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    This project will be a huge undertaking so I have begun with a preliminary list, to illustrate the size of the task involved and to serve as a temporary index. I will link this to individual pages as they eventually get researched, the list at the moment is incomplete and is a working document. Blue links can be clicked on.

    This index is compiled largely from directories dates spanning 1775-1938 (see below), where they were available, and the reliability of street numbers, personal name spelling etc. is dubious in places. Directories do not always agree with each other and I have put alternatives in brackets. The disparity may clear up on further research. Also many companies traded outside the date range covered by the directories I have used, or may not have been listed in a particular directory because for instance they did not feel the need, or did not want to pay. The dates here are therefore just a guide, some companies traded for much longer. I am collecting directories all the time and adding to this index as I go along, so more to come hopefully. I have only included a few pubs that specifically were stated as wine or spirit merchants, as more information on pubs can be found at the Bristol's Lost Pubs website.

Bristol Wine & Spirit Merchants


Including: Distillers, Wine Vaults, Cider Merchants, Importers, Retail & Wholesale

*Abraham, John & Joseph: 32 & 33 King Street off Queen Square c.1836-1850, Cooper's Hall c.1850-1856.
$*Abraham, Joseph: Cooper's Hall, King Street; c.1856-1886 (Died 1867, son John ran company afterward).
(V)Agate, John R.: 51 Broad Street; c.1882-1887.
Alderman & March: Spirit Dealers, 9 Union Street, c.1844.
Alderwick, Thomas Sharpe: Agent to the French Brandy Distillery Company, vaults 3 under the Bank, near the Drawbridge, c.1828. Spirit Merchant, 18 & 19 Frogmore Street. c.1830.
Allen, Edward Henry: 30 High Street; c.1863.
Allen, Frances: Dealer in Spirits; 78 Broad Quay, c.1793-1828. "Francis" in (Evans 1818) and 1822 (Pigot's) and 1828 (Matthews).
$Allen, H. E.: Bond Street, St. James; c.1852; Angel Inn, High Street & Nicholas Street; c.1856-1863; George, Narrow Wine Street; c.1863.
Allward, Capt. John: Wine & Spirit Dealer, 15 Broad Weir, c.1836.
Andrews, William: Spirit Dealer, Tower Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Angleis, William: (42)43 Maryleport Street; c.1851-1852.
Anstice, Mary: Dealer in Spirits; Bell, Broadmead; c.1793-1794.
Arnold, Luke: Wine & Spirit Merchant, 6 Bridge Street, c.1830.
(V)Arnold, Martha: 23 Old Market Street; c.1850-1852.
(V)Arnold, William: 23 Old Market Street; c.1847-1851.
*Arnold, W. C.: Wine & Spirit Merchant, Charlotte Street, Queen Square, c.1836.
Ash, Edward: Raisin Wine Maker etc.; Temple Street, c.1793-1794.
Ash, Son & Page: Distillers & Sweet Makers, Thomas Street, c.1783.
Ashby, T. C.: 207 Cheltenham Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897.
Ashmead, Peter: Spirit Dealer, St. Nicholas Street, c.1818-1836.
*Ashton Gate Brewery Co. Ltd.: H. R. Harvey, sec., Ashton Gate; c.1889-1931.
Atkins, Henry: Wine Merchant; Back, c.1793-1794.
Atyeo, Thomas (Cider & Perry Merchant): 4 Guinea street, Redcliff hill; c.1885.
*Audcent, A.: 45 Baldwin Street; 1874; Ruysdael Place, Triangle: c.1880.
*Avery, Wills, Edwards & Co.: 35 Bridge Street; c.1842-1848. Joseph Lax, Joseph Avery, George Wills and Charles Edwards—Joseph Lax left the partnership 31 Dec. 1842.
*Avery, Wills & Co.: 35 Bridge Street: c.1848-1852.
(V)$Avery, John: 9 Frog Lane; c.1856-1879; 3 Park Street Viaduct; c.1874-1879.
$*Avery & Co.: 3 Park Street Viaduct & 2 Frog Lane, Frogmore Street; c.1880-1914 (moved to 7 Park St. c.1889-1938); moved from 2 to 8 Frog Lane c.1914-1938.
$Ayre, John: Prince Street; c.1852.

(V)Bailey, Alfred: 40 High Street; c.1885-1886.
(V)Bailey, Felix: Bath Parade; c.1885-1886.
Baker, John: Dealer in Spirits; Christmas Street, c.1793-1794.
Ball, Edmund: Wine & Spirit Merchant, The Old Duke, King Street, 10 May 1870-1888. Died 7 Oct. 1888 at the Old Duke, aged 62.
Ball, Francis J.: 28 North Street, Stoke's Croft; c.1852-1856; Little King Street; c.1859-1863.
Ball, Henry: Wine Merchant, Clifton, c.1828-1847.
*Ball, Herbert Francis: 43 Baldwin Street; c.1897; 26 Nicholas Street c.1901; 28 Nicholas Street; c.1902.
*Ball & Skeates: Little King Street; c.1865-1889 (See Skeates).
Banester, John: Distiller, 33 St. James's Back (Silver Street); c.1775; Broadmead, c.1793-1794 (See Bannister).
$Bamfield, Thomas; 22 Alma Vale Road, Clifton; c.1906.
*Banfield, John Maberly & Co.: 29 Broad Street; c.1881-1902, (Charles F. Terrell), 1901. Bankrupt on 24 Oct. 1851 (Wine Merchants of Bristol and Devonport, as partner with John Lewis of St. Michael's Hill, Bristol). Partnership with Frederick Lane dissolved with respect to Lane, 30 June 1881.
Bangley, John: Cyder Merchant, Lewin's Mead; c.1805.
Ban(n)ister, John: Distiller, 5 Stoke's Croft, c.1775. Rectifier, Broadmead, c.1805.
Bantley & Wigan: Distillers; Great Gardens, ; c.1793-1794.
$*Baber, E. H. & Co.: 22 Mall, Clifton; c.1914-1938.
Barber, John Robert: Bath Street, Keynsham; c.1902.
*Barge, William: Marsh Street; c.1874-1880.
*Barnett, Edwin Augustus & Co.: 6 Tontine Warehouses, Quay Head; c.1874-1906.
Barnett, W. G.: Spirit Dealer, Milk Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Barraud Frére, Ainé & Co.: (Brandy Distiller's agency), 15 Old Clock Tower Yard, Temple Gate, c.1894.
*Bartlett & Hobbs: 7 Small Street; c. 1885-1894; 27 Prince Street; c.1897-Polo House until c.1938.
*Bartlett & Mogg: Custom House Ave., Queen Square, c.1828-1830; 12 Bath Street; c.1825-1847; 7 Small Street; c.1849-1880.
$*Bartlett, Daniel: 5 Alma Vale, Clifton; c.1879-1880; 20 Alma Vale Road; c.1885-1897.
Bartlett, John: Vintner & Dealer in Spirits; St. Michael, c.1749 (Bristol Archives P/St.LB/OP/15/85); Hotwell Road, c.1793-1794.
Bartlett, Joseph: 9 Trinity Street, c.1830.
Bartlett, Luke: The Talbot, Easton Parade, Easton Road; c.1874-1882.
Bartlett, William: Distiller; 12 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775-1783; & Brandy Merchant, c.1793-1794.
Bartlett, William Charles: Wine & Brandy Merchant, Back, c.1805-1816.
Bartley, Nehemiah: Distiller, vinegar maker & cyder merchant, 22 Temple Street; c.1775, malt distillers, Temple Backs, c.1783. In partnership with William Bartley, dissolved in favour of Nehemiah, 8 April 1793. Bankrupt as vinegar makers by 22 June 1793.
Bartley, Nehemiah & Onesipherous: Rectifiers, Vinegar Makers & Cyder Dealers, Temple Street, c.1783.
Bartley, William: Distiller, Wine & Brandy Merchant; Redcross Street, c.1793-1807 (died Oct. 1807).
Barton, James: Wine Merchant, Upper Assembly Rooms, Hotwells, c.1783.
Bastable, Ephraim: Spirit Dealer, 9 St. Nicholas Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Batchelor, E.: Corn Street; c.1874.
$*Batchelor, Edward Ranson: 112 Whiteladies Road; c.1879-1894; Wellesley Place; c.1880-1886; 11 King's Parade, Whiteladies Road, Clifton; c.1886-1901.
$Bawn, Daniel: 744 Fishponds Road, Fishponds; c.1906.
(V) Bayntun, Mrs. Amelia: 4 Gloucester Lane; c.1863; High Street, Durdham Down; c.1885-1886.
Bayston, William: Spirit dealer, 92 Old Market Street, c.1830.
Beckett, Samuel: West Street & Lawford Street; c.1894.
(V)$*Beebee, George Willis: late Hammond & Blake, 2 & 3 Dolphin Street, Cheltenham Road; c.1856-1874 (see Hooper).
Beer, Thomas: Grocer & Spirit Dealer, 26 baldwin Street, c.1828.
Bees, S. G.: 45 Redcliff Street: c.1854-56 (Bees late Gellett).
*Bees & Fear: 83 Redcliff Street: c.1856-1858 but name continued in directories until c.1859-74 (see Wyld, Harrison etc.)
*Bees & Co.: 24 Victoria Street; c.1879-1880; Mitchell Lane, Temple; c.1885-1894.
Bees & Co. Ltd: 79 Redcliff Street; c.1897.
Begg, Sophia, late Pullins: Wine Vaults, 34 Broad Street; c.1775.
$Bellamy, Richard William: 2 Berkely Place; 1874; Clarence Road, 2 & 17 Berkeley Place, Clifton; c.1879
$Bendall, Charles Minifie: Bendall's Stores; Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London, 10 North Street, St. James Barton; c.1879-1938; also at 144 Whiteladies Road, 201 Gloucester Road & 26 Chandos Road; c.1886-1938 & 2 Cheapside, Whiteladies Rd. c.1886-1901 & 11 King's Parade; c.1901; & 233 Cheltenham Road, c.1906-1938; & 100 Stoke's Croft, c.1914-1938.
Bennett, George: Spirit Dealer & Eating House, Nicholas Street, c.1836.
$*Bennett & Gibbs: 16 Stoke's Croft; c.1874; 31 Stoke's Croft; c.1879-1886; 24 Stoke's Croft; c.1889-1914 (Successors to C. Tovey & Co. - c.1893).
$Bennett, S.: 42 Maryport Street, c.1863
Best Brand Co. Limited: 52 Broad Street, G. R. Powell sec.; c.1889.
Best Brand Stores: 51 Broad Street, Samuel Fowler manager; c.1889.
Bevan, Frederick Granger: 193 Whiteladies Road, Clifton; c.1894-1902.
Bevan, James: Dealer in Spirits; Milk Street, c.1793-1794.
*Beynon, John: Spirit & Wine Dealer, 90 Old Market Street, c.1836-1844.
Bicknell, Henry: Brandy Merchants, Redcliff Hill, c.1805.
Bicknell, R.: Wine and Spirit Dealer, 100 Redcliff Street, c.1836.
Bingham, John: Dealer in Spirits; Maryleport Street, c.1793-1794.
Birt, Paul: Brandy Merchant; Maryleport Street, c.1793-1794.
Bishop, Charles: Brandy Merchant, Redcliff Hill, until 1808. (Bur. St. Mary Redcliffe, 20 May 1808 age 54.)
Bishop, Frank Lewis: 118 Wells Road; c.1897.
Bishop, John: Dealer in Spirits; Broadmead, c.1793-1794.
Blackborrow, George Sheppard: Spirit Merchant, insolvent Jan. c.1838.
$Blackburrow, Thomas & Co.: 22 High Street; c.1879-1885.
(V) Blacker Brothers: West Street & Lawford Street; c.1879-1886.
Blake, Albert Edward: Hillside Place, Clifton Wood Crescent, Clifton; c.1902.
$(V)Blake, Robert: Spirit Dealer, 3 Dolphin Street; c.1836-1854 (Est. 1728) See G. W. Beebee.
$Bland, John: Wine & Spirit Dealer & Porter Brewer, Porter House, Narrow Wine Street; c. 1836-1863. London and Spring Van Office, Hearses and Mourning Coaches & Carriages sent to all parts of the Kingdom - 60 Broadmead. (1836).
Blannin, James: Spirit Dealer, 71 Redcliff Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1828; (Junr.) c.1830-1836.
(V)Blissett, T. W.: Park Row; c.1885-1886.
Boddington, Thomas: Spirit Dealer, Old Market Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$*Bodega Co. (The) Limited: 17 Small Street (W. H. James, manager); c.1885-1886; 6 Wine Street, c.1914.
$Bolling, John: Nelson Place, Clifton; c.1880.
$Bolling, Thomas: Nelson Place, Clifton; c.1874.
Bond, Francis: Queen Square; c.1859.
(V)Bond, George: 19 Stanley Terrace; c.1885-1886.
Bond, John: Castle Green until c.1812.
Bond, R.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 17 Grosvenor Road; c.1879.
Boobyer, Isaac: 207 Cheltenham Road; c.1902.
$*Boone & Pullen: Quadrant, Clifton Down Road & 110 & 112 East Street, Bedminster; c.1908-1920 (See Giblett & Boone).
Boulton, Charles: Grocer & Provision Merchant, Parkfield Road, Pucklechurch; c.1855-1901.
Bounsall Brothers: Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1902.
$Bounsall, Edwin: 17 Grosvenor Road, St. Pauls; c.1906.
Bowden, Samuel: Wine & Brandy Merchant; St. Augustine's Place, c.1793-1794; Orchard Street, c.1810-1822. 9 Unity Street (Evans 1818).
*Bower, Arthur C.: Queen Anne Buildings, 38 Baldwin Street; c.1901.
$*Bowrey, George: Punch Bowl; 23 Old Market Street, c.1914.
(V)Bowyer, Thomas: 3 Stapleton Road; c.1885-1886.
$Boyce, Henry: 48 Gloucester Road; c.1897-1901.
(V)Braddon, W.: 2 Leigh Road South; c.1885-1886.
Bradford, Thomas: 14 Upper Avenue, King's Square; c.1889.
$Brain, F. W. & Co.: 147 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c. 1897-1906.
*Brain, Joseph: 47 Broad Quay; c.1842-1847.
*Brain, Joseph: Cooper,  Importer of and Dealer in Foreign Wines & Spirits, Bottled Liquor Dealer & Warehouseman, Redcliff Back, c.1828-1836; (& Son) c.1849-1874.
*Brayley & Butler: Grove; c.1893-1901 (See Selkirk).
Brayley, Lewis Cowell: Wine & Spirit Merchant (formerly of Bideford, Devon), The Grove, c.1871-1872 after break with Lilly.
Brayley, Lilly & Co.: Wine & Spirit Merchants, Jan.1871 until Oct. 1871 (Lewis C. Brayley & Christopher Lilly). See Hambly & Lilly.
*Brayley & Miles: Grove; c.1872-1875. (Lewis C. Brayley & Thomas Green Miles)
*Brayley, Selkirk, & Co.: Importers of Wines and Spirits, Grove; bonded stores Bristol, London & Birmingham, c.1875-1889.
Brien, E.: 37 Corn Street; c.1851.
Briffett, Nathaniel: Spirit Dealer, St. Augustine's Place, c.1818 (Evans 1818); Christmas Street, 1822.
Bristol Bottling Co.: 17 Prince Street; c.1897.
Bristol, (The) Provision Stores: 2 Imperial Buildings, Church Road, Redfield, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897.
$Bristol Wine Company: 28 Park Street; c.1874.
Bristow, John William: Old Brandy Cask P.H. Bond Street; c.1902.
$(V)Broad, James: 14 Old Market Street; c.1849-1852 (See Bryant).
Broadley, J., jun: 2 Quay Street; c.1865 (See Brooke, Worth).
Brooke & Coles: 2 Quay Street; c.1859.
Brookes & Co.: King's Road; c.1885.
*Brooke, William & Co.: 2 Quay Street; c.1849-1863 (See Broadley, Worth).
Brooks, Ann: Spirit Dealer (retail), Lewin's Mead, 1822.
$(V)Brooks, Joseph: Hotwell Road; c.1850-1852.
Brown, Newman Hall: Bath Street, Keynsham; c.1897.
Brown Brothers: 102 Stapleton Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897-1902.
Brownscomb, Elizabeth: Dealer in Spirits; Thomas Street, c.1792-1795.
(V)Bruton, Thomas P.: Park Row; c.1885.
Bryant, Brothers & James: Marsh Street; c.1852-1853.
*Bryant, Edward: Grocer & British Wine Vendor, 43 College Street c.1828; Wine & Spirit Merchant, 14 Old Market Street; c.1851.
$Bryant, Richard: 14 Old Market Street (The Bacchus); c.1828-1847. (Wholesale only in 1836).
*Bryant & Co.: 14 Old Market Street; c.1849; & Son c.1850-1852.
*Bryant Brothers & Pugh: Lucas Hall, Marsh Street; c.1856-1859.
*Bryant, W.: 14 Old Market Street; c.1856.
$Bryant, William Richard & Co.: 14 Old Market Street; c.1874-1894.
Bryant, William Henry: 16 Chandos Road, Woolcot Park; c.1897 (See Dowling).
Buchanan & Co.: 16 Baldwin Street & 17 Prince's Street; c.1902.
$(V)Budden, John: Wine & Spirit Dealer, corner (7) Quay Street & Christmas Street, c.1818-1836; Ann, c.1849-1853.
Bull, Thomas: Brandy Merchant, Dealer & Chapman, Broad Street, bankrupt 1809.
$Bullock, David M. W. & Co. Ltd.: Anchor Road; c.1938.
Burge, Ann: Dealer in Spirits; 6 Peter Street, c.1792; 78 Castle Street, c.1793-1794.
Burge, John: Brandy Dealer, Peter Street, c.1783; (Son) Spirit Dealer, 7 Milk Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
*Burgess, James: 28 Mall, Clifton; c.1885-1886.
(V)Burland, Alexander: Lime Kiln Lane; c.1849-1859.
Burland, Hugh: Spirit Dealer, Three Tuns, Limekiln Lane, c.1818-1844.
$Burt, Henry: 15 Old Market Street; c.1893-1906.
Burtt, J.: Hotel, Mall, Clifton, c.1836.
Bush, Henry, jun.: 5 Prince Street; c.1847-1853.
(V)$Bustin, R. B.: 1 St. Michael's Hill; c.1863-1866; 41 Colston Street, St. Augustine's Parade; c.1879-1893.
(V)Butler, Martha: 25 North Street, St. James; c.1885-1886.
$Butt, W. H.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 144 North Street, Bedminster; c.1906.

