John & Richard Leonard

Wine & Spirit Merchants


     John Leonard, yeoman, married Selina Gosling in Charlton, Malmesbury, Wilts. by license on 14th Nov. 1809. They had children: Jane (bapt. Charlton, 18th Dec. 1810); Elizabeth Ann (bapt. Charlton, 18th July 1813); Elizabeth Ann and Mary (bapt. Gt. Somerford, 3rd Mar. 1816); Frances Selina (bapt. Gt. Somerford, 20th June 1818); Thomas (bapt. Gt. Somerford, 21st Oct. 1820); Thomas and Richard Leonard (both bapt. Charlton, 12th Oct 1823) and John Leonard (bapt. 31st Dec. 1826).

    Richard Leonard first appears as driver of the mail cart, from Chippenham to Malmesbury and Tetbury, when he is summoned for carrying passengers on his cart causing a loss to the toll collectors due to passengers riding via the mail rather than using their own conveyance. The magistrates took a lenient view and fined him 2 including costs (Wiltshire Independent - Thursday 14 September 1848 p.4). He later acquires the "Duke" from his brother Thomas.

    From the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 25 October 1849 p.2: "THE DUKE OF CUMBERLAND INN, CHIPPENHAM - To be Let, and entered upon at Lady day next, the above old established Free Public House and Inn, with an excellent custom attached, for many years occupied by the late Joseph Moore, and now held by Mr. Thomas Leonard up to Lady-day next.
    There is a large Cellarage and good Brewhouse, and attached is the town Weighing Engine, the Tolls of which will be let with the House.
    The Premises may be viewed by permission of the present tenant, and the rent and terms of letting obtained on application to Mr. Henry Gale, the Clerk of the Market, or Messrs. Goldney and Fellowes, solicitors, Chippenham.
    Possession will be given at Christmas, if required."

    From the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 27 March 1851: "THE DUKE INN, CHIPPENHAM - To be let, and entered upon immediately, in consequence of the present tenant, Mr. Richard Leonard, having taken to the Wine and Spirit business conducted by the late Mr. Whittick.
    The opportunity is an advantageous one to parties of respectability possessing small capital.
    For particulars, apply to Mr. Parry, Auctioneer and General Valuer, Calne; or to Mr. R. Leonard."

    On the 15th April 1851, Richard married Elizabeth Lucy, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Uncles of Chippenham, at the same place by the Rev. Lewis Purbrick. Elizabeth sadly died of consumption, aged just 27, on 9th June 1855, shortly after the birth of a son. They had at least 2 children: Thomas Brown Uncles Leonard (b. 1852, bapt. 25th Aug.) and Richard Leonard (b. 1855, bapt. 30th May d. 3rd June 1855). Elizabeth Lucy's will wasn't proved until 1874 when Richard had moved to Plymouth.

    Richard married again to Elizabeth Sarah Maria Ann Gingell in Chippenham in 1856. They had at least 8 more children: Clara Selina Leonard (b. 1857, bapt. 17th July); George Frederick Leonard (b. 1858, bapt. 6th Oct.); Richard Henry Leonard (b. 1859, bapt. 11th Jan. 1860); Caroline Amelia Leonard (b. 1861, bapt. 22nd Nov.); Evelina Elizabeth Leonard (b. 2nd June 1863, bapt. 29th June); Charles Leonard (b. 12th June 1864, bapt. 9th July); Francis Leonard (b. 1866) and Gerard Leonard (b. Plymouth, 1869).

    In November 1859 Richard was elected High Constable for Chippenham. In 1864 he gives up the wholesale and retail wine and spirit trade and becomes a travelling agent, later moving to 17 Hill-Park Crescent, Plymouth. In the later census he is found in hotels in various places. Richard died at 48 Schubert Road, East Putney, Surrey on 8th August 1907, leaving his effects to daughter Clara Selina.

