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    This project will be a huge undertaking so I have begun with a preliminary list, to illustrate the size of the task involved and to serve as a temporary index. I will link this to individual pages as they eventually get researched, the list at the moment is very incomplete but is just a working document. It does show, however, that for a moderately sized city, Bristol had a long history of soft drink manufacture. I will eventually, of course, also include Brewers, Chemists and Wine & Spirit Dealers, of which there are easily as many.

A snapshot of companies trading in Bristol and South Wales in 1888 may be found in this extract from the South Wales Daily News in that year, a public announcement from the Bristol & District Mineral Water Bottle Exchange and Trade Protection Association detailing its MEMBERS.

Bristol Soft Drinks Manufacturers


    There was a well researched book published by a friend many years ago, which unfortunately is long out of print, entitled "Bristol Mineral Water Companies, 1830-1980" by Aled and Siân Rees. It was a pioneering work in the research of local companies. Aled was very young when the book was written, but he has never given up collecting, so the diversity of known bottles and volume of information and work needed to therefore be done, to update this database of knowledge, is huge. We hope to team up with Aled and a few other keen local collectors and historians, to bring to light this fascinating history. When each of the names in the list below becomes a blue hyperlink, then you will know there is a research page for that company that you can connect to. As with the Wiltshire site I will try and work my way through roughly alphabetically as time permits.

Mike Slater, 28th Jan. 2016.

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Alderwick & Co.1: Cheltenham Lane, Cheltenham Rd. c. 1940-55.
Anderson, Peter: Ginger Beer Maker & lodging house keeper, 13 Avon Street, Temple: Matthews c. 1851 & Census.
Andrews Brothers: Hop Bitters Brewers, Beaumont Street Brewery, 35 Beaumont Street. c.1902-1904.
Ashley Vale Aerated Water Co.: Ashfield House, 52 Sussex Place, Ashley Road: c. 1886-1897 Directories and Western Daily Press.
Austin, Joseph: Stapleton Road: c. 1859.
Auty, Percy Richard & Co.: Lion Brewery & mineral water manufacturer , Lawrence Hill, 1898; Church Road, St. George, License notice 31st Aug. new premises 1899-1907 (Bankrupt), discharged 1908, managed brewery for father in Burton on Trent until sold in 1915. Arthur William Auty (brother and Mineral Water Manufacturer c.1911-1915) see Redfield Mineral Water Co.

