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    This project will be a huge undertaking so I have begun with a preliminary list, to illustrate the size of the task involved and to serve as a temporary index. I will link this to individual pages as they eventually get researched, the list at the moment is very incomplete but is just a working document. Blue links can be clicked on.

    This index is compiled largely from directories dates spanning 1775-1938 (see below), where they were available, and the reliability of street numbers, personal name spelling etc. is dubious in places. Directories do not always agree with each other and I have put alternatives in brackets. The disparity may clear up on further research. Also many companies traded outside the date range covered by the directories I have used, or may not have been listed in a particular directory because for instance they did not feel the need, or did not want to pay. The dates here are therefore just a guide, some companies traded for much longer. I am collecting directories all the time and adding to this index as I go along, so more to come hopefully. I may have included a few publicans, more information on pubs can be found at the Bristol's Lost Pubs website.

Bristol Brewers


(P)*Abraham, John & Joseph: (Agents to Beamish & Crawford, Cork) Cooper's Hall, 32 King Street, c.1842-1852.
Albion Brewery (of Bath): 22 Castle Green, 1842-44
(A)(P)Allsopp, Samuel & Sons (Burton Ale stores): Wareing & Co. Agents, King Street, Queen Square, c.1842-1865, Edward Wm. B. Villiers, Agent, 26 Bath Street, c.1879-1889; (William Henry Court, District Manager) Stores: 10a Canynge Street, Portwall Lane, c.1894-1914; Star Life Buildings, St. Augustine's Parade, c.1906.
Alderman, George: insolvent Oct. 1840.
Allen, Stooke & Lewis: North Street (Imperial) Brewery, Bedminster; Thomas Allen, Frederick Stooke and James Towers Lewis, partnership dissolved, Oct. 1875.
Ames's Brewery Company (William Ames): Jacob Street, c.1805-1822.
Anderson, Francis: Cathay, c.1842-44.
Anderson, J.: Bush Tavern, Corn Street, c.1805.
Andrews Brothers (Herbert John & Cecil): Botanical brewers, 95 Chaplin Road, Easton, & Avonmouth; lately at 35, Beaumont Street, Stapleton Road, c.1902-1904, liquidated 1904.
(A)Anglo-Bavarian Brewery Co.: (Augustus E. Cole, manager), 5 & 6 St. Stephen's Street, c.1879-1889, & 5 Nelson Street, c.1889-; (James Henry Davis, manager) c.1894-1897, 58 Baldwin Street;  Stores, Clock Tower Yard, Temple Gate (F. H. Wood, manager) c.1901-1914.
(A)Arnold & Co. Stores: 18 Union Street, c.1865.
(P)Arnold, David: 33 High Street, c.1849.
(P)Arnott, Sir John & Co. (Stout Stores, Thatcher Brothers Agents): Baldwin Street, 1865, 6 Prince Street, c.1879-1880.
Ashton Gate Brewery Co. Ltd.: (See Baynton, Hardwick), (Herbert Rhys Harvey, sec. & manager) Ashton Gate, Bedminster, c.1865-1868 and 1883-1931.
(A)Atkins, John E.: (Agent for Stogumber Ale), 54 Broad Street, c.1850-1855; Baldwin Street, c.1859
Auty, Percy Richard & Co.: Lion Brewery & mineral water manufacturer , Lawrence Hill, c.1898; Church Road, St. George, License notice 31st Aug. new premises c.1899-1907 (Bankrupt), discharged 1908, managed brewery for father in Burton on Trent until sold in 1915.