Cade, William (cider merchant): 43 Baldwin Street; c.1852.
*Caines, Jones & Co.: 8 Grove; c.1897-1902. (See Brayley/Selkirk)
Cairnes, Charles: 4 Unity Street, College Green, & 57 Frogmore Street; c.1863 (ad.) (See Whitfield).
$Cambridge, S.: 78 Quay; c.1851.
Carlile, F.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, Wells Road, Totterdown; c.1879.
Carpenter, C. W.: 2 Lower Portland Place, Clifton; c.1863-1865.
Carter, John & Charles: Regent Place, Clifton; c.1851-1853. John Carter, jun. investigated for purjury Sept.1855, he was bankrupt by this time (Aug. 1855).
Cassin(s), James: Rum & Brandy Merchant, Stoke's Croft, & Lottery Office Keeper, Small Street, c.1783; (married Miss C. Groom of Slade nr. Stroud, Mar. 1790 died of consumption 1806 age 45, buried St. Philip & Jacob 12 June).
Castle, Michael & Co.: Distillers only, Cheese Lane, St. Philips; c.1822-1829.
Castle, Robert & Co.: Rectifying Distillers; Milk Street, c.1789-1807.
Castle, Thomas & Co.: Spirit Merchants, Milk Street; c.1807-1829.
*Castles & Co. (Castle, Edwards & Co. 1829 until 1844): c.1844-1868: Rectifying Distillers; Milk Street, c.1822-1868 & Wine & Spirit Merch.
$Cater, Stoffell & Fortt Ltd.: 97 Queen's Road, Clifton; c.1906-1938.
Cates, W. H. & Co.: 5, Clare Street until 1 May 1879, Old Museum Buildings, Bottom of Park Street, c.1879. William Henry Cates died, after a short illness, at 30 Upper Park Street on 21 July 1879 age 57.
$Cavell, John V.: 16 Chandos Road, Woolcott Park; c.1889-1894 (See Hucker & Cavell).
Cave, Thomas: Wine Merchant and Distiller, 137 Redcliff Street; c.1775-1785, died on a passage from Demerara to Surinam, April 1820. Was in Partnership with William Hetling of Bath, Samuel Atlee of Walcot, as William Hetling & Co., distillers of Walcot. Partnership dissolved with respect to Cave on 14 Oct. 1780.
(V)$Challenger, Thomas: 14 King Square Avenue; c.1879-1886.
Chambers, Carolina: Spirit Dealer, Horsefair, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Chapple, Charles: Spirit Dealer, Golden Bottle, Welsh Back. c.1828.
(V)Chasey, Stephen: 3 Quay Head; c.1886.
Cheesewright, John: Spirit Dealer, 23 Old Market Street, c.1828.
Cheesewright, Joseph: Spirit Dealer, 23 Old Market Street, c.1830.
*Chidley, Pool & Co.: 12 St. Augustine's Bank; c.1863-1866.
$Chivers, C. H.: Royal Promenade, Queen's Road; c.1906.
$Chubb, Edgar G.: High Street, Shirehampton; 1914.
$Chubb, Matthew Love: 29 High Street, Shirehampton, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1906.
$*(The One) City (of Bristol Grocery & Wine) Supply Co.: 1 Clare Street, George Thomas manager; c.1879-1901; & Nicholas Street , c.1906.
$City Supply Stores: 88 Stoke's Croft; c.1885-1914; Frank Coldstream Tuckett, propr. c.1889; Thomas Pickard prop. c.1914.
$City Wine & Spirit Stores: 54 & 55 Victoria Street; c.1893 (See Hurman).
$Civil & Military Stores (The): Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 49 Whiteladies Road; c.1902 (see Shirley & Son Ltd.); also at Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; The Mall, Clifton; West Park and 49 & 130 Whiteladies Road, Redland; c.1906.
(V)Chasey, Stephen: 3 Quay Head; c.1885.
$Clampit, W.: 7 Victoria Street; c.1893-1901.
Clark, A. C. & Co. Ltd.: Beer Bottlers & Agents for Henley & Son, cyder growers, refiners, etc.; 14-16 Back Bridge Street, Bristol Bridge, c.1900-1902; Stork Hotel, Stork Hotel Brewery, Hotwells (Frederick Wm. Bennett, sec.), c.1908-1913.
$(V)Clark, Charles: 9 Union Street; c.1849-1856.
Clark, E: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; 284 Gloucester Road; c.1889-1894.
Clark, James: Dealer in Spirits; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Clark, John: Wine Merchant, Pipe Lane, c.1783; Grocer & Spirit Dealer (Retail), 61 (& 74 c.1828) Redcliff Street, c.1818-1836.
(V)$Clark, Mrs. Sarah: 9 Union Street; c.1859-1866.
Clark, Thomas: Wine Merchant; Cathay Parade, c.1793-1794. Spirit Dealer, St. Stephen's Tower, St. Stephen Street, c.1828.
$Clarke, Edward James: 10 & 12 Clevedon Terrace, Cotham; c.1914.
$Clarke, M. W.: 45 Redcliff Street, c.1863; Broker, 13 Small Street; c.1865.
Clark & Pember: rectifying distillers, Small Street, partnership dissolved, lease sold c.1780.
Claxton & Chamberlain: 1 Marsh Street; c.1859.
*Claxton, William (wine, office): Marsh Street; c.1863-1866.
Clayfield, E. R. & W.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Castle Street; c. 1805.
Clayfield, Mary & Son: Wine & Brandy Merchants; Castle Street, c.1793-1794.
Clayfield, Wright & Co.: Under the Bank; c.1822-1825.
Clifford, Hughes & Co.: Distillers; 24 Redcliff Street, c.1775.
Clifford, Thomas: Dealer in Spirits; Gloucester Lane, c.1793-1794.
Clift, William: Dealer in Spirits (retail); 14 Old Market Street, c.1793-1830 Wm. Clift & Son, Wine & Brandy Merchants, c.1818-1829 (Feb. 1829 death of James Clift). 15 Old Market Street (Evans 1818). Concurrent with Bryant in Matthews 1828.
*Clifton & Weir: Importers of Wines & Spirits, 16 Thomas Street; c.1836 -1849 ( See F. V. Weir).
$Clifton, Thomas & Co.: 6 Bridge Parade; c.1849-1851 (*Partners Clifton & Rawle trading as Thomas Clifton & Co.: 1849-Jul.1851, Thomas Clifton and Richard Easby Rawle, bankrupt Jul. 1851.)
Clissold, Peter & Co.: Rectifying Distillers; Redcliff Street. Also St. Thomas Lane. Died July 1821 age 55.
Clouter, R. S.: Spirit Dealer (retail), Bedminster Causeway, c.1822.
$*Clune, Michael: 14 Old Market Street, c.1897-1902 (See Bryant); 9 Colston Avenue, c.1914. (See Mortimer & Clune)
Coates, Joseph: Wine Merchant, 6 Corn Street; c.1775, Dealer in Rum & Brandy, Corn Street, c.1783.
Coates, Thomas: Wine Merchant, Church Street, St. Stephens; c.1793-1794.
Cobbett, Thomas: Spirit Dealer, 9 Marlborough Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Coleman & Co.: 4 King's Parade, Redland; c.1880-1886.
*Col(e)man, Frederick William & Co.: 4 Queen Anne Buildings, (Lucas Hall Chambers c.1893) 30 Baldwin Street; c.1889-1906.
Coleman, Mrs. Caroline: Neptune Hotel, 54 Victoria Street; c.1889-1896 (See Hurman).
Coleman, Charles: Neptune Hotel, 54 Victoria Street, c.1896-1901.
Collett, George Samuel: Lawford Street; c.1897.
Collett, Samuel: West Street; c.1897.
$Collins, Mrs. Eliza Annie: Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1906.
(V)Collins, Mrs. Hannah Elizabeth: Quay Street; c.1885-1894.
(V)Collins, John Francis: Quay Street; c.1879.
Collins, William: Wine & Brandy Merchant; Bath Street, c.1793-1794.
(V)Collis(s), John: 42 (43) Mary Le Port Street; c.1847-1850.
$Comer, Frederick Arthur: 327 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; c.1906-1914.
Cook (Mr.): Brandy Merchant Temple Backs, c.1763 (wife Betty died December, buried in chancel of Temple 14 Dec.)
Cook, John: Spirit Dealer, Redcliff Hill, c.1818 (Evans 1818), & Wine & Seed Warehouse c.1822.
$Coombe, M.: 27 Frogmore Street, c.1863.
Coombes, Frederick Arthur: 327 Gloucester Road; c.1902.
Coombes, James: Brandy Merchant. (married a Miss Curtis of Butleigh, May 1795).
Cooper, E.: Knowle, Bedminster; c.1856.
Cooper, Henry Newcomen: Wine Merchant, Bristol Bridge, c.1877.
Cooper, Robert: Dealer in Spirits; Bowl, Pithay, c.1793-1794.
Cooper, W.: Knowle, Bedminster; c.1856.
Cornish, Frederick: Redcliff Hill & Guinea Street; c.1879 (late T. Stephens & Co.).
$Cornish, F. J.: 175 Hotwell Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1906.
Corsham, Hannah: Dealer in foreign spirits; Thomas Street, c.1787. Hannah Lewellyn married Matthew Corsham in Westerleigh, 12th July 1762. Hannah died in 1796 age 70.
Corsham, Thomas: Brandy Merchant; Thomas Street, c.1792-1795 (See Owen & Corsham).
Cottrell, Edwin & Co.: 9 Queen's Parade, Eastville, (Train Terminus) Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1902; 458 & 460 Stapleton Road; c.1902-1906.
Cotterill, John: Barrs Street; c.1853.
$Court, Gilbert Henry John: 168 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; c.1938.
Cox, Mrs. Mary Ann: Keynsham; c.1894.
$Cox, William: 15 (14) Alfred Place, Kingsdown, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1886-1897; 1 Leigh Road South; c.1901-1906.
Cozens, Joseph: Spirit Dealer, 17 Bath Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Crabtree, Ann: Spirit Dealer, 78 Broad Quay, c.1836.
Cratchley Anne: Spirit Dealer, 51 Broad Street, married William Harding c.1866.
Crawford, Jane: Spirit Dealer, 42 Mary-le-Port Street, c.1844.
$(V)Crawford, John: 60 Baldwin Street; c.1844-1859.
$Crawford, Mrs. J.: 60 Baldwin Street; c.1863-1866.
Crawley, Daniel: Spirit Dealer, The Lamb, Maryport Street, c.1836.
Crawley, Henry (H. Crawley & Co.): Distiller, bankrupt 1810.
Cray, Maskoull: Distiller, 6 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775.
Cray, Sarah & Sons: Distillers, Thomas Street, c.1783.
Crewe, H.: 17 Grosvenor Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1889-1897
Cripps & Emcay: 2 Redcliff Street; c.1822.
Cripps, John: Union Street, died Nov. 1825.
Cripps, Sarah: Dealer in Spirits, Wines, &c., 9 Union Street, c.1825-1836.
$(V)Crocker Brothers: 33 Cotham Hill, Clifton; c.1889-1914; 31-35 Cotham Hill, Whiteladies Gate c.1938
(V)Crocker, Sarah: 33 Cotham Hill; c.1885-1886.
Crook, Jacob: Spirit Dealer, Narrow Wine Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Cross & Co.: Malt Distillers, Bedminster Causeway, c.1790-1794.
Cross, Cornelius Jnr. (Cornelius Cross & Co.): Exchange Coffee House keeper c.1805; Wine & Spirituous Liquor Merchant, Castle Green, in partnership with John Bond until 1813. On his own at St. Augustine's Place after partnership dissolved Feb. 1813. Married at Keynsham 13 Jul.1820. Deed of Assignment (Cornelius Cross & Son) at 1s in the Pound 23 Sep. 1817, Joseph Russell of St. James Barton, trustee. Cornelius Cross & Son were at Castle Green (Evans 1818).
Cross, George R. & Co.: 28 Nicholas Street; until Sept. 1879 (left the premises).
Cross, Harris & Co.: Distillers; Temple Backs, c.1793-1794.
Cross, James: Malt Distiller, 7 Temple Cross, Bath Street; c.1775; & Co. c.1783.
Crosswells Ltd.: 5 Bridge Parade; c.1893-1897.
Crundell, William: Off License, 40 Stoke's Croft c.1882-Feb.1909 transfer to Beatrice Evelyn Stephens.
Culliford & Co: Wine merchants, Broad Street, c.1793-1794.
$Cullingford, Frederick George: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 8 Old Market Street; c.1906.

