George Goldney Marks was born in Chippenham towards the end of 1846 and baptised 3rd Feb. 1847. his father was James Rawling Marks (1812-1859) and mother Mary Jane Goldney. His parents were married on 17th Jan. 1846. James was a Grocer, tallowchandler and wine & spirit merchant in the High Street until his death on 23rd July 1859. He had a brother who was a chemist & druggist in Bradford on Avon called George Marks.

In the 1861 census George Goldney Marks was living with his Grandmother, Ann Goldney, who was landlady of the Bear Hotel in the Market Place until her death on 20th July 1862, aged 72. His mother Mary Jane who was born in Newbury, Berks. was running the grocery stores and caring for George's 3 younger brothers. She had moved to Barnstaple by 1881 where she lived with her daughter Annie Elizabeth Marks and died on 28th May 1897 leaving her daughter everything, Annie was 42 by then.

George married Ellen Harriett Welch of Tottenham on the 16th Aug. 1870. On the marriage certificate it states that both he and his father's occupation was wine and spirit merchant. In the 1871 census he is running the Grocer's shop in Chippenham High Street.

From the London Gazette 4 February 1876: "The Bankruptcy Act, 1869. In the County Court of Somersetshire, holden at Bath. In the Matter of Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors, instituted by George Goldney Marks, of Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, Aerated Waters Manufacturers. NOTICE is hereby given, that a First General Meeting of the creditors of the above-named person has been summoned to be held at the Angel Hotel, at Chippenham, in the county of Wilts., on the 16th day of February, 1876, at two o'clock in the afternoon precisely.—Dated this 31st day of January, 1876. RICHARD B. WOOD, Chippenham, Wilts., Solicitor for the said George Goldney Marks."

George is advertising for a Wholesale Agent in 1878 so maybe he is having difficulties by this date but still functioning as a manufacturer. Spink's Penny Chippenham Almanack and Directory shows the transition from G. G. Marks & Cos. to Holland's took place 1884/1885 so Holland may have played a part in the business after George had moved away but retained the old name.

The 1881 census reveals George has left Chippenham and has set up as a provision merchant in Falcon Lane, Battersea. He later becomes a Tobacco traveler, and in 1901-2 resides at White Hart Lane, Mortlake, Surrey. He now has 2 sons and 2 daughters.

George lives at several addresses in the coming years: 1891/2 he is at 17 Tonsley Place, Wandsworth; 1905/6 he is at 23a Borneo Street, Wandsworth. He moves to 35 St. Leonard's Road, Mortlake around 1908 and his wife Ellen dies in a nursing home at 96 Belgrave Rd. S.W. She is buried at Mortlake St. Mary on 11th Aug. 1909 aged 59.

George himself dies on 9th Nov. 1926 at 73 St. Leonard's Road, Aldrington, Hove, Sussex.

I have found marriages for 3 of his children:

Camerford Goldney Marks also became a traveler for a tobacco company.

On Thursday 11th April 1872 the advert below appeared in the Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette, heralding the beginning of a history of drinks manufacture on these premises. Then in 1874 he was advertising his new beverage in the Bath papers, the "Effervescing Sarsaparilla".



Round Bottomed Cylinder Marks2.jpg
  P (possibly for Powell & Ricketts) near base.
8.5" long.

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  P (possibly for Powell & Ricketts) near base.
8.5" long.

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