Bailey & Evans: The Botanical Brewery (& ginger beer), Stibbs Lane, Air Balloon Hill, St. George. c. 1907-7th Oct.1908 - sale advertised Western Daily Press., 3rd Oct 1908 p.1.
Baker, James: Brewer & Maltster, Castle Green, c.1783.
(P)Baldwin & Tanner: Nelson Street (John Allen, Agent), c.1842-1844.
Ball & Son: Wilder street, c.1850-1852.
Balsius, John: Agent for Gillard & Cos. Oakhill Brewery, Little King Street, c.1822.
(A)Barry Brewery Co. Ltd.: registered offices, Albion Chambers, Small Street, c.1897-1902.
(A)Bass & Co. (Burton Ale): Wm. Henry Land, Agent, St. Stephen's Street, c.1842-1844, Union Court, Corn Street, c.1847, Stores 5-8 Tontine Warehouses, Quay Head (Edward T. Bullock, agent) c.1865-1880.
(A)Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton Ltd.: (William Henry Glass, agent), 7 & 8 Quay Head, c.1889; (Daniel R. Thomas, manager) c.1894, (C. W. Dunwell, manager) c.1897-1914, 8 Marsh Street 1938.
Baynton, Charles: St. James Parade, Kingsdown, c.1836.
Baynton, Thomas & Charles: Quay, c.1825.
Baynton, Thomas Charles & Isaac: Ashton Gate, Bedminster, c.1824-1830.
Baynton, Thomas & Charles: Ashton Gate, Bedminster, c.1830-1832.
Baynton, Thomas: Ashton Gate Brewery, North Street, Bedminster, c.1832-1865.
Bedford, Worthy.: Mark Lane Brewery, St. Augustine's Back, c.1825-1828. Married Elizabeth Mary Jenkins, Marshfield 27 Sept. 1825. Bankrupt 1828.
Bedley, A.: Maltster & Brewer, 10 King Street, c.1775.
Beer, John: Bottled Liquor Merchant, The Mall, Clifton, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
(P)Beer, Richard & Co.: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 79 Castle Street, c.1818-1822 (Evans, 1818).
Bees, George and Stawkins: Narrow Wine Street, c.1822.
Bees, G. & H.: Narrow Wine Street, c.1825.
(A)Bernard, T. & J. (Edinburgh): Rupert Street (Arthur Seaton, agent), c.1880.
Bird, J.: Porter & Ales Stores, West Street, c.1863.
Birt, Joseph: Bottled Liquor Merchant, 12 Prince Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Bishop & Butt: Redcliff Meads Brewery, Redcliff Mead Lane, Cathay, c.1870-1889.
Bishop, Thomas: Union Place, Colston Street, c.1842-1844.
(P)Bishop, William: 48 College Green, c.1849.
Black, William: Quay, c.1825-1828.
Blake & Guinness: Maltsters & Brewers; W. R. Blake and J. G. Guinness, jun. partnership dissolved Nov. 1844.
Bland, John: Wine & Spirit dealer, and Porter Brewer, Porter House, Narrow Wine Street, c.1828-1851.
(A)(P)Blood, Freak & Co.: Welsh Back, c.1859.
(A)(P)Bloxome & Co.: (For the Dursley Ales & Beer), Richmond Road, c.1850-1852.
Bond & Co. (Brewery at Bath): Wm. Lonsdale, Agent, Temple Back, c.1842-1844.
Bond, James: Redcross Brewery, Lawford Street, c.1879-1889.
Bond's Bristol Brewery Limited: (Frederick, J. Bond, manager), Redcross Brewery, Lawford Street, c.1894-1902.
Boone & Pullen: Bedminster Brewery, Threequarter brewery & yard, 110 & 112 East Street, Bedminster, c.1908-1920. Business withdrawn from auction Weds. 8th Dec. 1920 and sale privately negotiated. Sale due to death of J. T. Boone. Traded as Giblett & Boone pre-1908. Also Wine & Spirit merchants, incorporating Waters & Co. Stokes Croft from 1899.
Boucher, Frederick: Jacob Street, c.1847, 59 Old Market Street, c.1849, & Co., c.1850-1852.
Bough & Emery: North Vale Brewery, King Street, c.1847.
Bowley & Bristow: St. Paul's Brewery, Victoria Street, Portland Square, St. Paul's, c.1879-1889.
(P)(A)Brain, Joseph: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Redcliff Back, c.1822-1852
Bridges & Dew: Jacob Street, c.1817-1824. (See Ames's Brewery, Jacob Street.) Bankrupt 1824 after court case involving adulterating beer. (John Bridges and James Dew).
Brinkworth & Porter: Samuel Brinkworth and W. O. Porter, partnership dissolved Oct. 1815.
Bristol Brewery (Georges & Co. Ltd.): (Lieut. Col. W. P. O'Conner, sec.), 47 Corn street & 15 Bath Street, c.1889-1902, (H. J. A. Marillier de Provence, sec.) c.1906  (See Georges), 22 Bath Street, (Frederick Jennings, sec.) c.1914, (Sidney Drewett, F. C. I. S., sec.) c.1938.
Bristol Brewing Company Ltd.: J Cowell, manager, Redcliff Meads, Temple Gate, c.1863-1865.
Bristol Pure Beer Company Limited: c.1902-1904, 141 Victoria Street, J. W. Lovibond and E. Gordon Grinlington (manager).
Bristol United Breweries Limited: (George Ingram, sec.) Lewins Mead Brewery & St. Paul's Brewery, Victoria Street, S. Paul's, c.1894-1906, (Hugh E. C. Baker, sec.) c.1906, (John T. Fell, sec.) c.1914-1938.
(P)Broad, William: Redcliff Street, c.1850-1852.
Brown, Henry: Temple Gate, c.1842-1844.
Brown, James George: Montague Street Brewery: from 24th Jun. 1809-c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Brown & Gillett: Montague Street Brewery: James George Brown and George Gillett, partnership dissolved 10 March 1818. J. G. Brown continued alone.
Bryant, George: Brewer, Bedminster; insolvent Nov. 1839.
(A)Bullock, Edward: (Agent for Bass Pale Ale), Union Court, Corn Street, c.1850-1852.
Bullock, G.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 114 Redcliff Street, c.1863.
Bundy, James: Brewer, Little King Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
(A)Burton Brewery Co. Ltd.: 32 King Street, Queen Square (Edward H. S. Wilkinson, agent), c.1880, (Alfred Whitaker, District Manager) c.1894, (William Eley, Dist. Man.) c.1897.
Burton, Mary: Common Brewer, Berkeley Place, c.1828.
Bush, G.: Beach, Bitton, Bristol, c.1856.
Bush, George & Brown, James George: Montague Street Brewery: Until 24th Jun. 1809 (See Brown).
Byfield, E. & Co.: Maltsters, Wiltshire Strong Beer and Ale Brewers, 37 Welsh Back, c.1836.

(P)(A)Caincross Ale & Porter Stores: Saint George's Place, Charles M. Armstrong, agent, c.1852-1853.
Carter, E. T. B.: Dealer in Bottled Beer & Porter, Clifton, c.1828.
Carter, John & Brown, Thomas (Carter & Brown): Brewers, Royal York Crescent Brewery, c.Dec. 1823-1st March 1836.
Carter, John & Co.: Royal York Crescent Brewery, Clifton, c.1836-1851 John & Charles, c.1852; Royal Clifton Brewery, Regent Place, Clifton, c.1852-1853.
Cartwrights: Botanical brewery; ?
Castle & Ball Brewery Ltd.: registered offices, Bank Chambers, 40 Corn Street & 3 Lower Castle Street, c.1904-1914 (Arthur S. Cavell, sec.).
Castle, Rees & Williams: Stoke's Croft Brewery, Stoke's Croft, c.1836. (Castle & Rees c.1837)
Castle, William Henry & Co.: 76 Stoke's Croft, c.1842-1844.
Cator & Spearing: Brewers, Milk Street, c.1783.
Chandler, John: Brewer & Maltster, Queen Street, c.1783.
(P)Chedgzoy, Charles: 3 Parade, St. James, c.1849.
(P)Clee, Thomas: Durdham Down, c.1851.
Cloves, Charles: insolvent Feb. 1841.
Clune, Michael: 14 Old Market Street, 1897-1902.
Coleman, Thomas: Maltster & Brewer, 12 Victoria Street, St. Paul's, c.1842-1849.
(P)Coleridge & Co.: Tailor's Court, c.1880.
Collier & Gluckstein (Victoria Brewery): St. Paul's, c.1865. Thomas Collier & Nardus Gluckstein, partnership dissolved Jan. 1867.
Collinge, Arthur: Botanical Brewer, Beaumont Street Brewery, 35 Beaumont Street. c.1901-1902.
(P)Collins & Champion: 7 Thomas Street, c.1852-1863.
Collins, Robert: 3 Prewett Street, Cathay, c.1775-1783.
(P)Collins, R. D. & Co.: Thomas Street, c.1847.
(P)Colman, Charles F.: (Agent to Barclay, Perkins & Co., London), Prospect Villa, Redland, c.1850-1852.
Colman & Reynolds: The Imperial Brewery, North Street, Bedminster, c.1879-1880 (See Reynolds).
Cook, James: Corn factor, Common brewer, & Nautical Stationer, Book & Chart seller, 80 Quay, c.1836.
(P)Cook, John: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Redcliff Hill, c.1822.
Cooper, William: Genuine Beer & Porter Brewer, and Maltster, Bath Parade, without Temple gate, c.1836; Templegate Brewery, Temple Gate, c.1842-1856.
Cothay, H.: Harford-bridge, c.1825.
Craddock, Jacob: Great George Street, c.1842-1844.
(P)Crane, J.: Lower Portland Place, Clifton, c.1849.
Crinks, Charles: Maltster & Brewer, John Street, St. Philip's, c.1828.
Crook, Jacob jun.: Brewer, Narrow Wine Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Crook, John (North Street Brewery): North Street, Bedminster, c.1863.
Crook, J.: 35 Redcliff Hill, c.1856.
Crosswells Limited: (Showells Brewery Co. Ltd., Oldbury.) 5 Bridge Parade, Bristol, and 11 Penarth Road, Cardiff.