Daveridge, Joseph: Victualler & Wine & Spirit Merchant, the Star Hotel, North Street, Bedminster, c.1895-1921.
Davis, Betty: Wine & Spirit Seller, 96 West Street, Old Market; c.1775.
$Davis, Francis: 71 Gloucester Road; c.1906-1914.
$Davis, Gabriel: Clarence Road; c.1874.
Davis, Mary Anne: Spirit Dealer, Barton Alley, c.1844-1847, bankrupt 6 Aug. 1847.
Davis, Robert: Spirit Dealer, 4 Barton Alley, c.1818-1836. (3 Barton Alley 1828 & 1836).
$Davey, John: 15 Peter Street; c.1865-1866.
Dawes, Charles James: Neptune Hotel, Victoria Street, c.1901.
Day, Thomas: Distiller, 14 Clare Street; c.1775.
Dening, William Benjamin: 83 Lawrence Hill; c.1889.
Derham, John (cider merchant): Temple Street; c.1852.
$Dimmer, Edwin James: 195 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; c.1906.
$Dingle, Son & Edwards Ltd.: 2 & 3 Dolphin Street; c.1914.
(V)Dowling, E. L.: 16 Chandos Road, Woolcot Park; c.1879.
(V)*Dowling, Elisha L.: 16 Chandos Road, Redland; c.1885-1886.
$Dowling, Raymond Cyril: 387 Gloucester Road, Horfield; c.1938.
Downing, George: Dealer in Irish Whiskey, 24 King Street, Queen Square, c.1830.
Doyle, Bartholomew: Wine Merchant, Somerset Street, Kingsdown; c.1825-1828.
Doyle & Ellison: (Bartholomew Doyle & Richard Ellison) Old Market Street; c.1816-1822 (See Ellison). (Evans 1818).
$(V)Drewett, John: 11 Lower Portland Place; c.1849-1859.
Duck, George: (cider merchant & bottled liquor dealer): Tailor's Court, Broad Street; c.1852-1863.
$Dudd, William: 58 Hampton Road; c.1885-1886.
Duffy, Thomas: Tucker Street, Bath Street; c.1894.
Dumbleton, Jonathan: Spirit Merchant, bankrupt Oct. 1846.
*Dundas & Co.: 72 Queen's Road, Clifton; c.1897; 4 Unity Street, College Green; c.1901; & 6 Frogmore Street; c.1902-1906 (See Glanville).
Dunlop & Co.: Liquor Merchants, King Street, c.1846 later Dunlop, Mackie & Co. Baldwin St.
(V)$*Dunlop, Mackie, & Co.: 34 Broad Quay; c.1849-1850; 33-34 Broad Quay c.1852-1880; 16 Marsh Street; c.1863; & 33-35 Broad Quay; c.1863, (& at Cardiff & Swansea) c.1865-1874, (& Gloucester) c.1879-1880; Dunlop Buildings, Baldwin Street, 7 & 9 Nicholas Street, 2 Lower Castle Street & Marsh Street; c.1881-1938.
Dunlop, Matthew: Wine Merchant, married Margaret, eldest daughter of William Cunningham Esq. of Dublin, on 28 Oct. 1846, at the Union Chapel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin.
*Dunsford, Samuel L.: Brandy Merchant, 12 St. James Barton; c.1825-1844.
Dutton, William: Spirit Dealer (retail), Dolphin Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822. Wine & Spirir dealer, Sign of the Raven, Maryport street c.1828.
Dyer, Joseph: Distiller; Broadmead, c.1787, 98 Redcliff Street, c.1792-1798.
Dyer & Symons: Distillers, Broadmead, c.1783.
Dyer, Wyld & Jeve: 98 Redcliff Street; c.1803-1807.
Dyer & Wyld: 98 Redcliff Street; c.1807-1821.

Eames, John: Wine Merchant; 9 Queen Square, c.1783-1794.
Easton, Thomas & Co.: Malt Distillers, Redcliff Hill, c.1783.
Eaton, John: Distiller and Vinegar Maker, Thomas Street, c.1783.
Eccleston, Richard: 19 Mall, Clifton; c.1816-1822 (Evans 1818 & Pigot's 1822) .
Edmons, ?: Wine Merchant, West India Coffee House, Market Place, High Street; c.1775.
$Edwards, Charles (Worcester) Ltd.: 2 & 3 Dolphin Street; c.1938.
Edwards, David: Spirit Dealer, 4 Nicholas Street, c.1844.
Edwards, Edward: Spirit Dealer (retail), 2 Baldwin Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
Edwards & Ensor: 44, 45 & 49 Baldwin Street; c.1863.
*Edwards & Fox: Baldwin Street; c.1852.
Edwards, George: Wine Merchant, St. Stephen's Avenue c.1828 (Residence 2 Grosvenor Place, Clifton); & Spirits, 32 College Green, c.1830.
*Edwards, Henry: 44 Baldwin Street, c.1856 until 1859 then included 45 & 49 Baldwin Street; c.1859-1866.
Edwards, Jacob: Brandy Merchant (retail), Temple Street, c.1818-1821.
Edwards, Samuel Crady & Co.: Brandy Merchants & Distillers, Redcliff Street, c.1783-1808.
Edwards & Shute: (see Shute), 2 Redcliff Street, c.1830.
*Edwards, Vining & Co.: 44 Baldwin Street; c.1874.
Elliot, William: Spirit Dealer (retail), 23 St. Nicholas Back, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822; 42 Maryport Street c.1828.
Elliott, J.: Spirit Dealer, Jacob's wells, c.1836.
Ellison, Richard: Wine Merchant, Montpelier c.1828.
Ellison, Richard & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants; Old Market, c.1791-1828; (See Doyle & Ellison). (Richard Ellison Jnr. married Miss Concanen, daughter of Mr. Concanen, attourney, Jacob Street, March 1803). Importers of Foreign Wines & Spirits, Dealers in Genuine Oakhill Beer & Porter in Cask or Bottle, for home consumption or exportation.
Emerson, James: Wine Merchant, 37 Montague Street; c.1775.
Emery, James: Spirit Dealer, St. James Barton, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Emmy, Thomas: Brandy Merchant; Redcliff Hill, c.1793-1794; Thomas Street, c.1795-1797.
$Evans, David: Horfield Inn, 96 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; c.1914.
Evans, Jenkin: Spirit Dealer, The Berkeley Castle, Berkeley Place, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1828.
Evans, William: Wine Merchant and Wine Cooper, King Street, c.1761-1769 (died end January 1769).
Evans, William: Wine Merchant; St. Michael's Hill, c.1793-1794.
Evans, William: Liquor Merchant; Paul Street, c.1793-1794.
$*Evens, Hannah T. & James: 34 Redcliff Hill; c.1847-1853; Nicholas Street; c.1856-1874.
$*Evens, Hannah T.: Redcliff Hill, Wine and Spirit dealer, wholesale and retail, c.1836.
*Evens & Son: 21 Redcliff Hill; c.1842-1844 & 35 Bridge Street; c.1879-1920 (& Sons c.1889); 29 Broad Street, c.1914.
Evens, Thomas: Spirit dealer (retail), Redcliff Hill, c.1814-1831.
Evered, F.: 6 Upper Arcade; c.1851.
$Evered, R.: College Place; c.1851.
Eyre, Jonathan: Trinity Street; c.1847.

$.Falcon Wine Co.: 8 Lawrence Hill; 261 North Street, Bedminster; 215 Hotwell Road; 82 West Street, Bedminster; 113 Wick Road, Brislington; (stores) Upper Perry Hill; & 72 Regent Street, Kingswood; c.1938.
Fear & Burgum: Distillers & vinegar makers, 136 Redcliff Street; c.1775.
Fear, E.: Wine & Spirit, Ale & Porter Merchant, Totterdown; c.1874.
*Fear, William Lyne & Co.: 83 Redcliff Street; c.1879-1901.
Findlater, Mrs. L.: 90 Old Market Street; c.1863-1865.
*Fisher, Charles (By Appointment to H. M. the Queen & Prince of Wales): 15 Barr(s) Street; c.1863-1914, (& St. James Barton) c.1879-1880; & Co.; c.1901-1914; & 21 Mincing Lane, London E. C., c.1914.
*Fisher, John: Waterproof Hat Maker, Wholesale & Retail, Dealer in Spirits, Home Brewed Beer, Garrick's Head, 62, Quay, c.1828; Importer of Foreign Wines & Spirits, 43 Welsh Back; c.1830-1853; 23 Queen Square; c.1856-1866; residence (1836) Park Villa, Charlotte Street, Park Street.
Fisher & Co.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 14 Queen's Parade, 102 Stapleton Road; c.1879-1889.
Fletcher, Thomas: Spirit Dealer, Bedminster Causeway, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Flook, J. & Co.: Two Mile Hill Road, Two Mile Hill, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1889-1902.
Flook, Samuel Gaynor & Thomas (Jun): Wine Merchants; Glo'ster Lane, c.1831-Partnership dissolved May 1837 (S. G. Died 28th Jan. 1839 age 38 (See T. Flook);
$ Flook, Thomas (Jun) & Co.: Gloucester Lane, c.1837-1863. Married Charlotte Hutton of Stapleton, 5 Oct. 1846 at Mangotsfield.
$(V)Flook, Thomas (Sen): Cooper & vinegar maker, 4 Glo'ster Lane; c.1792-1803; Wine & Spirit Merchant c.1811-1822; & Son, c.1825-1831.
(V)Foord, John: 4 Park Row; c.1885-1886.
(V)Foord, Frederick Samuel: Park Row; c.1889.
$Forbutt, Thomas: 7 Victoria Street, Clifton; c.1885-1886; Swan Hotel, Stoke's Croft; c.1893.
Ford J. & W.: King Street Hall, c.1827; Ford, James Henry, same address c.1852-1853.
$Fortt & Son: 16 Regent Street, Clifton; c.1901-1906; (Cater, Stoffell & Fortt) c.1914.
$Fowler, Charles: 44 & 45 Baldwin Street; c.1886.
Fox, T.: 1 Chandos Place, Ashley Hill, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1889-1902.
*Franklin & Co. Ltd.: Moon Street, St. Paul's; c.1938.
$*Frazer & Co.: 45 Baldwin Street; c.1880-1885.
Freznoy, Claudius: Lucas Hall, Marsh Street; c.1842-1856.
Fresnoy, Charles?: Lucas Hall, Marsh Street; c.1847-1852.
Fry, William: Distiller & Wine Merchant, 102 Redcliff Hill; c.1775; 104 Redcliff Hill, c.1793-1794.
Fry, William (Jnr): Distiller & Wine Merchant, Redcliff Street, c.1783. (see above)
*Fuidge, Henry James & Co.: 66 Queen's Road, Clifton; c.1893-1894.
$Fuller, Frederick W.: 15 Old Market Street; c.1879-1880.

