richmond Park Road, Clifton, with son Wilfred (19), daughter Violet Emilie (14) and son Arthur G. (7).

From the Bristol Times and Mirror - Monday 4 January 1904 page 8: "Local footballers will be interested to hear that Reggie Hussey is getting married next month to Miss Lucie Russell, elder daughter of Mr. Granby Russell, of Clifton." This was Lucy Isabelle Russell and Reginald Stafford Hussey, a footballer and wine merchant, son of Louis Phillipe Hussey. The marriage actually took place at St. Paul's, Clifton, on 10 February 1904.

By 1905 the company was Granby Russell & Co. with Head Office at Mall Buidings, Cellars under Clifton Club, and Bonded Warehouse at Queen Square and taking out regular advertisements in the Clifton and Redland Free Press.

Granby Russel died on 10 October 1905 at Carlton-lodge, 30 Richmond Rark Road, Clifton, he was buried at Arnos Vale on 13th. At the special Licensing session of 18 December 1895. The probate, Bristol, 15 December, was to Harry Spratt (Isabelle's older brother), effects £40. The Off-License for 22 the Mall, Clifton was transferred from Granby Russell to Reginald Stafford Hussey who had likely been working for Granby since the marriage to his daughter Lucy. Russell & Co. appear in the newspapers at this date although they are in the directories as early as 1902.

From Clifton Society - Thursday 1 August 1907 page 7: "AN OLD ESTABLISHED CLIFTON WINE AND SPIRIT BUSINESS, —The old-established wine and spirit business of Granby Russell and Co. (formerly James Price and Son), The Mall, Clifton, has changed hands. It has been acquired by Messrs. E. S. Baber and Co. The offices and cellars are under Clifton Club. Mr. Baber will bring considerable experience to bear upon the business and his matured judgment is acknowledged by all who have been brought into contact with him. The cellars have been filled with a large and carefully selected stock."

Daughter Violet Emilie Russell married William Edward Lawrence, on 20 July 1909 at St. Paul's Clifton.William died 2 August 1910 and Violet married again on 28 September 1912 to Harry Frederick Smallwood, a mechanical engineer, at Woolcot Park, St. Saviour, Bristol.

Granby's widow Isabelle of 123, Hampton Road Redland, is listed as a retired wine & spirit merchant in the 1939 register. She died 22 February 1940 at Sunnyside Nursing Home, 86 Coldharbour Road, Bristol. Probate 4 September to Harry Frederick Smallwood, Mechanical Engineer £890 3s. 8d.

6oz Bulb Necked Codd's Bottle Russell2.jpgRussell4.jpg
Embossed (lengthwise):  G. RUSSELL / CLIFTON

Glassworks:  ? —Image courtesy Aled Rees.

10oz  Codd's Bottle
Embossed :  GRANBY RUSSELL / CLIFTON (in circle). TRADE / G R / MARK (in centre).

Broken example.

Glassworks:  ? —Image courtesy Aled Rees.

6oz  Hamilton "torpedo" Bottle
Embossed (lengthwise) :  G. RUSSELL / CLIFTON

Glassworks:  ? —Image courtesy Aled Rees.

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