Daniel, James: Coronation Brewery, on Charlotte Street, Bedminster at junction of road leading to Coronation Road. Bankrupt, premises sold March 1825 still in 1828 directory..
Davey, Thomas: Common Brewer, Sign of the Pilgrim, Tucker Street, Bath Street, c.1828-1852.
Davey & Smith: Consignee for Barclay, Perkins & Co.'s London Porter, 5 Tontine Warehouse, Quay Head, c.1836.
Davis, James Henry: 40 Regent Street, Newtown, c.1901.
(P)(A)Dean & Co.: Union Court, Corn Street, c.1850.
(A)Devenish & Co. (Weymouth): Cambrian Chambers, 51 Broad Street, c.1880.
(P)Dowling, E. L.: Chandos Road, c.1880
(P)Drewett, John: 11 Lower Portland Place, Clifton, c.1847-1849.
Dring, Thomas & Co.: St. Philip's Place, c.1822-1825.
(P)Duck, George: Tailor's Court, Broad Street, c.1842-1847.
(P)(A)Dunlop, Mackie & Co.: 33 &b 34 Broad Quay, c.1850-1880.
(P)Dunlop, Matthew & Co.: King Street, Queen Square, c.1847

Edwards, William: Maltster & Brewer, Stoke's Croft, c.1793-1794.
Edmunds & Boucher: David Edmunds and James Webber Boucher, Brewers, Bristol & St. Philip & Jacob, partnership dissolved 1 Aug. 1833.
Edmunds & Lyne (Edmunds, Lyne & Co.): Maltsters & Brewers, Broad Plain, St. Philips, c.1836-1847.
(P)Elliott, Thomas: Lower Maudlin Street, c.1849.
Elms, Charles: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, Lawrence Hill, c.1863.

Field & Houlton: William Field and Charles Houlton, Brewers, Partnership dissolved 31 Jan. 1839. Debts to Field.
(P)Findlater & Co. (Dublin): 15 Small Street, (John Mortimer, agent), c.1880.
Fish, James: 1 Water Street, c.1842-1863.
Fish, Joseph: Water Street, c.1879, Glo'ster Lane, c.1880, Lamb Street, c.1880.
Fleay, Charles: Strong beer, Ale, and Porter brewer, Ellbroad Street Brewery, c.1836.
Fleay, Robert: Elbroad Street Brewery, c.1837-1843. Took over Pennywell Road Brewery in Nov. 1843.
Flood, John: Agent for Isaac Williams & Co. brewers of Bath, 127 Redcliff Street, c.1830.
(A)Flowers & Son (Stratford-on-Avon): 24 Quay Head, (W. H. Dunn, agent), c.1880.
Foll & Abbott (Stoke's Croft Brewery): C. Stocken, manager, Stoke's Croft, c.1859-1865.
Foll, Hattil: (Stoke's Croft Brewery) 76 Stoke's Croft, c.1847-1856.
Fry, Ball & Co.: Brewers, Queen Street, c.1805.
(P)Fry, Henry (East India Ale): 24 Bath Street, c.1847.
(A)Fussell. Sidney & Sons Ltd.: (George E. Harris, agent), 27 Durnford Avenue, Ashton Gate, c.1938.