*Gaddarn, W. D.: Clarence Road, West Street; c.1901.
$Gardiner, Charles: 44 Redcliff Hill; c.1906.
(V)Gardner, Thomas: Quay Street; c.1859.
Garlick, William: Distiller, 1 Milk Street; c.1775.
(V)Garmston, James C.: 16 (15) Old Market Street; c.1847-1849.
*Garrard, Benjamin: Wine & Spirit Merchant, Assembly Room—Warehouse, Prince's Street, c.1836.
Garrard, George: 23 Queen Square; c.1879.
Garrard, John: 43 Prince Street; c.1841-1844. Partnership with George Garrard dissolved 30 Nov. 1841.
*Garrard & Bartram: 42 & 43 Welsh (Welch) Back; c.1856-1863, (& at London) c.1865-1906.
$Garrett, John: 54 & 56 Clarence Road (Bunch of Grapes), West Street & 1 Lawrence Hill, St. Philips; c.1914.
$Gay, Alfred James: 147 Ashley Road; c.1885-1886.
Gay, Joseph: Marsh Street; c.1859. Drowned whilst fishing, on his honeymoon, Oct. 1860.
Geary, John: 4 Portland Place, Clifton; c.1885-1886.
Geary, W. & Co. (Wine): 47 College Green; c.1865.
$Gee, Alfred Heath: 22 High Street; c.1886  (See Posada Wine).
Gees & Dibbin: Distillers & Tobacconists; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
$Gellett, Thomas: 54 Redcliff Street c.1818 (Evans 1818); 45 Redcliff Street; c.1822-1854 (see Bees). Wife Ann Gellett died 7 Aug. 1829.
George, George: Dealer in Spirits (retail & wholesale); St. James's Back, c.1793-1794; Nelson Street, c.1818-1828.
George, James: Distiller & Hop Merchant, Baldwin Street, c.1783; Hop & Brandy Merchant, King Street, c.1805.
George, William: Distiller, 59 Baldwin Street; c.1775.
George, Son & Phillips: Nelson Street; 1822.
Gething, Edward L. & Co.: 63 Queen Square; 1856, St. Augustine's Back, c.1859.
Gibbings Brothers: 133 St. Michael's Hill; c.1889.
Gibbons, Robert: Upper Maudlin Street; c.1897.
Gibbons, Stephen George: Wine & Spirit Merchant, King David Hotel, St. Michael's Hill, c.1908-1942, died 28 April age 70.
$*Giblett & Boone: 2 Victoria Street, (Quadrant from 1897) Clifton c.1889-1897 & 110 & 112 East Street, Bedminster; c.1893-1906 (See Boone & Pullen in Brewers until 1920).
(V)Gifford, John: Wholesale & Retail dealers in Wine & Spirits, Porter & Bottled Liquor, Beer, Porter and Cider Merchant, George & Dragon, Castle Street, Vaults 39 College Green; c.1818-1836.
$*Gilbey, W. & A.: 4 Park Street - agent J. Lockey & Co. (see Lockey); c.1874-1880 see also other agents. 31 Park Street; c.1893-1938.
$Gilby, George Gilbert: Sutherland Works, Sutherland Place, Durdham Down; c.1920-1938.
(V)Giles, C. L.: Bath Parade; c.1885-1886.
Giles, H. H.: Saracen's Head, Temple Gate: c.1855-1871.
$Giles, Schacht & Co.: 29 Regent Street and 52 Royal York Crescent, Clifton; c.1906.
(V)Giles, W.: 6 Thorn's Buildings, Clifton Wood; c.1885-1886.
$Gill, Herbert William Howell Rodda: 286 Lodge Causeway, Fishponds; c.1938.
*Glanville, C. H. & Co.: 36 Corn Street; c. 1902; late Dundas, 4 Unity Street; c.1906; 17 Small Street, c.1914 (Proprietors of Coleman's Nonpareil and Rather's "White Spot" in 1914; Tel: 3320).
Glover, W. A.: Berkeley, Glos; c.1856.
Godwin, J. A. K.: Rouncival Street, Chipping Sodbury; c.1856.
$Golden Key: High Street; c.1893.
Gomer, Robert: Spirit Dealer, 15 St. Peter Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Gower, William Henry: White Swan Hotel, Eastville, c.1897-1901.
Graham, W. F.: Bank Court, Corn Street; c.1856.
Gray, James: Wine & Spirit, Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 31 & 40 College Green; c.1822-1825.
*Gray (James) & Morris (W. P.): Wine, Spirit, and Bottled Liquor merchants—Consignees for Barclay & Perkins's celebrated East India Brown Stout Porter, & cider merchants, 31 College Green—residence, 4 Bedford Row, c.1828-1844. Warehouse—foot of College Green.
Green, Alfred Joseph: Bond Street; c.1897.
Green, F. A.: 3 Lower Ashley Road; c.1885-1886.
Green, John: 88 Redcliff Hill; c.1889-1894.
Green, William & Co.: Distillers, Redcliff Street, c.1783.
Green, William: 30 Wine Street; c.1822-1825.
$*Green, William & Sons: 3 Unity Street; c.1879-1897 (Limited); c.1901-1906.
*Green, William & Son: Wine Merchants, 3 Unity Street (Residence) & 35 Frogmore Street; c.1828-1856.
$*Green, William & Sons: 35 Frogmore Street; c.1849-1897 (V) 4 Frogmore Street; c.1885-1894, (Limited); c.1901-1906.
Greenway, Robert: Wine & Spirit Merchant, Cherry Orchard Farm, Siston Hill, Bristol; c.1876-1880.
$Gregory, G.: Ropewalk; c.1863-1866.
Griffiths, J. E.: High Street, Staple Hill, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1902.
Griffiths, John: Spirit Dealer (retail), Lawrence Hill, c.1822.
Griffiths, Mary: Spirit Dealer, Bunch of Grapes, Lawrence Hill, c.1828.
$Grocer's Alliance: 58 Hampton Road; c.1893; also 152 St. Michael's Hill; c.1901; Oliver Holland proprietor, c.1902; also at Cold Harbour Road and 1-4 Waverley Road; c.1906; Holland & Co., c.1914.
$Grogan, M.: 1 Milk Street; c.1863-1866.
Guille, John: Wine Merchant, Back, c.1783.
Gulley, Lionel Watts: 50 Wine Street c.1830; 2 Exchange Buildings, c.1842-1847; Bush Chambers c.1851-1853.
Gullick, W.: bottled liquor dealer, Nelson Place, Clifton, c.1863.
Gunning, John E.: West Street & Lawford Street; c.1889.

$Halcomb, A.: 93 Old Market Street; c.1851
Hale, Henry: Wine Merchant; Redcross Street, c.1793-1794
Hale, Humphrey: 23 Old Market Street; c.1894-1897
*Hall, John Henry & Co.: 12 St. Augustine's Bank; c.1897-1902; 9 St. Augustine's Bank; c.1906
Hall & Sons: (Lodway Brewery): Pill; c.1889-1902.
*Hall & Evans: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 30 Broad Street, c.1836.
Hall, Richard: Wine Merchant, St. James Barton, c.1836.
Ham, William: Spirit Dealer (retail), 3 Nicholas Street, c.1822.
Hambly & Lilly
: Rectifiers, Compounders, and Importers of Wines and Spirits, Agents for Max Greger (Flagon System) Hungarian Wines, The Grove, Bristol, (John Jennings Hambly & Christopher Lilly) also trading as Hambly & Co. of Plymouth. From at least Apr. 1870. Partnership dissolved Jan. 1871, continued in Bristol as Brayley, Lilly & Co. and Plymouth as Hambly & Co.
Hamlen, Edward: Dealer in Spirits; St. Stephen's Street & St. Augustine's Back, c.1793-1794.
Hamlen, Jane: Spirit Dealer, 5 St. Stephen Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
Hammond, Joseph: Spirit dealer, 8 Dolphin Street, c. 1828-1830; Woolen Draper and Spirit dealer, 2 Dolphin Street, late Gilpin's, c.1833-1852. James Gilpin & Josiah Grace were in partnership here until 30th July 1817, when Gilpin ran the business until 1833. Joseph Hammond was here by 1834. By 1845 it was known as Hammond's wholesale & retail woolen warehouse because Joseph died at his residence in Cheltenham Road on 29th Jan. 1845. From this date the premises was shared with J. Ackland, printer & stationer, and a dentist named Hayman from 1848. By 1852 a wine and spirit merchant named Robert Blake was in business there. Traded later as Hammond & Blake until 1855. (See Beebee)
$Hampton, Thomas & Co.: 55 Redcliff Hill; c.1874
Hams, Robert P.: College Place; c.1851-1853
$*Handcock, Charles: Mall Buildings; c.1880; 59 West Street; c.1893-1901; 73 West Street; c.1902.
Hannam, William George: 33 Regent Street, Clifton; c.1897-1902.
Happerfield, A. C.: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; 147 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; c.1889-1894.
*Harding & Co.: Distillers & vinegar makers, 101 Redcliff Street; c.1775.
Harding & Tipton: Distillers; Redcliff Street, c.1783-1794.
$*Harding, Richard A. & Co.: 43 Baldwin Street; c.1879-1880.
Harding & Co. Ltd.: 17 Prince Street, Queen Square; c.1901.
$Harris, Charles Frederick: 168 Gloucester Road; c.1906.
Harris, Daniel: 6 Walton Terrace, Kingsdown; c.1863-1865.
Harris, Hooper & Co., Distillers; c.1785-1786. (Thos. Harris, Thos. Hooper & Thos. Williams dissolved 25 Sept. 1786)
Harris, James: Wine Merchant; Unity Street, c.1791-1794.
Harris, John: Spirit Dealer, St. Stephen's Tower, St. Stephen's Street, c.1836.
Harris, Prideaux & Co.: Wine & Fruit Merchants; Wine Street, c.1794
Harris, Thomas & Co.: Malt Distillers, Cheese Lane; c.1829-1859
Harris & Saunders (cider merchants): Baldwin Street; c.1852
Harrison, A. W.: 45 Redcliff Street; c.1858-1860 (late Bees & Fear)
Harrison, Henry: 9 Hampton Place, Cotham Road; c.1879
(V)Hart, John: Nicholas Street; c.1850-1851
*Hart & Windham: 16 St. Stephen Street; c.1906
Hartland, James: Wine & Brandy Merchant, 17 Hotwell Road; c.1818-1825 (Evans 1818).
Hartland, James: 88 East Street, Bedminster, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1902
*Harvey & White: Denmark Street; c.1842-1866
Harvey, E.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, Redfield Road, St. George; c.1879
*Harvey, John & Sons: Denmark Street; 1874-1893 (Limited) c.1894-recent.
(V)$Hasell, John B.: 10, East Street; c.1856-1865; moved to 110 & 112 East Street, Bedminster; c.1879-1889
$(V)Hasell, Thomas: 1 Bedminster Causeway; c.1842-1850; East Street c.1852-1853 (with J. B. Hasell from 1846)
Hasell, William: Strong Beer, Ale & Porter Brewer, Wine & Brandy Merchant, 1 Bedminster Causeway; c.1822-1828
Hassell, William & Thomas: Bedminster Causeway, c.1830-1836.
Haskins, Henry & Co.: Distillers, Back, c.1783.
Haskins, Joseph & nephew: Distillers, 5 Bristol Back (Welsh Back); c.1775.
Hathway, Miss E.: 15 Peter Street; c.1863.
Hawkes, Robert: Spirit Dealer (retail), 4 Denmark Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
*Hawkesbury Wine Co. (of New South Wales): 16 Small Street, Bonded Stores, 18 & 20 Victoria Street; c.1901; 28 Nicholas Street; c.1906; 194a Stapleton Road, Reginald C. Morley, prop., c.1938  (see Methley).
Hayes, Cornelius: Spirit Dealer (retail), 63 Quay, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
$Haynes, E. B.: Black Boy P.H., Forest Road, Fishponds; c.1902-1906.
(V)Hazard, Frederick: 17 Small Street; c.1850
Headford, Robert: Dealer in Spirits; Castle Street, c.1793-1794
Headley, George: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London,West End Stores, 35 Triangle; c.1894-1802; 79 Queen's Road, Clifton c.1897.
Hedges, William (cider merchant): Broad Quay; c.1852-1853.
(V)$Hemmens, Henry: 1 Bedminster Causeway; c.1874, (8 Bedminster Parade) c.1879-1902.
(V)$Hemmens, Mrs.: 8 Bedminster Causeway; c.1901.
Hemsley, S.: Wine Merchant, Bath Hotel, Clifton, c.1863.
$Hewett, James: Great Western Stores, Russell Town, 1 & 136 Church Road, St. George; Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1906.
$Hewett, James: 284 & 286 Gloucester Road, Horfield, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897-1914.
Heywood, T. W.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 17 Grosvenor Road; 1894.
*Hick(e)s, Charles: Wine & Brandy Merchant, Quay Street; c.1830-1844.
Hickes, Daniel: Head of the Quay, Quay Street; c.1818-1828 & Old Park c.1828. Died Sun. 29 June 1828.
Highman, William: Black Horse Hotel, West Street (Old Market); c.1869-1879.
Hill, Joseph: Spirit Dealer, Sign of the Mail Coach, 6 Redcliff Street, c.1818-1836.
$Hiscocks, J.: Welsh Back; 1851-1863.
(V)$Hitchcock, John: 15 Old Market Street; c.1885-1886.
Hitchins, Richard: Spirit Dealer, Lewin's Mead, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Hobbs, Alfred: Spirit Dealer (retail), Baldwin Street, c.1822.
Hobbs, William: Spirit Dealer, New King Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
(V)*Hodgson, George: 26 Baldwin Street; c.1859-1865.
Holland, James: Spirit Dealer, Broadmead, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Holland, Oliver: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 58 Hampton Road, Redland; c.1906.
Hollis, W.: 11 Lower Arcade; c.1851.
Hollister, Jane: Wine & Spirit dealer, Clarence Road, c.1880.
(V)Hollyman, Mrs.: 34 Broadmead; c.1885-1886.
*Holmes, Thomas & Co.: 12 Corn Street; c.1879-1886, Liverpool Chambers, Corn Street; c.1889-1901.
Home, G. C. & F.: Athanæum Chambers, Nicholas Street; c.1863.
*Home, George Y. & Co.: Asher Lane, Redcross Street (British Manufacturers); c.1863-1938.
Home & Wills: Foreign Wine Merchants, Nicholas Street (plant, fixtures, stock-in-trade sold Dec. 1864).
Honey, E. E.: 2 Quay Head, Broad Quay; c.1879.
(V)$*Hooper, Frank: 2 & 3 Dolphin Street; c.1879-1894 (late Beebee).
Hooper, T.: Newport, Berkeley; c.1856.
Hooper, William: 6 Redcliff Street; c.1847.
(V)Hopkins, Mrs.: Clarence Road; c.1885-1886.
Hopkin(s), William: Wine & Brandy Merchant, Successor to J. Edwards, 2 Temple Street, c.1828-1836, 1 Temple Street; c.1842-1849.
Houlson & Clarke: 45 Redcliff Street; c.1861-1862 (late Harrison, Bees & Fear etc.)
House, David: Dealer in Spirits, Temple Street, c.1793-1794.
House, Hannah: Dealer in Spirits; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
$House, Mrs. Jane: 61 Temple Street; c.1863-1866.
House, William: Spirit Dealer (retail), Temple Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818)-1822.
$(V)House, William P.: Wine & Spirit Dealer, Fountain Head, 61 Temple Street; c.1828-1859.
$Howell, Ernest S.: (importer) 20 Prince Street, Queen Square; c.1914; 17 Small Street, c.1938.
$Howell, William: South Wales Railway Hotel: Belmont Street, Stapleton Road; c.1906.
*Howse, Robert: 28 Park Street; 1879; 29 Park Street (agent for H. R. Williams & Co. of London); c.1880.
$Hucker, A. T. & Co.: Dolphin Street; c.1906.
$*Hucker & Cavell: 3 & 5 Dolphin Street; c.1897; 2 Dolphin Street; c.1901-1902 (late Frank Hooper).
Hull, William: Brandy Merchant; Montague Street, c.1793-1794.
$Hungarian Wine Co.: 66 Whiteladies Road, Thomas Duffy, manager; c.1893.
$Hunt, J: Corn Street; 1856; 51 Broad Street; c.1866.
$Hunt, Frederick W.: Black Swan, 438 Stapleton Road; c.1880-1926.
Hunt, William, Brandy Merchant; Dove Street, c.1793-1794.
Hurman, Edward (cider merchant): 43 Prince Street; c.1852; Back Street c.1853.
$Hurman, Henry: 54 & 56 Victoria Street; c.1879-1885
(V)$Hurn, Robert: Western Place, Cumberland Basin; c.1866-1886
*Husenbeth, Frederick Charles: Wine Merchant and Provision Curer, 1 Nicholas Street (St. Nicholas Steps), c.1825-1830; Baldwin Street (& Co.); c.1836-1847. Published a "Guide for the Wine Cellar" May 1834. Vaults & Offices under the New Market, Warehouses Nicholas Street, Residence 13 St. James Sq. (1836). Mr. Husenbeth, jnr. died at Liverpool, early Sept. 1827. Was bankrupt 27 July 1847.
Husenbeth, Frederick: 1 Nicholas Street; c.1822.
*Hutchings, George J.: Rupert Street, Stone Building; c.1874.
Hutchings, Humphrey: Spirit Dealer, St. Thomas Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Hutchins, Mrs.: Quay Head; c.1866-1874.
$Hutchinson, Thomas: 387 Gloucester Road; c.1906.