Bailey & Evans: The Botanical Brewery (& ginger beer), Stibbs Lane, Air Balloon Hill, St. George. c. 1907-7th Oct.1908 - sale advertised Western Daily Press., 3rd Oct 1908 p.1.
Ball & Pinnell: 1 & 2 Doveton Street, Bedminster: c. 1897-1914
Barker, C. D. & Co.2: 51 Whiteladies Road: c. 1882
Barrell & Co.: 30 Morton Street, Russell Town: c. 1879-1880
Barrett’s Screw Stopper Bottling Co. Ltd. (Bristol branch): 126, 130 Newfoundland Road: c. 1885
Barrett & Co. Ltd.: 126, 130 Newfoundland Road: c. 1886
Barrett’s Country Bottling Co. Ltd.: Manager E. J. Watson. 126, 128, 130 Newfoundland Road: c. 1889 (See Brooke & Prudencio).
Bartlett, Nehemiah: Ginger Beer Manufacturer—1 All Saints Street, c.1836; 3 All Saints Street: c. 1842-1865.
Bates, George: Soda water, Lemonade & Ginger Beer manufacturer and Pork Butcher, tading as George Bateson, Commercial street, Newport, Mon. (NOT Bristol!) bankrupt May 1857 appeared at Bristol court..
Batten, Griffin & Prudencio: Nine Tree Hill, Stokes Croft: up to 1880.
Batten & Co.: Nine Tree Hill, Stokes Croft: c. 1879-1880.
Batten & Prudencio: Nine Tree Hill, Stokes Croft: c. 1885-1886 (See Prudencio & Co.)
Batten, C. W. & Co.: Brunswick Street, St. Paul’s (See Standard Beverage Co.): c. 1889
Beaufoy & Co.3: 21 Redcliffe Street: 1898.
Beavis, Charles Edward: Claim Est. 1879: 19 Cathay & Redcliff then Jacob Street: c. 1889-1897 (& 72 Old Market Street) c. 1901-1914, (A. E. -telephone directory entries) c. 1932-37, (C. E. Jacob St. & David St.) c. 1938-1949, (C. E.) c. 1956-1963.
Bebbington, William: 1 Granville Place, Hotwells: c. 1842.
Bebbington, William: 58 Hotwell Road & Love Street: c. 1856-1859.
Bebbington, Mrs. M. A.: Commercial Road, New Cut: c. 1863-1865.
Bere, J. G.: (See Bristol & Bath Aerated Waters Co.)
Bolton, James: 32 Park Street: c. 1850-1851 (Steam Mineral water Works and Patent Syphon Vase Depot), Hotwell House Clifton c. 1852-1859, Royal Clifton Spa Hotwells : c. 1863- 1866.
Bowr(e)y, J.: 47 High Street (Late John Towers): c. 1851 until 14 Oct 1854.
Bowrey, J.: 34 High Street: From 14 Oct 1854-c. 1856, Narrow Wine Street c. 1859.
Bowrey, James: (See Masey & Co. 80 Old Market Street 1901)
Boyce, Henry: Wade Street: c. 1842-1856, & Son Meadow Street, St. Paul’s c. 1859, & Sons c. 1863-1865, & Son c. 1874, & Sons c. 1879-1880, & Son c. 1885-1893.
Boyce, Son & Co.: Meadow Street: c. 1894-1897.
Boyce, Henry: 4 Surrey Street, St. Paul’s: c. 1885.
Bristol & Bath Aerated Waters Co.: Newfoundland Road, St. Paul’s: c. 1874, Limited c. 1879, J. G. Bere manager c. 1880 (See Barrett’s).
Bristol District Super-Aeration Limited.: (H. Waite managing director) Lewins Mead: c. 1901-1906, (just Bristol Super-Aeration Co.) c. 1906.
Bristol & South Wales Aerated Water Co.: Counterslip, (Philip Street, Bath Street) Mills & Short proprietors: c. 1889-1894.
Bristol Spa Mineral Waters Ltd: Midland Terrace, Fishponds: c. 1938.
Brooke & Co.: 5 Walcot Street, Bath: c. 1856
Brooke, Charles: Hollister Street & Water Street: c. 1880
Brooke, Thomas: (& British Cordials), 44 Merchant Street: c. 1863; Captain Carey’s Lane: c. 1865-1889.
Brooke & Prudencio: Newfoundland Road, (Regst. Offices Albion Chambers, Jas. Milne Sec.): c. Aug. 1889-1893, (Ltd. 124, 126, 128, 130 & 132 Newfoundland Road & Clement Street) c. 1894-1923, (& 38-40 Baker St.) c. 1923-1925, (Newfoundland Rd.) c. 1926-1938.
Brooks, Eliza: 7 Redcliffe Street: c. 1865.
Bryant, Samuel: Started in business in c.1810, set up at 6 All Saints Street, near Nelson street; and a retail shop at corner of High Street and Corn Street (added 1826), May 1822 until Sep. 1827. Opposite Guildhall, 43, Broad Street, London Oyster Rooms Steak and Chop House; oyster and preserved meat and fish café and shop, ginger beer & soda water, c. Sep.1827-1829, bankrupt August, 1829 and machinery sold; 11 Bath Street, soda and other aerated waters, c. 1836 ; 132 Thomas Street: c. 1842-1865.
Bryant, William: 27 Narrow Wine Street: c. 1849-1852.
Bryant, William: 2 Queen Street, Castle Street: c. 1856-1859.
Bullock, D. M. W. & Co.: c. 1894-1906 at 5 Quay Head, Ale & Porter merchant, Min. Water & Ginger Beer manufacturer; Earl Street, St. James (See Travers): c. 1905-1906; 3, 4 & 6 Colston Ave. 1931-Dec 1945.