Gadd & James: Maltsters & Brewers, Temple Backs, c.1793-1794.
Gadd & Keate: Maltsters & Brewers, 19 Temple Street, c.1775; Temple Backs, c.1783.
Galley, Thomas: Brewer, 5 Earl Street, c.1836.
Gardiner, Joel: Cathay Brewery, 9 Cathay, c.1836-1847- & Son, c.1849-1865. Partnership with son dissolved May 1850. (Bankrupt Dec. 1841).
Gardner's Cheltenham Stores: 46 King Square, Queen Square, c.1851.
Gardner, James Agg: 46 King Street, c.1853.
(P)Garrard, Benjamin: Custom-House Avenue, c.1847.
(P)Garrard, John: 43 Prince Street, c.1842-1844.
Garton, Charles & Co. (Patent Ale Brewery, Prize Medal Ale, International Exhibition 1862): The Brewery, Lawrence Hill (& Clarence Road, 1859), 1856-1897, town office 21 Baldwin Street, 1880-1889. Partnership dissolved June 1868 with respect to William Garton. Assignation made Feb. 1850.
Garton, William: Clarence Road, 1851, Garton & Co.: Lawrence Hill, 1852-1859.
George, Philip & Co.: Porter Brewers, 36 Queen Square & Bath Street, c.1788-1816; Bath St. Brewers & Patent Shot Co. Redcliff Hill c.1805.
Georges & B. P. B. Co.: (Porter Brewery), 22 Bath Street, c.1863-1880 (Georges & Co.).
Georges, Rickettses, & Bristol Old Porter Brewery, Company: Porter & Pale Beer Brewers, 22 Bath Street, c.1816-1856. On 1 Dec 1841 partnership was dissolved between Jacob Ricketts, Frederick Ricketts, Alfred George, Richard Vaughan and Samuel Watton. Debts to Messrs. Ricketts. A further dissolution of partnership occurred on 15 Aug. 1847, Jacob and Frederick Ricketts, Alfred George, Richard Vaughan and Philip George, jun. so far as regards to Frederick Ricketts.
Gibbings Brothers: 133 St. Michael's Hill, c.1880-1889.
Giblett & Boone: 2 Victoria Street, (Quadrant from 1897) Clifton c.1889-1897 & 110 & 112 East Street, Bedminster; c.1893-1908 Bedminster Brewery (See Boone & Pullen until 1920). Formerly the premises at East Street was occupied by John B. Hasell, wine and spirit merchant.
(P)Gifford, John: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Broad Street & Foot of College Green, c.1818 (Evans, 1818); 39 College Green, c.1822-1844, St. Augustine's Place, c.1847.
Giles, H. H.: Saracen's Head, Temple Gate: c.1855-1871.
Gillett, Charles: 8 Welsh Back, c.1852.
Godwin, C.: Stapleton Road, c.1863.
Golledge & Protheroe: Brewers, Denmark Street, c.1783.
Goodenough. Robert H.: King's Arms Brewery, Paul Street, Kingsdown, c.1906.
Goss & Ditchett: Maltsters, Brewers, & Cider factors, Land View House, Lawrence Hill, c.1836.
Grace & Mann: Bedminster Bridge Brewery, until August 1828.
(P)Granger, George: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Castle Green, c.1822
(P)Gray, James: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 31 & 40 College Green, c.1818-1825.
Green, J. A. & Bros. (Holcombe Brewery) Depot: Temple Back, c.1863-1865.
Green, Joseph: Common Brewer, Bedminster Down, c.1828.
Greenland, John: Brewer, 35 Milk street, c.1836.
Greenwood, William Edwin: 158 Easton Road, c.1889.
Grimes, James: Maltster & Brewer, 16 Tucker Street, c.1775-1783.
Guiness, Arthur, Son & Co. (Dublin Stout): Wareing & Co., Agents, King Street, Queen Square, c.1842-1865, Alfred Wetherman manager, 15 King Street, c.1880; 13 & 14 King Street, c.1894-1914, Q-Shed, Prince's Wharf, Wapping (R. H. Smith, manager), c.1938.
Gullick, Gilmore G.: Foundry Inn & Newfoundland Street Brewery, 68 Newfoundland Street, c.1872-1884.
Gullick, Thomas: Foundry Inn & Newfoundland Street Brewery, 68 Newfoundland Street, c.1864-1870 & Sons, c.1870-1871.
Gullick, W.: Nelson Place, Clifton, c.1851-1863.

(P)Hacker, Henry: back of Boyce's buildings, Clifton, c.1849.
Halcomb, A.: Old Market Street, c.1851.
Hall, William & Co.: Lodway Brewery, Lodway, Pill, 1841-1849, Mrs. Hall: Maltster & Brewer, Lodway, c.1849-1865; W. & J. Hall, c. 1865-1872; Hall & Hardwick, c. 1872-1882;  Hall & Sons, c.1882-1907; J. H. Hall & Co., c. 1907-1912.
Hamments, George: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, Park Row, c.1863.
(A)Hammerton, Charles & Co. Ltd.: (The Stockwell Brewery, London), Greville Road, Bedminster.
(P)Hancock, John & Son: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 17 King Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818); 4 King Street, c.1822.
(P)Hancock, Edwin: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 4 King Street, c.1825.
Harding & Co. Ltd.: 17 Prince's Street, Queen Square, c.1901.
Hardwick & Co. (Limited): (Herbert Rhys Harvey, sec.) Ashton Gate, c.1865-1883.
(P)(A)Harris & Saunders: Baldwin Street, c.1850-1852.
Harvey & Co.: 48 Stoke's Croft, c.1879-1889.
Has(s)ell, William: Bedminster Causeway, c.1825. (See Wine & Spirit Merchants.)
Hassell, William & Thomas: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Strong Beer, Ale & Porter Brewers, 1 Bedminster Causeway, c.1830-1836.
Haydon & Dring: Straight Street, St. Philips, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Heath, John: Agent for Devizes Brewery Company, c.1828 & Wiltshire Strong Beer and Porter Establishment, 65 Castle Street, c.1830.
Herd, J.: Common Brewer, bankruptcy superceded Sept. c.1840.
Highett, J.: Clifton Brewery, Jacob's Well, c.1811-1812
(P)Hill, James: Porter, Bottled Liquor & Vinegar Merchant, King Street & Newfoundland Street, c.1822-1825.
Holloway, Thomas: Talbot Inn, Bath Street,, c.1805.
(P)Hood, John: 127 Redcliff Street, c.1847 (See Williams).
Hooper, T.: Newport, Berkeley, c.1856.
Hopkins, H.: 3 Lower Castle Street, c.1863.
Humphries, George: Temperance Brewer &c., 28 Hayward Road, Barton Hill, c.1901-1906.
Humphries, Michael: Bankrupt Sept. c.1810.
Humphries, Rogers & Co.: Brewers, Bath Street, c.1793-1794.
Hunt, Henry: Clifton Brewery, Jacob's Well, 1st Jan. 1807-Dec. 1808; Politician (Radical Reformer) died Feb. 1835.
Hunt, W.: St. James's Parade, c.1856.
(P)(A)(B)Hutchings, John: (Agent to Hazeland, Shaw Brewery, Melksham), Quay Head, c.1852.
Hutton, Charles George: "Charlie" of The Old Tavern Brewery, Blackberry Hill, Manor road, Stapleton/Fishponds, Aug. 1904- died whilst proprietor Dec. 1918. Licensee was Pamela Hutton from 1889. Hutton family since c. 1852.

(A)Ind, Coope & Co. (Burton on Trent): Stores, 9 & 10 Quay Head, c.1865, (Powell & Mackenzie, agents), c.1880; 1 & 2 Quay Head (Herbert D. Holder, district manager), c.1897.