$Ind & Holland: 6 Highbury Parade, St. Michael's Hill; c.1885-1886.
$Ind, Thomas Robert: 152 St. Michael's Hill; c.1914.
Ingram, Philip Miles: 15 Mary le Port Street; c.1847.
Inman, William: Wine Merchant, Quay, 1805; & Co. Prince's Street; c.1822-1825.
Ireland, Wright & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants; Under the Bank, c.1793-1794.
$Isles, C.: Bath Bridge; c.1863-1866.
Ivatt, James: Royal Gloucester House, Clifton, Hotwells, c.1836.

Jackson, Richard: Wine & Brandy Merchant; Wilder Street, c.1793-1794.
$Jaggard, Harry: 33 Hill Avenue, Victoria Park, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897-1906.
James, George & Co.: Hop & Brandy Merchants; King Street, c.1793-1794.
James, John: Wine Merchant; Dowry Square, c.1793-1794.
James, Joshua: Malt Distiller, 73 Stoke's Croft; c.1765-1785. Bankrupt 1785.
James, Luke & Co.: Malt Distillers, Barton Hill, c.1783.
James, Nathaniel: Bottled Liquor Merchant, 3 St. Augustine's Place, March 1821; Foreign Wine & Spirit Dealer, 23 Queen Square; c.1822-1828.
$James, W. H. & Co.: 17 Small Street; c.1879-1880.
Jeffery, Bernard: Spirit Dealer, College Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Jennings, Maria: Wine & Spirit Dealer, Cork Tavern, Broad Quay, c.1828.
Jillard, Spencer & Hollister: Beer, Ale & Porter Brewers, Importers & Dealrs in Foreign Spirits, Oakhill, Somerset & 13 Old Market Street.
Johns, Richard: Distiller, 53 Broad Street; c.1775.
$(V)Johnson, Joseph: 1 Lawrence Hill; 1847; 36 Clarence Road; c.1849-1866.
Johnson, Sarah: Dealer in Spirits; Lawrence Hill, c.1793-1794.
$Jones, Fred: 4 Merchant Street, c.1863.
$Jones, Imlah H.: 50 Old Market Street; c.1851.
Jones, J.: 4 Nelson Street, & Quay Street; c.1856.
Jones, Matthew: Distiller, Broad Street, c.1783.
Jones, Richard: Wine Merchant, 26 Corn Street; c.1775.
Jones, Richard: Distiller, Broad Street, c.1793-1794.
*Jones, Richard: 17 Baldwin Street; c.1874.
Jones, Timothy: Spirit Dealer, 81 Redcliff Street, c.1828.
$(V)Jones, William: 17 Nelson Street; c.1850-1852.
Jones, William Hazle: Spirit Dealer, Golden Bottle, Welsh Back, c.1836.

(V)Keal, Frederick J.: 8 & 9 Surrey Street; c.1885-1886.
$Keen, James: Victoria Street; c.1871-1877.
$Keen, Mrs. Elizabeth: Victoria Street; c.1877-1878.
Keen, William: 47 Broadmead; c.1852-1853.
Kelly, Christopher: Dealer in Foreign Wines & Spirits, Ales, Porter etc. Crystal Palace, 6 Eldon Place, Berkeley Place Clifton, c.1862-1863.
Kemball, Charles Frederick: 5 St. Stephen's Street c.1859; 9 & 10 Tontine Warehouses, Quay Head; c.1865 (See Powell & Mackenzie).
Kemball, Frederick Henry: 37 Nicholas Street; c.1894-1902.
*Kemball & Powell: 9 Tontine Warehouses, Quay Head; c.1874 (see above).
Kemp, James: Post Master & Stable Keeper, Reeves's Hotel stable yard; Hotel Apartments, Retailer of Wines, Spirits, &c. College place—Carriages Built & Repaired at the shortest notice, c.1836.
$(V)Kent, John: Kent Arms, Frogmore Street; c.1842-1856, & (V) 4 Unity Street c.1825-1862 (Shoeing Smith, stables & Vet. Surgeon, Wine, Spirit & Bottled Liquor Merchant, agent for Old Strong Burton Ale).
$(V)Kent, Samuel: 9 Nicholas Street; c.1849.
$Kerry, James; 11 Park Street; c.1874.
$Kiddell, William Henry: 213 Coronation Road; c.1906.
Killegrew, Thomas: Wine & Brandy vaults, 42 Wine Street; c.1775.
*Kinahan & Co Ltd.: C. H. James, Agent, 30 Broad Street; c.1893.
King & Wills: Importers of Foreign Spirits, Temple Street, c.1805.
King, George: 51 Corn Street, c.1825. Foreign Wine & Brandy Agent, & Corn Metre; Office Back, c.1828.
(V)King, Mary: 31 King Street; c.1849.
King, Samuel: Spirit Dealer (retail), Nicholas Street, c.1822-1828; 5 Upper Berkeley Place, c.1830-1836; 23 Old Market Street, c.1836-1844; 9 Nicholas Street c.1836-1844.
King T. & Co.: Spirit Dealer & Bottled liquor Merchant, 24 Horse Fair, c.1822.
$(V)King, William Charles: 31 King Street, Queen Square; c.1850-1866.
Kinlock & Co.: Agent, John Geary, 4 Portland Place, Clifton; c.1885-1886.
Knight, Isaac: Spirit Dealer, 17 Hotwells Road, c.1836-1844.

La Binge, A. P.: 1 Exchange Buildings, c.1830. 
*Lambert, Henry Farran & Co.: 35 Prince Street; c.1879-1886.
Lambley, C. & Co.: partnership dissolved Nov 1836. Her husband James Booth Lambley was bankrupt 16 May 1837. See Zincraft.
Land, William Henry & Co.: British Wine Merchant, Union Court, Corn Street; c.1842-1847
*Lane, Banfield & Co.: 29 Broad Street; c.1874-1881. (See Banfield J. M., partnership dissolved 30 June 1881.
(V)$Lane, Frederick: 1 or 4 Bedminster Causeway/Parade; c.1856-1865, 1 Bedminster Parade; c.1863-1866.
$*Lane, F. J. & Co.: The Old Museum - bottom Park Street; c.1880.
Lane, G.: Wine and Brandy Merchant, bankrupt May 1836.
Lang, Stephen (cider merchant): 74 Broad Quay; c.1852-1853
Langley, J.: bankrupt Jan. 1835.
Lavington, Edward: Drowned whilst boating at Clevedon, Weds. 11 Aug. 1858. (See Lavington, W. F. & E.).
Lavington, William Frederick: Wine, Spirit, Ale & Porter Merchant; 14 Bedminster Causeway (corner house leading to Boot Lane, known as the Boar's Head when sold in 1846, E. Howell, victualler, then, Eliza Smith, c.1849; Thomas B. Elliott was incumbent just prior to Lavington in c.1852-1853 and William Bevan was victualler c.1861-74); c.1853-56 also at 1 Villa Place, Clevedon from summer 1855.
$Lavington, W. F. & E.: & bottled liquor dealers, 50-52 Baldwin Street; c.1859-1863.
*Lavington, William Frederick & Co.: 50-52 Baldwin Street; c.1863, (& Branch Established 1 Villa Place Clevedon) c.1865-1874.
*Lavington, William Frederick & Son: 43-49 Baldwin Street; c.1879-1914.
Lawrence, Edward: (Agent for W. & A. Gilbey) College Green & 36 Broad Street, Bath; c.1865.
(V)$Lawson, Joseph: 74 Redcliff Hill; c.1851-1865.
*Lax, Joseph & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 35 Bridge Street; c.1816-1836.
$Leach, J.: 51 Broad Street; c.1851.
$Lear, R. H.: 34 Broadmead; c.1865, (late Weir & Lear), 1866.
Legge, D: Berkeley; c.1854-1856.
Le Ray, Joshua (& cider merchant): 39 Broad Quay; c.1847-1853.
Leroy, Gustave, & Co.: 6 Stephen Street & le Havre (France), c.1863.
(V)Lewis, Elizabeth: 1 Merchant Street; c.1842-1852.
(V)Lewis, George: 15 Broad Weir; c.1849-1863.
Lewis, John: Dealer in Spirits; Broad Street, c.1793-1794.
(V)Lewis, Miss Mary Ann: Spirit Dealer, 92 Old Market Street, c.1822; 5 Highbury Terrace, Cotham Terrace; c.1879-1885; 164 St. Michael's Hill; c.1886.
Lewis, William: Wine Merchant, 13 Cumberland Street; c.1775.
$Lewton, Alfred Frederick: 446 Stapleton Road; c.1938.
$Lewton, Henry: 446 Stapleton Road; c.1906-1914.
*Lilly, Christopher: After split with L. C. Brayley, in Nov. 1871 he opens a branch office of Josiah Stallard & Sons, Distillers and Importers of Wines and Spirits of Worcester. The branch is at Liverpool Buildings, Corn Street Bristol. The stores were at Clare Street Hall, c.1876, Sept. 1877 he moved to Freemason's hall, bottom of Park St., in liqudation by Dec. 1877, by 1878 he is a wine broker & auctioneer at 16 Bridge Street Back. He is at Trafalgar House, Nelson Place, Clifton; c.1880, retired to Lambeth, London by 1891.
Llewellin, David: Spirit Dealer, Rownham Passage-house tavern, Rownham Ferry, Hotwells, c.1818-1846 (Bur. 1 Dec. 1846 at St. Michael age 68).
(V)Llewellin, Deborah: née Elliott, widow, married David Llewellyn of Rownham, 5 March 1834 at St. Paul's, Bristol; 4 Nicholas Street; c.1849-1850.
Lloyd, John: 24 Prince's Street, c.1825.
(V)Locke, Lewis: 8 Bedminster Causeway; c.1849-1851.
Lockey, Joseph: Wine & Beer Merchant, 4 Park Street, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1871-1886, 31 Park St.; c.1889-1914. Lived Raymont Villa, Redland Vale, 1871, age 43.
$*Lockley & Co.: Old Museum Buildings, College Green. Agent for Plymouth Gin. c.1879-1883.
*Lockley & Co.: Mermaid Brewery, Lewin's Mead; 1861-75, Lewins Mead Brewery, St. John's Bridge, c.1877-1880.
*Lomas, G. E. & Co.: 6 Denmark Street; c.1874-1880.
$Long, Mary: Mall; c.1852.
(V)Long, Samuel Robert: 49 Redcliff Hill; c.1879-1886; 44 Redcliff Hill; c.1889-1894.
$Long, Francis Augustus: Long's General supply Stores: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 75 Bryant's Hill Road, St. George; c.1902-1938.
Lorain, John  Co.: Brandy Merchants, Union Street, c.1783.
Lorain, Mary: Vintner; Union Street, c.1793-1794.
Loveless, William: Wine Merchant, 13 Small Street; c.1775.
$(V)Lovell, John G.: 74 Redcliff Hill; c.1849-1853.
$Loveridge, E. F.: Quay Street; c.1863-1866.
Loveridge, W. S.: 42 Maryleport Street; c.1856.
$Lovibond, John & Sons, Ltd.: Victoria Street; c.1906.
$Low, Charles: Regent Street, Clifton; c.1886.
Lucas, Onesiphorus: Dealer in Spirits (retail); 1 Old Market Street, c.1793-1818; 21 Old Market Street, c.1822.
*Ludlow & Co.: 44 Broad Quay; c.1874-1889.
*Ludlow, C. H. & Co.: 42 Baldwin Street; c.1886.
$Lyons, Philip: 66 Park Row; c.1914.