Camwal Ltd.: (See Chemist’s (The) Aerated & Mineral Waters Association Limited)
Cantrell & Cochrane of Dublin & Belfast: 30 Broad Street, Chas. H. James, agent: c. 1889-1893.
Carter, Henry Williams & Co. (Late Withy & Co.) The Old Refinery, Wilder Street, claim establishment 1831: assigned the company by Withy, April 1870-c. 1874, partnership with William Perry dissolved Dec.1881; (foreign cigar & lime juice importers) c. 1879-1886, (& The Mall, Clifton) 1889-1920. Original producers of "Ribena" invented in Bristol in 1933. Company bought out by the Beecham group in 1955.
Cater, Stoffell & Fortt Ltd.: Bath, Bristol & Clifton.
Chemist’s Aerated & Mineral Waters Association (becomes CAMWAL), Victoria Road: c. 1886
Chemist’s (The) Aerated & Mineral Waters Association Limited (becomes CAMWAL) Richard R. Groome manager, Sun Factory, Victoria Road, offices 11 & 12 Stanhope Street, St. Philip’s Marsh: c. 1889-1901, (Chapel Street, St. Philips Marsh) c. 1902-1906, (& Camwal Road) c. 1914-1938.
Clayton, Simeon & Sons: (King William Brewery) Sussex Street, St. Philips: c. 1895-1903,
Clayton’s (Bristol) Ltd.: (King William Brewery) Sussex Street, St. Philipsc. 1903-1907.
Cole, J.: 61 Broad Quay: c. 1851-1865.
Cole: Thomas, 6 Old Market Street: c. 1841-1842.
Cole(s), Thomas: (Cole & Co.) 59 Castle Street: c. 1849-1858.
Collinge, Arthur: 35 Beaumont Street, Stapleton Road, Hop Bitters Brewer, c.1902.
Collins Bros.: Abbortsford Road, Cotham: c. 1885.
Conington, Daniel: (shopkeeper & beer retailer) 67 & 69 Upper Cheltenham Place: c. 1893, (32 upper Cheltenham Place, Montpelier) c. 1897-1906.
Cotterell’s, J. F.: (18 years partner in Withy & Co) 3 Baldwin Street, Clare Street End: Western Daily Press - Tuesday 27 August 1872 p4.
Craymer, Samuel: Moorfields: c.1863-1865.
Crew, Powell & Crew4: Mangotsfield: 1870-97.
Cross, Richard: (See Ashley Vale/Hansford) Old Ashley Hill, then Ashfield House, Sussex Place: c. 1888-1891.
Curtis & Cross: Sussex Place. (See Ashley Vale/Hansford).
Curtis, W. E. & Co.: (See Ashley Vale/Hansford) c. 1886 (Western Daily Press).

Davies, D.5: 6 Host Street: c. 1868.
Davis, Thomas: Mineral Water Spa House, Hotwell Road: c. 1822.
Dunlop, Mackie & Co. Ltd.: Wine & Spirit Merchants, Ale & Porter, & Ginger Beer. Started at 34 Broad Quay; c. October 1846-1880; c.1881-1950 Dunlop Buildings, Baldwin St.
Durdham Down Aerated Water Co.: West Shrubbery, Clifton c.1883; Short Grove, Redland: c. 1885-1886.
Dyer, Robert: 3 Clare Street: c. 1849-1852.

Eastville & Fishponds Aerated Water Company6:
Elliott, John Henry: 6 Beaumont Street, Stapleton Road: c.1896-1905

Flooks, Christopher: 15 York Road, Montpelier: c. 1894.
Ford, Oliver Hungerford & Co.: 54 Broad Quay: c. 1852-1867, died 1867.
Fountains Supply Company7: (see King, George C.).
Fry, Gibbs & Ferris: Chemists and Aerated Water Manufacturers, Union Street c. 1816-1820.
Fulthorp, Thomas: Mineral Water Manufacturer, Little Paradise Street, East Street, Bedminster: c. 1879.