(P)James, N.: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Queen Square, c.1822-1825.
James, William: Brewer, near The Montague, Kingsdown, c.1828.
James, William & Co.: Jacob Street Brewery, c.1828, W. James died Apr. 1829 aged 56. Brewery still appears in 1830 directory at Jacob St., St. Philips.
James & Pierce (Bedminster Bridge Brewery): 4 Bridge Parade, Bedminster Road, c.1842-1889, Stillhouse Lane, c.1853, & Willway Street, 1889.
(P)Jameson, Pimm & Co. (Dublin): 47 Baldwin street, (Frederick Powell, agent), c.1880-1889, Brewer's Hall, Lewin's Mead, c.1894-1897; 18 Christmas Street, c.1902; Watkins, Jameson, Pim & Co. Ltd.: (H. W. Jones, sole agent) Brewers' Hall, Christmas Street, c.1914.
Jeffery, J.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, College Place, c.1863.
(A)Jeffrey, John & Co. (Edinburgh): 40 & 41 Baldwin Street, (W. L. Hollyman, agent), c.1879-1902.
Jellett, William: Brewer, Lawrence Hill, c.1793-1794.
Jillard, Spencer & Hollister: Beer, Ale & Porter Brewers, Importers & Dealrs in Foreign Spirits, Oakhill, Somerset & 13 Old Market Street.
Jones & Co.: Botanical Brewers; Elliston Road, Redland, c.1902.
Jones & Dowding: King William Brewery, Sussex Street, St. Philips, c.1873-1880.
Jones, Henry: Brewer & Maltster, 34 Maryleport Street, c.1775.
Jones, J.: Lawrence Hill, c.1863.
Jones, James: Lamb Street, St. Jude's, c.1889.
Jones, Mr.: Brewer, Maudlin-lane and late of Broadmead, died Nov. 1766.
Jones, Richard & Co.: King William Brewery, Sussex Street, St. Philips, c.1880-1890.
Jones, Thomas: Lawrence Hill, c.1879-1880.
Jones, William: Maltster & Brewer, Redcross Street, 1793-1794.
Jones, W. A.: Gloucester Lane, c.1880.

Kebby, Thomas, 22 Castle Green, agent for George Alcock, Albion Brewery, Bath, c.1828; agent for Alcock & Bond of Bath. c.1830.
(P)(A)King, James & Co.: Grove, c.1850-1852.
(P)King, John: Grove Avenue, c.1852.
Kington, William: Maltster & Brewer, Cathay, c.1793-1794.
Kinton & Gibbs: Brewers, Temple Gate, c.1805.
Knill & Auty: Lion Brewery, Lawrence Hill c.1893-1896. (See Auty, P. R.)
Knill, James: Land View Brewery and Pack Horse, Lawrence Hill, c.1838-1857.
Knill & Peachy (Knill, Henry A.): Lion Brewery, Lawrence Hill, c.1890 until 1893 (See Auty & Co.).
Knill, William (Land View Brewery): Lawrence Hill, c.1857-1874.

(P)Lane & Co. (Cork): 24 Quay Head, (W. H. Dunn, agent), c.1880.
Lawrence, C.: Redcliff Street, c.1847.
Le Bozec, Emanuel: Nelson Place, Bread Street, c.1889.
Leonard, Bush & Co. (elsewhere "Lennard"): Common Brewers (Beer & Porter), Callowhill Street, St. Paul's, partnership dissolved 6 July 1814; partnership between Solomon Leonard, George Bush and William Spiring & Sons; bankrupt 1814, George Bush, of Wick, shot himself, Leonard was absolved responsibility for the collapse, Spiring was held liable.
Leonard, Solomon: see Leonard, Bush & Co.
Lewis, Richard: Temple Gate Brewery, Bath Parade & at Clutton, C. H. Cooper, manager, c.1863-1865.
Lewis, Richard: Cathay Brewery, c.1879-1880.
Lewis, Richard & Co.: stores & offices, Railway Arches, Bath Bridge, c.1889-1897.
Lewis, Samuel (& Rachel): Brewer & Maltster, Cathay: pre-1811.
Lewis & Co.: Cart Lane, Victoria Street, c.1902.
Lilly, Robert Trapp & Son: Maltster & Brewer, Pennywell Road Brewery, 1 Pennywell road, c.1814-1843—residence: Brunswick square, 1836-1847.
Llewellin & Co.: Brewers & Maltsters, Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1793-1822.
Llewellin, Richard: Maltster & Brewer, 8 Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1775-1791.
Llewellin, R & T.: Brewers & Maltsters, Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1818-1825.
Lockley, James Henry: Mermaid Brewery, Lewins Mead, c.1861-1874. (See Smith, Richard). W. Morse took over the Mermaid c.1875.
Lockley, James Henry & Son: removed from Mermaid to Lewins Mead Brewery, 18 Lewin's Mead, c.1875-1889.
Lodway Brewery: See Hall.
(B)Lonsdale, William Henry: (Agent to Bethel of Wedmore), Queen's Yard, Thomas Street, c.1850-1852.
Lorymer, Samuel: Brewer and Starch Maker, bankrupt Sept. 1835.
Lovibond & Co. Ltd.: 141 Victoria Street, c.1902; John & Sons Ltd., c.1906.
Ludlow & Gardner: Brewers, Redcliff Street, c.1805.
Lydall, John Dodd: St. Philip's, c.1847.

Manders, Robert & Co. (Dublin Stores): 2, 3 & 4 Quay Head, (T. J. Marshall, Agent), c.1863-1865, (Walter Henry Momber, agent), c.1880.
Marriott, William: Keynsham c.1862; Formerly of the Old Dolphin, Church Street, Cardiff. Was foreman at Montague Brewery from Apr. 1866. Kingsdown partnership dissolved 3 Aug. 1869, Adjudged Bankrupt 25 June 1869. (see also Ranger, Wm. of Ranger & Marriott).
Masters & Terrill: Porter Brewery, Tempe Back, from 6 Jan. 1808 until May 1811 (see Peters also Bristol Mirror - Saturday 9 January 1808 p.2).
Matthews, Captain: London Porter Warehouse, Quay, c.1783.
Matthews, Robert: Bread Street, c.1822
Maudley, Mr.: Brewer, Maudlin-Lane, died May 1769.
(A)(P)McKiever, Daniel: 44 Prince Street, Old Market Street, c.1859.
McLean, J.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, Clifton Woo, c.1863.
(A)McNellan, John (Alloa Ale): Wareing & Co., Agents, King Street, Queen Square, c.1842-1844.
Michael Clune's Bristol Brewery (late Bond's Ltd. see Bond, also Clune): Lawford Street, St. Jude's, c.1906.
Milford, James: Trout Brewery, 18 Cherry Street, c.1879-1889.
Miller, Robert William & Co.: 48 Stoke's Croft, c.1894-1902.
Milsom, William: Beer retailer and Brewer, Mason's Arms, Tyning Lane, Stapleton. c.1851 (census).
Moore, Harry Vaughan: Nelson Place, Old Bread Street, c.1894.
(P)Morgan, Elizabeth: Prince's Place, Clifton, c.1849.
Morgan, John: Jacob's Well Brewery-(Hope & Anchor), c.1872-1880.
Morgan, Richard: Common Brewer, 57 Old Market Street, 1822, 59 Old Market Street, c.1825-1844.
Morris, David: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 13 Baldwin Street, c.1818-1825.
Morris, Mrs. E.: Bottled Porter, Cider & Strong Beer Merchant, 5 St. Augustin's Place. c.1828.
(B)Mortimer, John: (Agent for Wiveliscombe Beer), Quay Street, c. 1850-1852.
Munday, G.: Ashley Road, c.1851.
(P)Murphy, James J. & Co. Ltd.: (Agency) 15 Old Clock Tower Yard, Temple Gate, c.1894.