$Macdonald, Hugh Alex.: 168a Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1938.
*MacKenzie & Co.: 9 & 10 Quay Head (Colston Avenue); c.1889-1914 (see Powell & Mackenzie). Tontine Warehouses.
Maddocks, Cartwright: Wine & Brandy Merchant, Hotwell Road, c.1828.
Madox & Danvers: Wine Merchants, Clare Street, c.1805.
$Manning, C.: Broadmead; c.1851.
Martin, W. P.: bankrupt by Dec. c.1849.
Masey, Edward: Wine & Spirit Merchant, 34 Queen Square, c.1830.
Mather, Henry Clarke: 36 Prince Street; c.1852-1853.
Matthews, H.: Bitton; c.1856.
Matthews, J.: Distiller, King's Street, c.1783.
Mayes, John: Distiller, 14 Horse Fair; c.1775.
(V)$McKiever (McKiern?), Daniel: 15 Old Market Street; (& 44 Prince Street c.1856) c.1852-1865.
Mease, Matthew: Wine Merchant; Orchard Street, c.1793-1794.
Meatyard, George: Spirit Dealer, Broad Street,, c.1844.
Merry, Henry: Spirit Dealer, Bunch of Grapes, Old Market Street, c.1836.
Metevier, Charles: 4 Buckingham Place, Queen's Road; c.1859.
*Methley, Noel Thomas & Ernest: 16 Small Street, bonded stores 18 & 20 Victoria Street; c.1897-1902; 28 Nicholas Street; c.1906  (See Hawkesbury Wine Co.).
Michael, J.: High Street, Thornbury; c.1856.
Michell, Mary: Spirit Dealer, 34 Broadmead, c.1828-1836.
$Milleman, Hole & Co.: George Milleman, William Hole, John Williams & Thomas Papps, Rectifying Distillers, Raisin Wine & Vinegar Makers, Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchants, 10 St. Thomas Street, from 10 June 1776.
Miller, John: Wine Merchant; Bedminster, c.1793-1794.
Miller, Joseph: Kings Arms, Baldwin Street, c.1831-1834, moved to Stokes Croft, out of business, and then retailer of beer at All Saints Street by Oct. 1866. (Contents of King's Arms sold Sept. 1813. Previous landlord I. G. Brown died 22 Sept. 1829, his widow remained for a short while.)
*Miller, R. W. & Co.: 4 Berkeley Place, Clifton; c.1894  (See Sparshatt); 48 Stokes Croft; c.1901
Miller, Thomas: Wine, Rum & Brandy Seller, 61 Redcliff Hill; c.1775-1783.
(V)Millman, Mrs.: 31 Kingsdown Parade; c.1885-1886.
$Milton, Harold F. & Co.: 72 Alma Road, Clifton; c.1906.
$Mitchell, Mrs. Ellen Ann: 73 West Street, St. Philip's & 262 Stapleton Road; c.1906; also later at 74 East Street, Bedminster; 124 Whiteladies Road; 115 & 333 Wells Road, Knowle; 243 North Street, Bedminster; 137 Gloucester Road, Bishopston; 23 Queen's Road, Clifton; 229 Church road, Redfield; 34 North View, Westbury Park; 141 West Street, Bedminster; 9 Canford Lane, Westbury-upon-Trym; 63 Stoke Hill, Stoke Bishop & 9 Cotham Hill, c.1938.
Mitchell, James: Spirit Dealer (retail), 34 Broadmead, c.1822.
$Mitchell, Lawrence: 96 Old Market Street; c.1938.
Mood, T.: Bottled Liquor Merchant, 40 College Green, c.1836.
Moore, F. G.: 1 Dowry Parade, Hotwells; c.1889.
$Moore, Miss Florence Mabel: 387 Gloucester Road, Horfield; c.1914.
*Moore, Hanson & Ford (wine): 9 Prince Street; c.1856-1866.
*Moore & Brown: Wine & Spirit Merchants, 34 Welsh Back c.1836; Moore, Hanson & Co. 34 Welsh Back, c.1842-1849; 27 Prince Street; c.1851-1894 (see James Moore).
Moore, James: Wine Merchant, 6 New King Street, c. 1818-1822; 36 Bristol Back, c.1825-1828. Queen's Square Avenue, c.1830. Much respected campaigner for the trade. Residence Montague House, Montague Hill, c.1828.
Moore, William & Co.: Rectifying Distillers; Lewins Mead, c.1783-1801. (William Moore, Philip George & Thomas Cole, dissolved 29 Sept. c.1801).
Moore, W. S.: 1 Dowry Parade, Hotwells; c.1894.
*Moon, E. G. & Co.: 43 Prince Street; c.1880.
Morans (Bristol) Limited: 42 Welsh Back c.1926-1984 (See Spackman & Gosling).
Morgan, James: Wine Merchant; Prince's Street, c.1793-1794.
Morgan, John: Vintner; Wine Street, c.1793-1794.
Morgan, William & John: Wine Merchants, Queen Square, c.1805.
Morgans, J.: Spirit Dealer, 92 Old Market Street, c.1836.
$Morley, Charles H. & Co.: 207 Cheltenham Road & 48 Glocester Road, Bishopston; c.1938.
*Morris, Arthur Jefferey: 12 Small Street; c.1874-1893.
*Morris & Co.: 12 Small Street; c.1894-1897; (Limited) c.1901-1906; 51 Broad street, c.1914.
Morris, David: Porter Bottled Liquor Merchant, 13 Baldwin Street, c.1794-1824 & 29 College Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818). ; 53 Broad Street, c.29 Oct. 1824-Oct. 1827.
Morris, Mrs. E.: Bottled Porter, Cider & Strong Beer Merchant, 3 St. Augustin's Place. c.1828.
*Mortimer & Clune: Rupert Hall, St. John's Bridge; c.1886-1894.
Morton, A. D.: High Street, Chipping Sodbury; c.1851-1856.
Moxham, William: Rectifying Distillers, 36 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775-( & Co.) c.1794-1805.
Mudge, William Robert: 11 Portland Street, Clifton; c.1897.
(V)Murch, Thomas: Spirit Dealer, 51 Broad Street, c.1828-1836; Murch, Hester, 51 Broad Street, c.1837-1846.
Myers, Henry: 5 Tottenham Place, Clifton; c.1851-1853; 1 York Place, Clifton; c.1856; Clifton Place, Clifton; c.1859-1863; Manor House, Clifton Road; c.1863-1865.

(V)Naish, Henry: Park Street Viaduct; c.1885-1886.
Napton, Thomas: Spirit Dealer, College Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Naylor, Castle & Co.: Distillers; Cheese Lane, c.1793-1794 (See Castles).
$Neale, Caroline: 47 Castle Street; c.1851-1852.
New, Miller & Co.: Wine Merchants; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Newall, Richard: Wine Merchant; Orchard Street, c.1793-1794.
$Newbury, John: 48 Gloucester Road; c.1902.
$Newbury, Mrs. Elizabeth: 48 Gloucester Road; c.1906.
Newman, Richard (British): St. James Barton; c.1847.
$New Supply Co.: 152 St. Michael's Hill; c.1893.
Nike, John: 12 Clevedon Terrace, Cotham; c.1889.
*Noake, Isaac D.: Baldwin Street; c.1848-1849 late F. C. Husenbeth.
$*Noake & Graham: Baldwin Street; c.1850-1853.
$*Northam, Francis & Co.: Castle Street & 1, 6, & 8 Lower Castle Street; c.1893-1914.
$*Northam, Thomas Gliddon & Co.: 15 High Street; c.1886; 14 & 15 High Street; 1 & 2 Maryleport Street, Warehouse, Bath Street; c.1889-1906; 35 St. Stephen Street, c.1914.
*Norton, Joseph Emmett, & Co.: Wine, Spirit and Bottled Liquor Merchants, (Office for Assessed Taxes, Agent for the Salamander and Western Fire Insurance Company & United Kingdom Life Assurance Company), Saville cottage, Clifton. c.1830-1836.
*Nott, William: Wholesale Wine & Spirit Dealer, 57 Old Market Street, c.1814-1836. (Mother Elizabeth married Richard Morgan, brewer.)

*Old Bond Wine Stores: Bath Street; G. Thomas manager c.1886-1901.
$Oldfield, James: 41 East Street, Bedminster; c.1880-1886.
Olive & Taylor: Wine Merchants between 42 & 43 Castle Street; c.1775.
Oliver, John: City & County Stores: 4-5 Bath Parade, Bristol c.1879-1956; 167 Whiteladies Road, Redland, c.1886-1955.
(V)Olive(r), Joseph: 15 Peter Street; c.1844-1856.
(V)$*Oliver, David Stodhart: $ at 1 (c.1850-1863) & 2 Temple Street; & 5 Temple Street; c.1865-1866; 1 & 2 Temple St. & *16 Victoria Street & $ 2 Nicholas Street; c.1874-1914 (& Son c.1885-1889); & (Olivers Limited) 31 High St.; c.1889-1914; Olivers (1913) Limited, 16 Victoria Street, c.1913-1938.
One (The) Clare Street City of Bristol Supply Co.: 30 Clare Street & St. Stephen's Street; George Thomas, manager c.1894-1914.
Onion, Thomas: Dealer in Spirits; 8 Bath Street, c.1793-1794.
$Oram, William Henry: 16 Chandos Road; c.1906-1914.
Orlidge, ?: Wine Merchant, 5 Dighton Street; c.1775.
Orlidge & Son: Wine Merchant, 18 Small Street; c.1775.
Orlidge, Daniel Day: bankrupt April c.1836.
Orlidge, John: Brandy Merchant, Thomas Street, c.1805.
*Orlidge, Joseph: Wine Merchant; Small Street, c.1783-1805; & Co. 17 Small Street; c.1818-1836; 18 Small Street; c.1842-1844.
Ormond, William Darch: Wine Merchant, dealer and chapman, bankrupt Sep. 1812 (See James Powell).
(V)Otto, F. H.: 6 Wine Street; c.1886.
(V)Overbury, Thomas: Mitre, 6 Park Street Viaduct, 1874-1891; Sceptre, 1 Welsh Back; c.1877-1899.
Owen & Corsham (or Corsham & Owen): Distillers, 27 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775-1785 (See Corsham, Hannah & Thomas).
$Owens, J.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 90 East Street, Bedminster; c.1879; 88 East St. c.1889-1894.
$Owens, J. S.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 102 Stapleton Road; c.1906.
Oxley, R. (wine): 32 Welsh Back; c.1865.