Gazzard, Clifford: Mineral Water Manufacturer, 1 Clarence Street, Newtown: c. 1938.
Gazzard, George: 10 Regent Street, St Philips: c. 1897, (Church Street, St Philips) c. 1902, (Clarence Street, Newtown) c. 1914.
George, H. & Co.: 7 Pipe Lane, St. Augustine's; c. 1877-78 (See Park Street Mineral Water Co.)
Gilby, Son & Webb Ltd.: Previously G. G. Gilby. Worrall Road, Clifton: c. 1911-1912; Sutherland Works, 18 Sutherland Place, Durdham Down: c. 1914. (Also in Southampton).
Giles, R. B. & Son: Regent Street, Clifton: agent for S.W. Aerated Water Co. c. 1868 (Chemist);  (Agents): c. 1874, Giles & Co. c. 1880.
Goldsworthy, James: Chapel Street, St. Philip’s Marsh: 1879, 1880, Lucky Lane, St. Philips 1885, 1886, (& Co.) 1889, Meadow St., St. Paul’s c. 1893-1894 (See Boyce).
Groome, Richard R.: (See CAMWAL).

Hallaran, Alex J.: Mineral Waters, 1a Goulter Street, Barton Hill: c. 1935; 2 Smythe Road, Ashton Gate: c. 1936-1938.
Hansford & Stenner: Mineral Water Works, 16 Lincoln Street, Barton Hill, c. 1892; Grosvenor Road: c. 1894-1895. (James Stenner died Feb. 19th 1908 aged 61, at 129 Chesterfield Road, buried at Greenbank Cem. Widow Amelia).
Hansford, Robert Frederick: 16 Lincoln Street, Barton Hill: 1891 (census),1893, (See Hansford & Stenner) 1894, (& Co. Grosvenor Road) 1897, (& Hop Bitter Brewers) 1901, (& Franklyn Street, St. Paul’s) c. 1902-1906 (Tel. 1360); 1911 census (Living at 61 Cobourg Rd.); 1914, (York St. St. Paul’s); 1938 (Hansford married Amelia Jemima H. Bugler, 27 May 1884; he died at Charing Cross Hospital, 18th Feb 1929 aged 68, buried at Walditch parish, Dorset).
Harding W. R. & Co. 8: Bristol, Cardiff & Bradford-o Avon.
Harris & Saunders9: Badwin Street: c. 1852
Hewys, Imlah10: Hope & Anchor, 59, Redcliff Hill: c. 1899.
Hickling, William P.: (aerated waters & c) Broad Quay: c. 1865-1866.
Hillier, A. M. & Co.: 25 North street, Bedminster: c. 1914.
Hillier, Herbert & Co.: 55 Redcliff Hill: c. 1897-1912.
Home, C. M. & G.Y. & Co.11: Lime Juice & Lemon Cordial Manufacturers: Asher Lane, Redcross Street: c. 1872-1908.
Hopkinson, William: No. 6. Sims’ Alley: c. 1842-1859; 21 Horsefair: 1863; Thomas Street 1865. Bankrupt Jan. 1843, insolvency court 7 Oct. 1843.
Howard, Joseph: Lewins Mead, Ginger Beer manufacturer: Bristol Mercury - Saturday 24 December 1853. P8.
Humphries, George: Temperance Brewer &c., 28 Hayward Road, Barton Hill, c.1901-1906.
Hunt, Frederick W.: Wine & Spirit Mercht. & Mineral Water Manufacturer, The Black Swan, Stapleton Road: c. 1880-1926. Mineral Waters c.1903-1910.
Hurcum (Edwin) & Co.: Soda Water & Ginger Beer Manufacturer, Leonard Lane : c.1876-1882.

Ingram & Royle: Outside Temple Gate: c. 1885-1886; (Bath Bridge) c. 1889; (80 Redcliff Street) c. 1897; (outside Temple Gate) c. 1901; (Cattle Market Road, Temple Gate, I think these were many ways of describing the same address) c. 1902-1906; (importers) -  1914; (26 Redcliff Street): 1938.