    At the Chippenham Petty sessions for 3rd Nov. 1864, the license for the Spirit Stores was transferred from Richard Leonard to his brother John Leonard. He keeps the retail trade until 1868 when he moves premises: (Wiltshire Independent - Thursday 20 August 1868):

    "CHIPPENHAM - JOHN LEONARD returns his sincere thanks to his Friends for the liberal support bestowed upon him in his business as Wine, Spirit, Ale and Porter Merchant, and informs them that he has disposed of the Retail Counter Trade only. He has now taken more convenient premises, lately in the occupation of Mr. Wharry, Chemist, and solicits their particular attention to his Stock of choice Vintage Wines and Spirits, all of the finest qualities, which he is prepared to sell at the lowest remunerative prices.
    BURTON ALES and DUBLIN STOUTS in casks of all sizes, from 9 to 54 gallons.
    WINES and SPIRITS, also by the single Bottle.
    CIGARS of the Choicest kinds.
    The Trade supplied at the London Wholesale prices.
    August 3rd, 1868.

    The retail premises was taken by Joseph Henry Buckle, formerly of the White Lion Hotel, who was presented with an engraved cup, on his leaving, by 150 subscribers, as a token of his popularity in the town. (Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 06 August 1868 p.2). The license was transferred at the Chippenham Petty Sessions that Thursday.

    John Leonard had married Ellen Rudman in Chippenham on 10th Nov. 1850. They had children: John Richard Lock (b. 1849); Frederick Robert (b. 1851); Frank Albert (b. 1855); Ellen Mary (b. 1857); Fanny Jane (b. 1859); Lucy Selina (b. 1862); Edwin Arthur (b.1864); and Minnie Carry (b. 1866).

    Unfortunately tragedy struck on 22nd Jan. 1867 John & Ellen's infant daughter Minnie Carry Leonard died aged 7 months, and then on 17th March 1868 John's wife Ellen gave birth to a still-born daughter, Ellen herself died the same year on the 14th May, aged 37. John leaves the business in 1869 and goes into the Ironmongery trade in partnership with Albert Lines. John Leonard had re-married Emma Lines at Saint Benet Paul's Wharf, London on 1st Dec. 1870. Together they had a son Harry (b. 1870); Ernest (b. 1872) and George (b. 1878 in Calne). John and his family moved to Calne, to an ironmongers in Church Street in the 1870's, and eventually to Hawthorn House, Greenham, Berks. in the 1880's and 90's, where he was a baker, grocer and coal merchant. He died in 1915.

2 & 3 Gallon Stone Jars RLeonard1.jpg RLeonard2.jpg
Impressed: R. LEONARD / Wine & Spirit Merchant / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Powell Bristol.

1 & 2 Gallon Stone Jars JLeonard1.jpg JLeonard4.jpg
Impressed: JOHN LEONARD / Wine Merchant / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Powell Bristol.

1 Gal.: D. Sutton Collection (Left)

1 Gallon Stone Jar JLeonard2.jpg
Impressed: JOHN LEONARD / Wine & Spirit Merchant / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Price + Bristol .

    From the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette - Thursday 22 July 1869 p.1: "WINE, SPIRIT, ALE, & PORTER STORES - JOHN LEONARD begs to inform the Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Chippenham and Neighbourhood, that he has DISPOSED OF the above old-established business to MESSRS. CANNING and LARGE who will continue in all its branches.
    J. L. takes this opportunity to acknowledge, with thanks, the liberal support he has received, and respectfully solicits a continuance of the same for his successors.
    All accounts due to him may be paid to MESSRS. CANNING and LARGE, whose receipt will be a legal discharge."

    CANNING & LARGE, in succeeding the above business, hope that by strict attention, and by introducing articles of the finest quality, combined with moderate charges, they may receive the same liberal support which has been bestowed on their predecessor, and which it will be their constant endeavour to merit.
    Market Place, Chippenham, July, 1869.

2 Gallon Stone Jar CanningLarge1.jpgCanningLarge2.jpg
Impressed: CANNING & LARGE / Wine & Spirit Merchants / CHIPPENHAM .

Potter: Powell Bristol / 2.
Image courtesy Codd Tony.

    The partnership between Thomas Canning and W. S. Large did not last long, and was dissolved on 18th Nov. 1870 (Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette - Thurs. 01 December 1870 p.2). The License was transferred from William Stratton Large to Thomas Canning of the Shaw Brewery, Melksham, at the Petty Sessions of Thurs. 5th Jan. 1871. He himself, again transferred the license, on 18th May that year, at the Corsham Petty Sessions to James Stone, a former commercial traveller. James dies in 1874 and his wife Selina transfers the license to John R. L. Leonard, the son of John Leonard. Further history of the Wine & Spirit Vaults can be found by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

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