D. Griffiths & A. J. Taylor - George Hotel

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 24 January 1765 page 4: "THOMAS YOUNG, From the George-Inn in Chippenham, BEGS Leave to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, &c. that has taken the KING's-ARMS at MELKSHAM (and enters into Business there Monday the 4th of February) which House is putting into thorough Repair, and furnishing in a neat and genteel Manner, and an entire fresh Stock of Liquors, for the Accommodation of those who please to honour me with their Company or Commands; and their Favours will be gratefully acknowledged, by their moft obedient humble Servant, Thomas Young. N. B. Melksham is eleven Miles from Bath, and seven from Devizes, on the new Turnpike Road to London, and at present the best Road in the Weft of England."

From the Salisbury and Winchester Journal - Monday 18 February 1765 page 2: "THOMAS BATT, from the (or brother to James Batt of) White Hart Inn, in Catherine-Street, Salisbury, Begs Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public in general, THAT he has taken the GEORGE INN, in Chippenham, which Inn is entirely fitted up and furnished in an elegant and genteel Manner, with an entire Stock the best Liquors, for the Accommodation of all such who please to honour him with their Company or Commands, and all Favours conferred, will be gratefully acknowledged, by Their humble Servant, THOMAS BATT. Chippenham is a very pleasant Town, on the direct Post-Road from London to Bath and Bristol, three Miles nearer to Bath and six to Bristol, than any Turnpike Road in the Kingdom."

Thomas Batt had married Mary Elliott at Chippenham on 31 January 1765.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 13 March 1777 page 3: "GEORGE INN, CHIPPENHAM. JOHN HAYWARD is removed from the Crown Inn at Marshfield, to the GEORGE INN at Chippenham, in the County of Wilts; where his friends and the public will receive good accommodations with civil usage, and the favour of their company and recommendation will be very thankfully received, and most gratefully acknowledged."

John Hayward married Ann Broady in Chippenham on 17 May 1788. John Hayward died in January 1815 and was buried at Kington St. Michael on 30th January, age 69. Ann Hayward died in February 1824 age 70 and was buried on 4th at Kington St. Michael. They had sons Henry George Hayward, Thomas Humphries Hayward and John Hayward, and daughter Esther Oatley, Mary Ann Hayward and Harriett Cullis. John's will is dated 1812 but filed as 1825 on ancestry.co.uk which is a little confusing.

From the London Gazette - 30 March 1841: "John Myles the elder (sued and committed as John Myles), formerly of Chippenham, Wiltshire, Innkeeper and Licenced Victualler, keeping the sign of the Great George Inn, at Chippenham aforesaid, and Licenced to let Post Horses, then of Rawden-hill, near Chippenham aforesaid, following no trade or business, then of No. 48, Great Suffolk-street, Southwark, Surrey, following no trade or business, and late of No. 8, Brook-street, West-square, Lambeth, Surrey, following no trade or business." John was at that time in the Queen's Bench Prison.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 9 July 1857 page 5: "GREAT GEORGE HOTEL, CHIPPENHAM. EDWIN BARTLETT, late of the Full Moon Hotel, Old Bridge, Bath, begs to apprize his Agricultural and Commercial Friends that he has snceeded Mr. Robert Oxley in the Business of the above Hotel, where he hopes, by strict attention to moderate charges, to secure the patronage and support of his Friends and the Public in general. An Ordinary Every Day at 1 o'Clock. Home Brewed Beer. Neat Wines and Spirits. Gig and Saddle Horses Let on Hire. Clean and well-furnished Dormitories."

From the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 18 October 1860 page 2: "On Wednesday night, about ten o'clock, a fire broke out on the premises occupied by Mr. Bartlett, the landlord of the Great George Hotel, Chippenham. It is supposed the fire originated from some sparks falling from the flue of a chimney adjoining the staples in the yard. It was fortunate the fire occurred before the inmates had retired; or the whole of the premises might have been destroyed. The public as well the officials connected with the fire-engine, deserve great praise for the manner in which they rendered their services."

At the Petty Sessions of 3 Nov. 1864 the license was transferred from Edwin Bartlett to Mr. William Sims. William Sims's wife Martha died at the George on 21 May 1866. William Sims had the pub until 7 October 1869, when the license was transferred to Joseph Davis of Marshfield. John Lawes, formerly of the Angel, took the hotel before April 1873. It is likely he did this when it came up for let that February (see below).