James, Charles H.: (See Cantrell & Cochrane).
James, William: 41 Thomas Street: c. 1874.
Johnson, S: Ginger Beer Manufacturer, Cumberland Basin, c.1836.
Jones, Leonard, Jordan & Co.: Avon Street, St. Philips: c. 1842.
Jones, Thomas: The Brewery, Lawrence Hill, Ginger Beer & Aerated Water Manufactory, estd. 25 years, sold Apr. 1880. (Bristol Mercury 10th Apr. p.2)
Jukes, Jonathan: St. John’s Bridge: c. 1842.

Keevill, Robert: 1 Redcliffe Hill: c. 1885-1889, (& Co.) 55 Redcliff Hill c. 1893.
Keevill & Hillier: 59 Redcliff Hill: 1894.
Keystone Co’s Mineral Water Works (the): 13-15 Victoria Park, Fishponds: 1905 (Western Daily Press 25th Nov.), 1914, 15 Victoria Park, to 1958. See also MAPS, the Box Hill Brewery, Box, Wilts.
King, George C. & Co.: York Street, St. Paul’s: c. 1889-1952.
Kop’s Lemonade Quenchlets. c. 1899-1900 (See Ashley Vale/Hansford also C. J. Hughes, Bath)

Lambert, John: Ashley Vale Mineral Water Works, Sussex Place, Ashley Road: c. 1894.
Lawrence Hill Aerated Waters Co.: (Late Barrell & Co.) 30 Morton St., Russell Town: c. 1885-1886.
Leroy, Gustav & Co.12: 6 Stephen Street—also imperial German seltzer and fluid magnesia manufacturers, exclusively in patent syphon bottles, c.1863; Nicholas Street (importers) & Grand Quai, France: c. 1872.

Margrate, Sons & Co.: 112 Ashley Road (Tel. 1340): c. 1906-1915. Taken over by H. W. Carter.
Martindale, John Bird13: 66 Monk Road, Bishopston: c. 1926. Bankrupt Dec. 1931 whilst trading at 1 Brecknock Lane, St. James.
Masey, Tom Clark: (d. 11.1.1893), Mineral Water Manufacturer, 2 & 3 Rosemary Street: 1891 (census, living next door to bottler and packing case maker), c. 1893-1897, (& Co. 80 Old Market Street, James Bowrey proprietor) c. 1901-1914. In 1881 Tom Masey and his boarder William Webb were clerks in a Soda Water Works living at 44 Oxford St. Bedminster.
Mason, Alfred & Co: 11 Park Street c. 1879, (12 & 11½ Park Street): c. 1880-1886.
Mawditt, George: Lower Redland Road: c. 1889.
Miller, Robert William & Co.: Brewers and Ginger Beer makers, 48 Stokes Croft: c. 1894-1902; Upper York Street: c. 1906-1910.
Mills, George Taylor: Counterslip: c. 1897.
Mills, George James: Philip Street, Counterslip: c. 1901
Mills & Short: Counterslip (See Bristol & South Wales Aerated Water Co.).
Milne, James: (See Brooke & Prudencio 1893).
Mortimer, J14: Ashton Place, Bedminster: c. 1881.

Newman, J.15: 358 Gloucester Road, Horfield: c. 1907.