Nash, Jonathan: Brewer, Hooper & Cyder Merchant, King's Down, c.1783.
Nash, Jonathan: Brewer, Taylors Court, Broad Street, c.1822-1838.
Nash, Jonathan: Brewer, Horfield road ; office & Counting House, Tailor’s court, Broad street; residence, 7 King’s Parade, Durdham Down, c.1818-1838; bankrupt March 1838; J. Nash & Robert Lucas Nash bankrupt Feb. 1842;—& Son, c.1842-1844.
Nicholls, Richard: Common Brewer, Elbroad Street Brewery, c.1828-1830.
Nott, Joseph: Brewer, Old Market Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Nurse, Robert F.: Hanham Green, Hanham, Kingswood, c.1889-1902.
Nurse, Messrs. W. B. & Co.: Bedminster Bridge Brewery, sold October 1894 by private treaty.

(A)Oakhill Brewery: College Green, J. Smith Agent, c.1842-1844; Co. Ltd., registered office, London & Lancashire Buildings, 44 Corn Street, c.1914-1938.
Onion. Edward: Maltster & Brewer, 12 Counterslip near Bath Street, c.1775; & Son c.1783.
Oram, James: Brewery, Union Place, New River, c.1836.

(A)(P)Palmer, Samuel: Stoke's Croft, c.1859.
(A)(P)Park, Henry: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 18 Union Street, c.1859-1863.
Parsons, William: bankrupt Apr. 1845.
(P)Paul, Henry & Co.: Saville Cottage, Clifton, c.1842-1847.
Payne, John & Co.: Great George Street Without, c.1828-1830.
Penny, William: Strong beer, Ale, & Porter Brewer, Upper Maudlin Street, bankrupt Feb.1835.
Perrett & Garton: bankrupt Mar. 1850. (See Garton, Charles).
Perrington, ?: Maltster & Brewer, 107 Redcliff Street, c.1775.
Pester, James: Victoria Street, c.1842-1844.
(A)(P)Pester, W. P.: Baldwin Street, c.1859.
Peters & Stanton: Maltsters & Brewers, Temple Back, c.1802-1805. John Peters & Co. until 6 Jan 1808. (See Masters & Terrell).
(P)Petney, James: 1 Byron Place, Clifton, c.1849.
Phillips's Ale Stores: Barr Street (Brewery at Berkeley), c.1865.
Phillips, R.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, Durdham Down, c.1863.
(P)(A)(B)Pickering, William James: 1 Frog Lane, c.1852.
Pickup & Co.: Botanical Brewers, 35 Sussex Place, Ashley Road c.1907-1941.
Pinchin, G., & Co. (Northgate Brewery, Bath): Bristol Stores, Bull Wharf, Redcliffe Street, c.1865.
(P)Player, Edward: Porter Brewer, King Street, c.1793-4; Wine, Porter & Cyder Merchant, King Street, c.-1805.
Player, J. B. & Co.: Bottled Liquor Merchant, 4 Queen Square, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
(P)(A)Plummer, Thomas: 8 Prince Street, c.1847-1852.
(P)Poindestre, E.: 33 High Street, c.1851.
(P)Pope, H.: Horfield Road, c.1851.
Preece, John: Common Brewer, King Street, c.1793-1794.
Pring, Benjamin & Sons: Brewers & Maltsters, (St. Michael's Brewery) Upper Maudlin Street, c.1836-1847, St. Michael's Hill, c.1849-1879, & Oxford Street, Kingsdown, c.1879. White Bear, St. Michael's Hill c.1809.
Pring, John: Pipe Lane, Temple Gate, c.1847-1852.
Prichard, Charles: 35 Redcliff Hill, c.1863.
Prichard, W. & W.: Upper Maudlin Street, c.1828.
Prichard, William: Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1830.
Pullen, William: Montague Parade, c.1850-1852.

(P)Radford, Hutchins jnr. & Co.: Brewers, Counterslip, c.1805.
Raggett, George and Son (London Stout & Porter): Cambrian Chambers, 51 Broad Street, c.1880.
Ranger, Mainwaring, and Co.: Redcliff Meads, c.1859.
Ranger & Marriott: Keynsham c.1862.
Raynon, Charles: Retail brewery Avon Street, c.1829.
(P)Rea Brothers: 8 Unity Street, c.1847.
(P)Rea, Thomas: 8 Unity Street, c.1842-1844.
(P)(A)Rea, Thomas & William: Frogmore Street, c.1849-1852.
Reach & Wilmott: Brewers, Redcliff Street, c.1783.
Reinecke, John J.: Medical Herbalist, "The Herb King" brewer of temperance drinks, 4, Freeman Street, Grimsby in 1892; 88 West Street, St. Philips, Bristol and 112 Freeman Street, Grimsby, 1900-1908. Lived Adam Smith Street, Grimsby 1898. 29 East Street, Bedminster from 1902. Also a shop in West Dock Avenue, Hull, sold in Jan. 1907. The St. Philips premises was for let in March 1908. By 1910 the family moved to Swansea, 1914-15 John was in 13 Pandy Square, Tonypandy, Glamorgan.
Reynolds & Co.: The Imperial Brewery, North Street, Bedminster, c.1889 (see Colman).
Reynolds, George: licensed brewer, petitioned for insolvency Oct. 1847.
(A)(P)Richards, Joseph & Co.: 1 Baldwin Street, c.1859.
Rivers, George: Brewer & c. Adam & Eve P. H., 6 Green Street, Hotwells, c.1775.
Roberts, James  Co.: common brewers, (James Roberts of Bristol and Thomas Mutlow of Chepstow, partnership dissolved 9 March 1809).
Roberts, William: Brewer, Horfield Lane, c.1783-1794.
(A)Robinson, Thomas & Co. (Burton-on-Trent): 15 Small Street, (John Mortimer, agent), c.1880, (Mortimer & Clune, agents), c.1889- Rupert Hall, St. John's Bridge c.1894.
Rogers, Samuel & Co.: Brewers, Temple Backs, c.1793-1794.
Rogers, John: 90 Old Market Street, c.1849-1852.
Rogers, William John: Jacob Street Brewery, Jacob Street c.1859-1889, & Old Market Street, c.1880-1894, Ltd., c.1897-1938 & Cheese Lane; 73 Easton Road & East Street c.1906.
(P)Rossiter, Thomas: Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 20 Small Street, c.1818-1822 (Evans, 1818).
Russell, William: 17 Lower Berkeley Place, Clifton, c.1859-1865.