John Lawes had originally been the landlord of the Angel Hotel, farther up the street but left in 1870, the licence for the Angel was transferred from John Lawes to Richard Careless at the Chippenham Petty Sessions of Thursday 5th May 1870.

From the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 06 February 1873 "CHIPPENHAM. - To be let, from Lady-day next, the "GREAT GEORGE INN," in full trade, in the flourishing Market Town of Chippenham. The House comprises every accomodation, with brewhouse, stabling for 60 horses and upwards, with stalls and boxes, coach-house, and other convenient buildings, all in good repair, now in the renting of Mr. Joseph Davis. A lose Meadow of land, and Kitchen Garden, about three acres. Rent together £72 yearly. Incoming on valuation about £1000. - For further information apply to the Tenant, or to Messrs. Pinniger and Wood, Solicitors, Chippenham." This advertisement gives a very good idea of what the Inn comprised of at that date, and it was after this that John Lawes took up residence here.

On 20th Dec. 1877, it was announced the liquidation of John Lawes, then of Rowde, formerly of Chippenham, hotel keeper, who had until recently been landlord of the George. ( Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 20 December 1877). David Griffiths was his successor, David had, for a short time previously held the Wine & Spirit Vaults in the Market place, Chippenham..

In the Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle - Monday 08 February 1875 it was announced that at the most recent Petty Sessions, the license of the Spirit Vaults had been transferred from Mrs. Stone to John R. Leonard. Mrs. Stone recieved the license from her late husband James Stone at the Petty sessions at the beginning of Dec. 1874.

In the Western Daily Press - Tuesday 27 June 1876, appeared the advertisement: "Chippenham - To be let, with immediate possession, a retail Wine & Spirit Vaults, centrally situated in the Market Place, in the thriving town of Chippenham. A good business has been done for many years, including a large family trade. - Full particulars to be obtained of the proprietor, Mr. John Leonard, Wine & Spirit Vaults, Chippenham. This signaled the arrival of David Griffiths, and the license was transferred to him at the Corsham Sessions that Autumn. (Western Daily Press - Friday 03 November 1876). When David left the Spirit Vaults to go to the George Hotel, the license was transferred, at the Chippenham Petty Sessions of Thursday 7th March 1878, to Thomas Gear Coles.

David Griffiths was born in Bryneglwys, Denbighshire around 1840, son of Joseph Griffiths. He married Ellen Carpenter in Weston, Bath on 26th Dec.1872. Unfortunately David died in Chippenham on 11th March 1885 leaving his widow Ellen to run the George. The transfer of the license was announced in the Western Daily Press - Friday 03 April 1885, the transfer took place at the petty sessions the previous Thursday. On Thursday 3rd May 1888, she surrendered the license to Edwin Bowker who had previously been the licensee of the Spirit Vaults in the Market Place, obtaining the license from George Evans in Feb. 1886 (Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 11 February 1886) .

In mid-November, 1894 there was heavy rains and severe flooding, the George Inn and Singer's grocery shop were severely affected.

By 1895 Charles Rawbone Cleaver, of Stockton, Warwickshire, a former valet at Grittleton House, was running the George, with his wife Mary Ann Bennett whom he'd married in London on 12th Dec. 1892 whilst still a servant.

Arthur James Taylor was running both the George Hotel and the Mineral Water Works by 1911. He was here until 1920 when he retired.

By 1922, John Tallyn was at the George, and selling the billiard table, in 1923 Donald Sinclair was the incumbent landlord.

From the Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser - Saturday 7 August 1926 page 5: "LICENSING. The license of the George Hotel, Chippenham, was, on the application of Mr. A. C. Dann, temporarily transferred from Mr. Donald Sinclair to Mr. Durnford, who, it was explained, is licensee at Frome, and will manage the George Hotel till a new tenant is obtained. —The application was granted."


2 Gallon Stone Jar Griffiths1.jpgGriffiths2.jpg
Impressed: D. GRIFFITHS / George Hotel / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Powell Bristol.

1 pint Beer Bottle Taylor10.jpg
Etched: A. J. TAYLOR / GEORGE HOTEL / CHIPPENHAM. Internal Screw Stopper.

Glassmakers: not marked . Height: approx 9.5".

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