O’Brien & Co.: 49 Park Street (See Park Street Mineral Water Works): c. 1889

Palmer, A. & Sons16: 139, High St., Staple Hill, grocers: c. 1905-1919.
Park Street Mineral Water Works: (O’Brien & Co.), 49 Park Street: c. 1889.
Paul, Robert: Ginger Beer Manufacturer, Bridewell Lane c.1828; 97 Thomas Street: c. 1842.
Pickup & Co.: 35 Sussex Place, Ashley Road: c. 1938 (Inventors of Tizer).
Plucknett, Benjamin Henry & Co.: Isinglass refiner, Stretford, Lancs.: 1891; Caramel Manufacturer, (Victoria Works) 1 Woodbine Terrace, Victoria Road, Bedminster: 1901-Ginger Beer makers; Vinegar Makers (and gravy colouring) & c. Braunton Road, Bedminster: 1911-1982.
Preston, Henry: Soda Water Manufacturer, 20 Bridge Street, agent to Schweppe & Co., c.1836.
Price, Edwin: 61 Broad Quay: c. 1842. Bankrupt 1 Dec.1848.
Price, John & Co.: 45 Prince Street: c. 1850-1852.
Price:  2 Marsh Street: c. 1851.
Prudencio & Co.: Nine Tree Hill: c. 1889 (See Batten & Prudencio, also Brooke & Prudencio).

Quick, A. & Co.: Office 15 Charlton Street, Lawrence Hill and Rich’s Lane: c. 1889. (See Willis).

Radiant Table Waters: (See Tizer Ltd.) Two Mile Hill, Kingswood: c. 1938.
Rawlins, C. E. & Co.: Soda water, Seltzer & Seidlitz water manufacturer, 10 Narrow Wine Street, c.1813-1815 (Rawlins was a wholesale grocer, mineral water & butter factor, bankrupt by July 1815).
Redfield Mineral Water Co.:  Biddle & Hall: 1901 Thos. M. Biddle was a licensed victualler at 7 Berwick Rd. 1911 he was a brewery labourer at 132 Victoria Ave. Redfield.
Rewcastle, R.: Clarence Road: c. 1856.
Rogers, W. J.17: Brewery: Produced Ginger Beer & Wines & Spirits: Jacob Street Brewery, until 1947.
Roughsedge & Summers: 37 Bridge Street (& Lemonade), c.1835-1842; (& 13 Bridge Street) c.1849; (37 & 15 Bridge Street) c.1850; importers of the real German Seltzer Water, c.1851; (just at 37) c.1852-1863; (12,15 & 37) c.1865-1866 (See Summers, Wm.).
Russell, Granby18: The Mall Clifton c.1878-1907, mineral waters from c.1885.

Schweppe, J. & Co.: Sion Spring, Clifton c. 1814-1822.
Schweppe, J. & Co.: 20 Bridge Street: c. 1830-1842. Agent Henry Preston c.1836.
Schweppe, Jacob & Co.: 65 Castle Street 1849-1863; importers of German Seltzer Water, 1851-1863; (& at London, Liverpool & Malvern) 1865-1880.
Schweppe & Co.: 50 Queen Charlotte Street: c.1885-1946; 6 Queen’s Square c. 1953-1954; Brislington Trading Estate c. 1956.
Smith, James: Ginger Beer Manufacturer, Refreshment Rooms:- 3 Old King Street c. 1897-1901; 23, Old King Street, Broadmead c.1906. An Edward Smith is listed at this address as early as 1775. Also Mrs. Susan Smith, Refreshment Rooms, Bath Parade.
Sodastream Ltd.: 23 & 25 Portland Square (Syrup Only): c.1914.
Sparshatt & Co.: 2 & 4 Berkeley Place, Clifton: c. 1879-1894.
Speed, George. M.: 32 East street, Newfoundland Street: c. 1856.
Standard Beverage Co.: (Lemuel Williams Proprietor) Brunswick Street, City Road: c. 1889-1893. (See Batten, C. W.); Subsidiary of C. E. Beavis c.1893-1900.
Starkey, Knight & Co. Ltd.: Montague Place, Kingsdown: c. 1889-1894.
Stevens, W. J.: Bottler, St. Pauls Steam Mills.
Stinchcomb & Davis: (Edward Charles Stinchcomb, 30 Lower Ashley Road & Percival Davis-aerated water bottler, 17 Tudor Road) 1891 & 1901 census. Stinchcomb was a dairyman in 1891. His son George Frederick was born 21 Aug 1891 in Tudor Road.
Stinchcomb & Son: 30 Lower Ashley Road: 1901, 1902, 1906 Edward & son George emigrated to Freemantle W. Australia 17 Mar. 1911.
Stokes, Henry F.: 46 Temple Street: c. 1859.
Summers & Co., William: 15 Bridge Street & Milk Street: c. 1874, (37 Bridge Street & 6 Milk Street) c. 1879-1880, (12 Bridge Street & 6 Milk Street) c. 1885-1886, (6 Milk St.; 12 Bridge & 4 Old King St.) c. 1889-1897, (6 Milk St.) c. 1901-1902, (4 & 6 Milk Street) c. 1914. Liquidated 1920.