(A)(P)Salt, Thomas & Co. (Burton-on-Trent): Stores, 16 Small Street (John Moody Laney, agent) c.1865-1880, (Henry James Dyer, agent) c.1889, (Thomas Pearson, agent) c.1894
(P)(B)Saltern, William: (Agent to Spencer of Bradford), 123 Redcliff Street, c.1850-1852.
Salvidge, George: Spring Head Brewery, Knowle Lane, c.1880.
Saunders, Alexander: Quay Head, c.1865.
Shore, Joseph: St. Augustine's Back, c.1817-1822.
Sim(m)ons, Samuel: 14 Marlboro' Hill, c.1863-1865.
Simons, William S.: Philadelphia Street, c.1880.
(P)Skelton, Charlotte: 7 Broad Street, c.1849.
Sleigh, Gripper & Co.: Phoenix Brewery, Lawrence Hill, c.1871.
(P)Smith & Co.: 73 Queen's Square, c.1880.
Smith, Charles: Hill House Brewery, Old Sodbury, c.1881-1884. (See Wine & Spirit Merchants).
(A)(P)Smith, H. & Co.: Mall, Clifton, c.1859.
Smith, John: Brewer, Baldwin Street, c.1793-1794.
Smith, Richard: Brewer & Maltster, 6 Counterslip, near Bath Street, c.1775.
Smith, Richard: Mermaid Brewery, Lewins Mead, c. 1845-1861 (See Lockley, James).
(P)Sparshatt, E. J. & Co.: Berkeley Place, Clifton, c.1880.
Spearing, James: Maltster & Brewer, 55 Milk Street, c.1775.
(A)Spencer, George & Thomas (Bradford-on-Avon): 123 Redcliff Street, c.1863-1865, Railway Arches, (14 Arch, G.W.R. Temple Meads, Henry Harris, agent) Bath Parade, c.1879-1894, Old Clock Tower Yard, Temple Gate, c.1897-1902; (Ltd.) Reg. offices Albion Chambers, west, Small Street, c.1914
Sprague, John: Portland Place, Clifton, c.1842-1847.
(P)Stacey, Charles (& Cigars): Tower Lane, c.1842-1844.
Staite, John: Brewer & Maltster, 76 Stoke's Croft, c.1818-1828 & Son c.1830.
Starkey, Knight & Co.: Montague Place, Kingsdown, c.1889-1894; & Ford Ltd., c.1897.
Stephens, Thomas Tripp: Bedford Brewery, 4 Terrell Street, Upper Maudlin Street, c.1879-1880.
Stephens & Taylor: partnership dissolved Feb. 1876.
Stephens, William & Co.: Cyder Merchants, Wine Street, c.1783; Maltsters, Brewers & Cider Merchants, Wilder Street, c1793-1794.
Stevens & Co.: 12 Nelson Street, c.1842-1844.
Stock, James: Common Brewer, Bell Inn & Tavern, Stapleton, near the Church, c.1828.
Stokes, Henry William: Hallen Brewery, Hallen, c.1894-1902.
Stoner, A. L.: Kingswood, c.1856.
Stooke, William: Dowry Square, Hotwells, c.1880.
Stretton, E.
: King William Brewery, Sussex Street, Kingsland Road, c.1860-1871, (& Folly Lane) c.1865.
(P)Strickland, S. C.: Park Row, c.1851.
Subscription Brewery: Great George Street, c.1822-1825.
(P)Sullivan, Thomas: (for Lave & Co.'s Cork Porter), College Place, 1852, Frog Lane, 1859.
Sykes, Daniel & Co.: Redcliff Brewery, 107 Redcliffe Street, c.1879-1880, Limited, (Albert Geo. W. Jefferies, sec.), c.1889, offices Small Street Court, Small Street, 1889, (H. J. Tolley, sec.) c.1894-1897.

Tanner, T.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 71 Castle Street, c.1863.
(A)(P)Tayler, George: 23 Redcliff Street, c.1859.
Taylor, George: Quay Brewery c.1810-1818, 42 Prince's Street, c.1822.
Taylor, Thomas: Brewer, Quay, c.1805.
Taylor, Thomas: Brewer, Wilmot's Brewery, 107 Redcliff Street, c.1828.
Taylor, Thomas: George Street, Bedminster, c.1850-1853.
Thatcher Bros.: 6 Prince Street, & Midsomer Norton, c.1880.
Thomas & White: Porter Brewers, Redcliff Street, c.1783.
Thomas, Edward: Grocer, Wine, Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Clifton Place, c.1822-1845. Bankrupt 1845.
Thomas, John: Brewer, 24 Jacob's Wells Road, c.1775.
Thomas, John: Maltster & Brewer, 33 Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1775-1783.
Tibbitts, John: Bridewell Lane, c.1825.
Tilly, John: Pennywell Road, c.1849.
Tozer, Arthur: Porter Brewer, Bath Street/Temple Back, c.1793-1810.
Tozer, Were & Tozer; Porter Brewers, Temple Back, c.1818 (Evans, 1818); Tozer & Were:  c.1819-1828.
(P)Toyne, Henry: (Agent for Barclay, Perkins & Co.), 6 Regina Place, Stapleton Road, c.1850-1852.
(A)Trent Valley Brewery Co. (Litchfield): 12 Victoria Street, (James Ross, agent), c.1880.
Trigg, Philip: Bottled Liquor Merchant, New King Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Tucker & Coleman: Whoesale Brewers, Great Ann Street, without, (Duke of Devonshire) c.1836. Partnership dissolved Dec. 1836.
Tuckett, Alfred: Moorend Brewery, 11 Castle Green, c.1836-1847.
Turner, William: Wine & Spirit dealer, Maltster, Strong Beer, Ale & Porter Brewery, Jacob Street, c.1836.
Tylee & Co.: 60 Castle Street-Edward Davenport, Agent and at Devizes, c.1842-1844.
Tyler, J.: Lawrence Hill, c.1863.
(P)Tyler, Robert: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 82 Stoke's Croft, c.1863-1880.