Page, John: Cooper & Wine Merchant, 2 Wilder Street; c.1775.
Page, John: Brandy Merchant; Thomas Street, c.1793-1794.
Palmer, Arthur: Dealer in Spirits; Nicholas Street, c.1793-1794.
$Palmer, Ernest Alfred: 66 Park Row; c.1906.
$(V)Palmer, Frederick: 2 Frog Lane; c.1842-1852. Married Mary Robinson, daughter of the late Charles Harvey Esq. of Bourton House, Som. 29 March 1845 at Flax Bourton. Bankrupt by Oct. 1849.
$Palmer, F. H. & Sons: 698 Fishponds Road; c.1906.
(V)Palmer, Samuel: 54 Stoke's Croft; c.1885-1889.
Panter, distiller, Bedminster, died 11 Nov. 1810.
(V)Parish, Richard: Wells Road; c.1885-1886.
Parker & Balsdon: 17 Welsh Back; stock sold 1858. Frederick Henry Parker bankrupt 31 May 1858, John Balsdon, trustee.
$Parker, Henry: 55 Redcliff Hill; c.1875-1880.
*Parker, Thomas: Bridge street; c.1874-1880.
Parker, William: Dealer in Spirits; Thomas Street, c.1793-1794.
Parry, Cole & Co.: Distillers; Temple Street, c.1793-1794, Malt Distillers, Redcliff Hill, c.1805,, distillery at Temple Backs sold by Castle & Co. 1812.
(V)Parsley, Daniel: 3 Barton Alley; c.1850.
Parsley, John: Spirit Dealer (retail), 4 Merchant Street, c.1822.
Parsons, E. C. & Co.: Brandy Merchants, Bristol & Weston-Super-Mare, c.1877.
Patrick & Brown: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 102 Stapleton Road; c.1894.
(V)Patterson, Gilbert: 2 Lower Castle Street; c.1885.
Paul, Edward B.: Wine Merchant, 12 Park Street, c.1828.
Paul, Son & Burke: New-Buildings, Small Street, c.1824-1828.
*Paul, Sons & Co.: Wine & Spirit Merchants, 9 Unity Street, c.1828-1836; 13 Old Market, c.1830.
*Paul, Henry & Co.: Saville Cottage, Saville Place, Clifton; c.1841-1853.
*Paul, H. & Co.: & bottled liquor dealer, 1 Regent Place, Clifton; c.1856-1874.
*Paul, H. & Co.: 4 Unity Street; c.1880-1897.
(V)$Paul, H. & Co.: 6 Frogmore Street; c.1880-1897.
Payton, Betty: Dealer in Spirits; Bath Street, c.1793-1794.
$(V)*Peck, William: 33 Broad Street, c.1810-1827; 53 Broad Street, c.1827-1844.
$(V)Peck, William Bishop: 53 Broad Street; c.1844-1853.
$*(V)Peck, William B. & Co.: 53 Broad Street; c.1856-1897, (Offices 1 Lion Chambers) c.1894-1902; 52 & 53 Broad Street, c.1906-1914; (Innes, Smith & Co. Ltd. proprietors) Newmarket Avenue, Broad Street, c.1938.
$Perrett, Arthur Charles: 13 Back of Bridge Street; c.1938.
Perry, Henry: (from Bath) Reeves Hotel & Tavern and Wine & Spirit Merchant, College Place, c.1828-1836.
$Perry, James: 11 Portland Street, Clifton; c.1885-1894.
Perry & Urch: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Denmark Street, c.1816-1818 (Evans 1818).
Peters, David: 43 College Street, c.1825.
$Petch, Frank Parker: 71 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, c.1938.
Phelps, Isaac: Wine & Brandy Merchant, First Left Hand Avenue, Queen Square; c.1816-1822.
$Phelps, James: 46 & 47 West Street; c.1863-1880.
(V)$Phelps, Sarah: 46 & 47 West Street; c.1885-1886; 82 & 84 West Street; c.1893.
$Phelps, H.: Park Row; c.1866.
$Phillips, Alfred (broker): (16)17 Small Street; c.1847-1859.
Phillips, Augustus: Wine Merchant, Nelson Street, c.1844.
Phillips, Catherine: Spirit Dealer, St. Nicholas Street, c.1818  (Evans 1818).
*Phillips, Edward & Co.: Importers of Foreign Wines & Spirits, 30 Broad Street, c.1828-1830; 12 Nelson Street, c.1836; 29 Broad Street; c.1842-1866. Partnership with William Phillips dissolved 31 March 1846.
*Phillips, James R. & Co.: Importers & Foreign Spirit Merchants, 2 Nelson Street, c.1828-1836; 3 Nelson Street; c.1842-1880, (Limited) c.1893-1902 bonded cellars 13 Colston Street, St. Augustine's Place; 19 Nelson Street, c.1906-1938.
Phillips, Jeremiah: Wine Merchant, c.1812-1817, daughter Louisa died 1812 and Eliza 1817.
Pierce, W.: British Wine Maker, 38 Paul Street, Kingsdown, c.1863.
Pike, William Joseph: 27 Nicholas Street; c.1894-1897.
*Pitt, W. A. & Co. (wine): 6 John Street; c.1856-1863; 21 Baldwin Street; c.1865-1866.
Pitt, James: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 40 Stoke's Croft; c.1879.
Player, Edward: Wine, Porter & Cyder Merchant, King Street, c.1805.
Player, John: Dealer in Spirits; Castle Street, c.1793-1794.
Player, J. B. & Co.: Wine & Spirit, Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 4 Queen Square; c.1822-1828.
Player, Joseph Henry James: Wine Agent, Guildhall Chambers, c.1879.
Player, Thomas & John: Wine Merchants (Late Weir & Turner), 104 Temple Street, c.1878-1879 (in liquidation 1879).
Plumley, George: Dealer in Spirits; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Pollard, George: Wine Vaults, Dowry Square; Gave up Pork Butchery and purchased Spirit Vaults from Mr. Watts, Nov. 1870. Watts had it from 24 May 1869. Pollard had to borrow the money (£100), this left him broke and he ended up petitioning for liquidation on 21 Feb. 1871.
(V)Pomeroy, W. C.: Waterloo Place, Clifton; c.1859.
*Pool, William Hawes & Co.: 12  Augustine's Bank; c.1866-1894.
(V)$Poole, W. H.: 2 Devonshire Buildings, c.1863; 21 Hotwell Road; c.1863-1866; 1 Hanover Place, Hotwells; c.1885-1886.
$Pope, Alfred John: Hope Inn: 8 Bedminster Parade; c.1906.
Popham, W.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 2 Kingsdown Parade; c.1879.
$Popular Empire Wine Co.: 5 The Arcade, East Street, Bedminster; 57 Church Road, Redfield; 70 Lawrence Hill, St. Philips; 167 Avonvale Road, Barton Hill; 18 Essex Street, Bedminster & 378 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood; c.1938
Porter, Charles: Spirit Dealer, 8 Bedminster Causeway; c.1828-1847.
$Posada Wine Co.: Alfred Heath Gee, manager, 22 High Street; c.1889-1938.
Postan, S.: Rummer Tavern, c.1805.
$(V)Powell, Isaac: 15 Old Market Street; c.1850-1851.
Powell, James: Wine Merchant, dealer and chapman, bankrupt Sep. 1812. (See Ormond).
Powell, Joshua & Co.: Distillers & Wine Merchants; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1801.
*Powell & Co.: 55 & 56 Milk Street; c.1874.
*Powell & Mackenzie: 9 & 10 Tontine Warehouses, Quay Head; c.1880-1886 (see Kemball).
Pratten, Misses Emily (& Lillian Louisa 1889): 17 Small Street; c.1889-1894.
$Prentice & Son: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; Triangle, 79 Queen's Road; c.1885-1894; 44 Bridge Street, 35 Triangle & Maryleport Street; c.1889-1893.
Price, A. & Son: 16 Chandos Road, Woolcot Park; c.1902.
Price, Elizabeth: Spirit Dealer, 92 Old Market Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
$*Price, James: Nicholas street; 1851; 2 Mall Buildings, Clifton; 1863-1866; & 11 Portland Place; c.1874.
Price, John & Thomas: Wine Merchants, dealers and chapmen, bankrupt October 1810.
$Price, M.: Temple Gate; c.1851.
(V)Price, William: Temple Gate; c.1849.
(V)$Price, William King: & bottled liquor dealer, 1 Nicholas Street; c.1859-1886 (Est. 1652).
Prichard, Edward: Wine Merchant, 7 Belle Vue, Clifton, c.1828.
$Prigg, C. A.: Bedminster Causeway; c.1866.
Prime, Francis: Wine Merchant, St. Augustine's Back (Parade); c.1775.
Pring, Benjamin: St. Michael's Hill; c.1859-1874 (see brewers).
(V)Pring, John: Temple Gate; c.1849; near the Terminus c.1851.
(V)$Pring, R: Temple Gate; c.1859; near the Terminus; c.1863-1866.
Pritchard, Charles: 35 Redcliff Hill; c.1863.
Pritchard & Harvey: Edward Pritchard and John Harvey, wine merchants, partnership dissolved 12 Feb. 1842.
Pritchard, Sarah: Spirit Dealer (retail), 13 Old Market Street, c.1822.
*Proctor, R. J.: 122 Thomas Street; c.1880.
*Proprietary, H. D. Ltd.: 378 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood; c.1938.
Protheroe, William, & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Broad Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Pugh, H. & Son: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London, 54 Redcliff Hill; c.1879.
Pugh, Samuel: Brandy Merchant; Avon Street, c.1793-1794.
Pugh, W. H.: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London, Redcliff Hill; c.1889.
$*Punfield, J. & Co.: $Frogmore Street; & *6 Unity Street; c.1874-1880.
Purdue & Henbury: Tobacconists & Wine Merchants, Castle Street, c.1783.
$Purchase & Co.: 65 Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1938.
Putney, J.: bottled liquor dealer, Byron Place, c.1863.

$Quadrant Wine Co. (The): 2 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bertie William Thomas Moran, prop.; c.1938.
Quirk, Daniel R.: 15 Barrs Street; c.1902.

Rallins, William: Distiller; Upper Maudlin Lane, c.1793-1794.
Rankin, Robert & Co.: British Wine Makers, Temple Street c.1818 (Evans, 1818).; 10 Corn Street; c.1822-1828. (residence Park House, Clifton 1828) Only Vendor of Whitbread London Porter in 1828.
Rankin, Thomas: Wine & Spirit, Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, Guinea Street; c.1822; 10 Corn Street, c.1825-1828; Quay Street c.1830-1834. (Residense St. James Barton 1828)
*Rankin, Thomas & Son: Merchants—Importers of Wines & Spirits, Quay Street; c.1834-1852.
Rankin & Taylor: 12 Small Street, Bristol and at Bridgwater; from 19 Jul 1852-1861 merger of Rankin & Son and Taylor.
*Rankin & Co.: 12 Small Street; c.1861-1871.
$*Rather, W. & Co.: 4 Berkeley Place, Clifton; c.1897-1906.
Rawlins, Edward & Co.: Distillers; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Rawlins, Thomas: Distiller & vinegar maker, 15 Temple Street; c.1775.
Reed, Charles: 4 St. Nicholas Street; c.1816-1825. Married Apr. 1816 to Elizabeth Sadler, at St. Mary's, Oxford.
*Reed, Charles: 4 Charlotte Street, Queen Square & Nicholas Street, c.1828; Little King Street, Queen Square, adjoining the late Mansion House, c.1836; & Son, c.1842-1847, & Sons c.1848-1849.
*Reed & Sadler (importers): Little King Street (adjoining the late Mansion House): c.1850-1856. Failed July 1856 with liabilities over £8,000. Sadler was an Income Tax collector with personal liabilities over £1,600.
Reed & Staite: Charles Reed in partnership with Opie Staite, Little King Street, from 14 Jan. 1836-Feb. 1838.
$*Reed, William Bateman: Queen's Hotel, Queen's Road, Clifton; c.1863-1874.
Reed, W. & Co.: 100 Victoria Street, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1879.
Reynolds, Thomas: Wine, Rum & Brandy Merchant, 10 North Street, St. James; c.1775-1794. (1783 listed as Stoke's Croft).
Reynolds & Gilbert: Baldwin Street; c.1865.
Rice & Bartley: Distillers, 16 Temple Back; c.1775.
Rice, W.: 69 & 70 Redcliff Hill; c.1863.
Rich, Mary Ann: 26 Redcliff Street, c.1844.
$Rich, William: Redcliff Street; c.1852.
Richards, Benjamin: Spirit Dealer, Baldwin Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Richards, G.: British wine & spirits, Quay street, & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 2 Nelson Street, c.1836.
Richards, John: Spirit Dealer (retail), Broad Weir, c.1822.
Richards, Sarah: Spirit Dealer, Broad Weir, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
$Richards, T.: Old Market Street; c.1866
Richardson, ?: Dealer in Spirits; Broad Street, c.1793-1794.
Ricketts, J. Jun.: Bottled Liquor Merchant, Bath Street, c.1828-1836.
Riddle, I.: Mansion House Avenue, Queen Square; c.1851-1856; Tucker Street; c.1863.
*Rigby & Evens Ltd.: 22 King Street, Queen Square; c.1920-1949.
Ring, Joseph: Wine Merchant, 120 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775; Raisin Wine Maker, Thomas Street, c.1783.
$Rivers, John: Greenbank Hotel; 57 Belle Vue Road, Lower Easton; c.1906.
$Roberts, Albert P.: 50 Bedminster Parade; c.1938.
Roberts, Sarah Ann: Dealer in Spirits, Brandy Cask, 51 Broad Street, c.1861-1863.
$Roberts, Walter R.: 15 Alfred Place, Kingsdown; c.1906.
Roberts, Thomas: Wine Merchant; 3 Stoke's Croft, c.1793-1794.
Rocke, James & Co.: Importers of Foreign Spirits, British Wine Makers & Rectifying Distillers, 36 Thomas Street; c.1818-1828.
$(V)Rogers, John: 90 Old Market Street; c.1847-1856.
$Rogers, W. J. Ltd.: 40 Jacob Street, St. Philips; 1914; Broad Plain Stores Tel: 23286 & 7; c.1938.
Ro(s)siter, Robert: Maltster, & Dealer in Spirits, Bunch of Grapes, Clarence road, c.1836.
$Ross, James & Co.: 28 Nicholas Street; c.1893-1894.
Rosser, William: Spirit Dealer, Myrtle Tree, 74 Redcliff Hill, c.1828-1836.
Rossiter, Robert: Spirit Dealer, Lawrence Hill, c.1830.
Rowland, Daniel: Distiller, 34 Key (Quay); c.1775; Dealer in Rum & Brandy, Quay, c.1783.
Rowland, Mary: Dealer in Spirits; Quay, c.1793-1794.
Rowland, Robert: Dealer in Spirits; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1805.
Rowland, Samuel: Dealer in Spirits, 34 Broad Quay, c.1818-1844. (Evans, 1818).
$Rowley, C.: Wholesale & Retail Wine & Spirit Merchants, 17  Maryport Street, c.1836.
*Rowley, H. T. & Co.: 14 Old Market Street; c.1863-1866 (see Bryant).
Rudall, J.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 9 Clarence Road, West Street; c.1879.
$Rudman, Edward R.: The Stores, 2 Victoria Buildings, Upper Knowle, Wells Road; c.1902.
$Rudman, F. R.: The Stores, 2 Victoria Buildings, Upper Knowle, Wells Road; Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1906.
$*Russell, Granby: 11 Portland Street; c.1878-1880; 22 The Mall & Waterloo Place, Clifton; c.1885-1906 & at Keynsham R. S. O.
Russell, James Graves: 2 Frogmore Lane; c.1818-1830.
*Russell, Joseph: Wine & Brandy Merchant, 22 Barrs Street, St. James Barton; c.1818-1853. Relative died of Monkshood poisoning, mistaken for horseradish,  Newry Examiner and Louth Advertiser - Saturday 12 November 1853 p.3.
(V)Russell, William: Lower Berkeley Place, Clifton; c.1859; 17 Maryleport Street; c.1885-1886.
*Russell & Co.: 124 Whiteladies Road, Clifton; c.1902-1914.