Thomas & Evans (Corona)19: Porth and Bristol: Robert Street, Stapleton Road: c. 1940-50.
Thomas, W. & Co.: Waverley Street, Stapleton Road: c. 1880.
Thomas, George & Co.: Waverley Street, Baptist Mills: 1889-1914.
Thompson, George Dixon & Co.: Freeland Buildings, Upper Eastville: c. 1897.
Tizer Ltd. (See Radiant Table Waters) Two Mile Hill, Kingswood: c. 1938.
Towers, John: 47 High Street: c. 1828-1850.
Townsend, A. J. S.: St. Augustine’s Place: c. 1874.
Travers, Samuel: Earl Street, Montague Street, St. James: c. 1901-1906, Bullock had bought the Earl St. works by 1907 but Travers was still managing it. (1909?)
Tuck's Electric Mineral Waters20: Tuck's Temperance Bar, 1 Victoria Buildings, Kingswood & Bristol: Willway St. c. 1894.
Turner, R.: Ginger Beer Manufacturer, 41 Broadmead, c.1836.

Usher, J. & T.21: Horfield Brewery. (see Brewers)

Victoria Mineral Water Co.: 16 Small Street, (N. & E. Methley, agents): c. 1901.

Waite, H.: (See Bristol District Super-Aeration Co. Ltd. 1902)
Walker, Raggatt & Co.: Bath & Bristol.
Wall, Mary: Ginger Beer Manufacturer, Lower Maudlin Street, c.1836.
Warn, Edward Samuel: Grocer, Shopkeeper & Ginger Beer, Heber Street, Moorfields: c. 1897; 70 Colston Road, Chelsea Road, Lower Easton: c.1901-1920.
Weeks: Brewed Ginger Beer Works, Westerleigh.
Wigmore, Edwin & Co.: Hop Bitter Brewers & Ginger Beer, 35 Beaumont Street: c. 1897.
Wigmore & Sons: (Edwin & Charles), 163 Mina Road, Baptist Mills, St. Werburgh’s: c. 1901-1928, (& Co.) c. 1935-1958. Goods seized & sold 1936 by W. E. Batten from C. Wigmore @ Mina Road.
Willcox & Young: John Henry Bennett Willcox and Chilton Young, Charlton Street, Lawrence Hill, partnership dissolved in favour of Chilton Young, 17 Jan 1893. Changed name to Young & Willcox. (See Quick). Bankrupt by 7 April 1893.
William, James22: 41 Thomas Street: c. 1872.
Williams, Alfred: Charlton Street, Lawrence Hill: c. 1893.
Williams, Lemuel: (See Standard Beverage Co.)
Williams, William: (See Durdham Down)
Willis, William: 104 Lawrence Hill: c. 1880-1886. Rich's Lane, c.1885.
Withy & Co.: (George Withy, Quaker, b. Castle Street, Bristol, 8 July 1802; m. Elizabeth Shield 12 May 1829, woollen draper at time of marriage. Died 1878, Bath), Soda Water Manufacturer Living at 9 Pierrpont St. Bath 1851; Wilder Street Bristol & at Orange Grove, Bath: c. 1851-1866. George was local manager of the Bath branch of Withy & Co. Ltd in 1871. (See also Carter, H. W. & Co.)
Withy, Cotterell & Grace: (See Withy & Co.)
Wood, Cyril Gent: Charleton Street, Lawrence Hill: c. 1897.

Young & Willcox: (See Willcox & Young)

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