Usher, James (Horfield Brewery): 2 Horfield Road, Kingsdown, c.1847-1865
Usher, James & Thomas: 2, 4, 6 & 8 Horfield Road, 1879-1902, stores Railway Arches; New City Brewery, River Street, c. 1906-1914.
(A)Usher, Thomas & Sons (Trowbridge): Stores, Long Row, Thomas/Victoria Street, (Richard Poard, agent), c.1879-1894; Usher's Wiltshire Brewery Ltd.: c.1897-1906.
Usher & Co.: Bath Bridge & Horfield Road, c.1880.

Vallance, George (Redcliff Brewery): 107 Redcliff Street, & Redcliff Back, c.1863-1865.
Vallance, John & Co.: 107 Redcliff Street, c.1842.
Vallance, Henry & Charles: (Redcliff Brewery)107 Redcliff Street, c.1844-1852, H. & Co., c.1851, Henry & George, c.1856 (& Redcliff Back), & Jacob Street, St. Philips, c. 1859, partnership dissolved Dec. 1860.
Victor, S. F.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 48 High Street, c.1863.
Viner, George & Henry: Broad Plain, c.1849 (bankrupt July 1849.)
Viner, George (manager): (Broad Plain Brewery), c.1852-1853.

Wakeman & Smith: Bottled Liquor Merchants, Hotwell Road, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
(A)Walker, Peter & Son Ltd.: (F. G. Powell, agent) Brewer's Hall, Lewin's Mead, c.1894
Wall, Thomas: Brewer, Montague Street, c.1793-1794 (See Bush, Brown, Ward)
Ward, Mrs. E. (Montague Brewery): Montague Place, Horfield Road, Kingsdown, c.1863-1865.
Ward, E. W.: Montague Place, Horfield Road, Kingsdown, c.1856.
Ward & Hewett: Kingsdown Brewery, Montague Place, Kingsdown, c.1879-1880.
Waring, John: Porter Merchant & Factor, Quay, c.1783.
(P)Waring & Co.: (Agent for Guiness' Dublin Stout) 12 & 13 King Street & Queen Square, c.1842-1852. Samuel Brooks Waring, bankrupt Dec. 1848.
Webb, Stephen Clement: Brewer, Castle Street, c.1836.
Welton, Samuel: Brewer & Maltster, 18 Baldwin Street, c.1775.
(A)(P)(B)West, Edward H.: (Agent to Larchm & Co., Brewers, London), Quay, c.1852.
West of England Pale Ale Brewing Co. Ltd. (F. Abbott & G. F. Gardiner) c.1873-1878. Stokes Croft.
(A)(P)Wetherman, Edward & Co.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 17 Small Street, c.1842-1852, John Wetherman & Co., 1859-1863.
(P)Wetherman, John (Sen.): 5 St. Michael's Crescent, c.1847-1859.
(P)Wetherman, John (Jun.): 12 King Street, c.1850-1859.
Whitbread, W.: Glo'ster Lane, 1851, 17 Victoria Street, St. Paul's, c.1856-1863.
(A)Whitbread & Co. Ltd.: 1 King Square, c.1914.
White, H.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 9 Bindon Place, c.1863.
Whittington: Maltster & Brewer, Temple Backs, died 18 Jan 1761.
Whittle, Able, & Co.: 43 Baldwin Street, c.1863-1865.
Wigmore, Edwin: Hop Bitters Brewer, Beaumont Street Brewery, 35 Beaumont Street, c.1894-1900.
Willett, H. S.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, Redcliff Street, c.1863.
Williams, D.: Porter & Bottled Ale Stores, 10 Lower Arcade, c.1863.
Williams, Isaac & Sons: Brewers, Temple Backs, c.1783.
Williams, John & Co. (Brewery at Bath): John Hood, Agent, 127 Redcliff Street, c.1842-1844.
Williams, J. B. & T.: Brewers, Redcliff Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Williams & Roach: Maltsters & Brewers, 12 Temple Back, c.1775.
Williams, Robert: Brewer & Maltster, 9 Wilder Street, c.1775.
Williams, Samuel B.: Lawrence Hill, c.1849.
(P)Williams, Thomas & Co.: 127 Redcliff Street (John Hood, Agent), c.1847 (See Hood).
Williams, Walter: Maltster & Brewer, West Street Brewery (near Turnpike) c.1828; Lawrence Hill Brewery, c.1830-1847.
Wills, T.: Narrow Wine Street, c.1851.
Wilmot, Luke: Maltster & Brewer, Redcliff Street, c.1801; Wilmot, Sam & Luke, Redcliff Street, c.1805.
Wilmot, Samuel Reynolds & Co.: Maltsters & Brewers, 107 Redcliff Street, c.1818-1835. Residence, 10 Redcliff Parade (1828), Bankrupt Feb. 1835.
(P)Wilson & Mitchell (Wilson & Co.): 45 Redcliff street; c.1862-1864 (late Houlson & Clarke).
(P)Wilson, James Thomas: 45 Redcliff Street (The Bottle or Bottle & Glass); 1864 only.
Winstone Brothers: Lamb Street, St. Jude's, c.1906-1914.
(P)Winter, James: 102 Temple Street, c.1849.
Wood, Leighton: Brewer, Kingsdown, c.1775.
Workman, Henry: West Street, Bedminster, c.1880.

(A)Younger, William & Co. (Edinburgh): Bath Bridge (Usher & Co., agents), 1880

Prefix indicates:
(P) Bottled Ale or Porter dealer.
(HB) Hop Bitters brewers and bottlers.
(A) Dealer in bottled Ale.
(B) Dealer in bottled Beer.

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For bankruptcy research, a primary source is the London Gazette.

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