(V)Sadler, Henry: the "Revolving Light" Wine & Spirit Vaults, 60 Baldwin Street, c.1828-1836. Bankrupt Sept. 1836. Died 21 June 1837 at Portishead, aged 58.
Sais, William E.: 14 King Square Avenue; c.1894.
$Sainsbury Brothers: 65 Queen's Road and 217 Cheltenham Road; c.1938.
Sainsbury, Hibbard, & Co.: Wine and Spirit Merchants, 17 Small Street, purchased by Messrs. John Whitting & Co. 36, Marsh Street, Lady Day1921.
(V)Salter, John: 9 Old King Street; c.1885-1886.
Sanders, Henry: Wine Merchant, 9 Unity Street, College Green, c.1825-1830.
*Sanders & Palmer:  H. Sanders & F. Palmer, 9 Unity Street, College Green, 1833; late James Graves Russell's, 2 Frog Lane (bottom of Park Street), c.1836.
Saunders, Hester: Distiller, 15 Peter Street; c.1775.
Saunders, Alexander: Quay Head; c.1865.
(V)Savage, George: 4 Barton Alley; c.1849. Spirit Dealer, (commission agent) bankrupt 15 Nov. 1864.
Savage, William: 1 Dowry Parade; c.1818-1830 (Evans, 1818).; 1 Love Street, Hotwells; c.1836 -1844 (See Tremlett).
$Sayer, N.: Nicholas Street; c.1851.
*Sayer & Co.: 1 Lawrence Hill; 1886; Clarence Road, West Street; c.1893.
$Scott's Stores: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 88 East Street, Bedminster; c.1906.
Season Brothers: 59 Wells Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; c.1897-1902.
Season, W. H. & U.: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London, 69 Wells Road, Totterdown; c.1889-1906.
Seaton, Arthur: 1 & 2 Quay Head; c.1889.
*Selkirk, Brayley & Butler: Grove; c.1890-1893 (See Brayley); Henry James Selkirk, the Spirit Vaults, High Street from 10 Oct. 1892, Nicholas Street until 20 June 1894.
Sellick, Mrs. S. A.: Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; Fishponds R. S. O.; c.1889-1894.
(V)Shave, John: 47 Castle Street; c.1849.
Shellard, A.: St. George's Road; c.1863.
Shellard, William: Dealer in Rum & Brandy, Corn Street, c.1783.
Shepherd, T. E.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 18 Clarence Road; c.1894.
Shirley Brothers (late Lucas & Co.): Tea Dealers, Family grocers & Provision Merchants, 86 Redcliff Street, c.1863.
Shirley, S.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, Victoria Street & 119 Whiteladies Road, Redland; c.1879.
$Shirley, Samuel: 3 Carlton Place, Clifton; Agent for W. & A. Gilbey of London; c.1880-1885 & 119 Whiteladies Rd. c.1886-1889.
$Shirley, Samuel & Son: 3 Victoria Street, Clifton & 119 Whiteladies Road, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1893-1914. & 49 Whiteladies Road c.1901 & Clifton Supply, Portland House, The Mall, c.1906-1914; & 53 Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1914.
Shorland, William & Co.: Malt Distillers, St. Philips, c.1783.
Shrapnell, R. H. & Sons: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 24 College Green; c.1879; 61 Park Street; c.1885.
Shute, Edwards & Shute: Wine & Brandy Merchants & Rectifiers, 24 Redcliff Street; c.1810-1832.
Shute, Edwin: Rectifying Distiller, Wine & Spirit Merchant, c.1829-1832 (bankrupt). Died May 1833.
(V)Sidway, George: Beaufort Arms Wine & Spirit Vaults, Nelson Street; stock sold 1858, bankrupt 28 May 1858.
Sims, James: Wine and Spirit Merchant, Nicholas Street, c.1836.
*Skeates, Henry Barnett: (importer) Little King Street; c.1893-1914, & Co. until 1928.
Slocombe, James: Spirit Dealer (retail), Broad Quay, c.1818 (Evans, 1818)-1822.
Smith, Alfred & Co.: Nore Road, Portishead; c.1886-1902; Slade Lane, Portishead S. O.; c.1889-1894.
*Smith, Charles: Tucker Street; c.1885-1886. (See Brewers)
Smith, Charlotte: Dealer in Spirits, 15 Old Market Street, c.1844.
$Smith, E.: Clifton Place, c.1863.
*Smith, Edward Dudley: 63 Queen Square; 1874; & Co., 69 Queen Square; 1889; & 53 Queen Charlotte Street, c.1938.
(V) Smith, Frederick: Clifton Place, Clifton; c.1859-1865.
Smith, H. & Co.: Mall, Clifton; c.1859.
$Smith, John: 20 Old Market Street; c.1863-1866.
*.Smith & Co.: 73 Queen Square; c.1880.
Smith, William: Spirit Dealer, 14 Old Market Street, c.1836.
Snell, Abraham: Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Foreign & British Spirits, Full Moon, Broad Street, c.1836.
Snook, John: Wine Merchant; 23 Broad Street, c.1775-1790 (died Apr. 1790).
Snook, John & William: Wine Merchants; 28 Broad Street, c.1793-1805.
Snow, T. & Son: 8 Old Market Street, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1889-1902.
Southey, Joseph: Spirit Dealer, the Prince Regent, 1 College Place, c.1818 (Evans, 1818)-1828 (Matthews).
Southey, William: Dealer in Spirits; College Street, c.1793-1794.
*Spackman & Dent: 44 Broad Quay; c.1890-1904.
*Spackman & Gosling: 7 Broad Quay, c.1904-1914; 42-44 Welsh Back, c.1938-1938. (See Morans)
Spalding, David: Spirit dealer, Back Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
(V)$*Sparshatt, E. J. & Co.: 2 (4) Berkeley Place; c.1879-1894.
Spreckley, Edward: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, Stoke's Croft; c.1879-1889.
Spring, Arthur William: Kings Arms Hotel, Blackboy Hill, Redland, Wine & Spirit Merchant; c.1898-1907.
$Stabbins, H.: Nicholas Street; c.1851.
$Stacey, James: Three Crowns Inn; Blackswarth Road, St. George, c.1906; 15 Old Market Street, c.1914.
*Stallard, George: 8 Bedminster Parade; c.1852-1863.
*Stallard, J. & Sons: Liverpool Buildings; c.1871-1877 (see Christopher Lilly).
$*Stannard, Alfred: 1 Love Street, Hotwells; c.1849-1853.
Starkey, Knight & Co.: Montague Place, Kingsdown; c.1889-(Ltd.) c.1894.
Starkey, Knight & Ford Ltd.: Montague Place, Kingsdown; c.1897.
$Stephens, H.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 26 Maryleport Street; c.1902-1906.
$Stephens, M. A.: Nicholas Street; c.1866.
(V)$Stephens, Thomas: 55 Redcliff Hill & 1 & 2 Guinea Street; 1855-1870; 22 (24) Redcliff Hill (Little Bottle) c.1855-1871, likely the same place, wife Caroline.
Stephens, Thomas: Little King Street c.1863-1866, cooper & bottled liquor dealer, c.1863, wife Sarah.
Stevens (or Stephens), G.: Wine Merchant, 17 & 18 Nelson Street, c.1863.
$*Stevens, William: 51 Broad Street; c.1865-1889.
*Stivens' Green Ginger Wine factory: Redcross Street; c.1880.
Stivens, John & Co.: 108 Temple Street; c.1847. Employed Adolphus Howell, formerly chemist at Wotton-under-Edge (died at Wotton-under-edge 26 May 1853 aged 42.)
Stone, Uriah: Distiller & agent to owner Beale's Trows, 68 Key (Quay); c.1775.
$Stone & Sharp: 61 Broadmead; c.1866.
(V)$Stone, Simon: 13 Stoke's Croft; c.1885-1886.
(V)$Stook, William: Dowry Square; c.1885-1893.
$Stores, The: 24 Park Street; c.1893-1906.
$Stow, I.: 1 Gloucester Terrace, Hotwells, c.1863.
Sturmey, Howells & Co.: Foreign Wine Merchants, Liverpool chambers, Corn Street; c.1869-1871 (death of  John Howells May 1884).
*Sturmey & Wissett: Stephen's Avenue; c.1874.
$Suffield, Mrs. Kate: 11 Portland Street, Clifton; c.1906-1914.
*Sullivan, Thomas: Spirit Merchant (whiskey), 3 College Place; c.1829-1852; corner Frog Lane (same place), c.1859; 17 College Green; c.1863-1869.
$Summers, J.: Baldwin Street, c.1863.
$Supply Co. (The): Whitfield Place, Kingswood Hill, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1906.
$Supply Stores (The): Fishponds; Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897; C. Winter, proprietor, c.1902; F. H. Palmer & Son c.1906.
Swain(e), John: Wine & Spirit & British Wine Merchant, 9 Union Street; c.1822-1825.
Symons, Butler: Wine & Brandy Merchant; King Square, c.1793-1805.

*Taplin, Joseph: Chemist, Druggist and British Wine Manufacturer (See G. Y. Home & Co.); Redcross Street; c.1880. Joseph was at 13 Corn Street from at least 1863. Stock sold 19 June 1877. died 13 Jan. 1877.
$(V)Tayler, Francis: Wholesale & Retail Spirit Dealer, 1 Milk Street; c.1818-1850 (Evans, 1818)..
$Tayler, Mary: 1 Milk Street; c.1851-1852.
Taylor & Macdonald: Wine & Spirit Merchants, 22 Baldwin Street, 1867 (bankrupt).
Taylor, Frederick: Wine & Spirit Merchant, 22 Baldwin Street, c.1867-1868.
$Taylor, George: 23 Redcliff Street; c.1807-1834; George (the son), c.1853-1879: Agent for Bett's Patent brandy (c.1833-1836).
$(V)Taylor, George & Henry: 23 Redcliff Street; c.1834-1849.
$(V)Taylor, Henry: 23 Redcliff Street; 1850, H. & Co. & Richmond Road, c.1849-1853 (Agent for Bett's patent brandy).
$*Taylor, G. & R. C.: (Grandsons of George) 28 Nicholas Street; c.1879-1882.
Taylor, Richard: Distiller, 1 Redcliff Parade; c.1775.
Taylor, T. D.: 1 Barr Street; c.1856.
Taylor, Walter: Distiller & vinegar maker, 28 Redcliff Street; c.1775.
Taylor & Eaton: Distillers, 9 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1775.
$Thomas, A.: 12 Clevedon Terrace, Kingsdown, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1897-1906.
Thomas, Charles: West Street; c.1902.
Thomas Charles R.: Lawford Street; c.1902.
(V)Thomas, Edward: Grocer & Wine & Spirit Merchant, 2 Clifton Place; c.1828-1852, insolvent 27 June 1845.
Thomas, John: Wine Merchant; Taylor's Court, c.1793-1794; John Thomas & Son St. James Barton, c.1805 until 1808.
Thomas, J.W. & S: The Moon, 26 North Street; Wine Merchants, c.1836-1839.
Thomas, Richard Gregory & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchant, St. James Square, c.1805; 3 Small Street; c.1813-1822, wife died Feb. 1819. R. & C. Thomas & Co. (Evans 1818).
$Thomas, S.: 14 Old Market Street; c.1866 (see Bryant).
Thomas, Sarah: Spirit Dealer, Nicholas Street, c.1844.
Thomas & Co.: St. John's Bridge; c.1847.
*Thomas & Co.: Bath Street, c.1893-1901.
Thomas, Thomas: Brandy Merchant; Broad Street, c.1793-1794.
Thomas, Tim.: Pembroke House, Clifton, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Thomas, T. F.: Black Boy Hill, Redland; c.1889.
Thompson, Hannah: Spirit Dealer (retail), 54 Broad Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818); 51 Broad Street, c.1822.
$Thompson, John T.: The Venta, 44 & 45 Baldwin Street; c.1893.
*Thorne, George: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London, 8 Old Market Street; c.1879-1886.
Tilley, John & Sons: Lower Easton; c.1842-1844.
*Tilly, James: Lower Easton; c.1849-1850, Upper Easton c.1851-1853.
Tilly, John: Pennywell Road; c.1849, Easton Road c.1851.
$Tilly, John & James: Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Spirits, Upper Easton, c.1836.
(V)$*Tilly, William: 23 Old Market Street; c.1856-1866.
$Tinney, Frank: 16 Dowry Square, Hotwells; c.1901.
Tippett, Francis: Dealer in Spirits, Berkeley Castle, Berkeley Place, c.1836.
$Tippett, J.: Denmark Street; c.1863-1866.
Tovey, Charles & Co.: Foreign Wine House, 86 Stoke's Croft; c.1836-1844. 
(V)*Tovey, Charles & Co.: 86 Stoke's Croft & 2 Royal York Crescent, Clifton; c.1836-1853; & 1 Quadrant c.1856-1880 (See Bennett & Gibbs).
$Tovey, G. H.: 14 King Square Avenue; c.1874.
$Townsend, Alfred: 23 Old Market Street; c.1874.
$Townsend, John: The Venta; 37 & 39 Baldwin Street; c.1901- (& Co.) c.1906-1914 (see Thompson).
(V)$*Townsend, Mrs. Mary J.: 23 Old Market Street; c.1885-1889.
$Townsend & Thomas: 23 Old Market Street; c.1880.
(V)$Tremlett, George: 1 Dowry Parade & at ($) 1 Love Street, Hotwells; c.1863-1866 (See Savage & Weir).
(V)Tremlett, Henry E.: Dowry Parade & Love Street, Hotwells; c.1859.
Trigg, Philip: Spirit Merchant, died 1821 age 32.
Trix & Ware: Wine Merchants, c.1829.
$Truebody, W. E.: Chandos House, Ashley Hill; Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1906.
$Truebody Brothers: 224 Stapleton Road; c.1938.
Tucker, John: Spirit Dealer, Castle Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
$Tuckett, C.: 24 Park Street & 88 & 108 Stoke's Croft, Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; c.1894-1906.
Tuckett, Frank Coldstream: 24 Park Street & 108 Stoke's Croft; c.1889-1902 (see also City Supply Stores).
Tully, George: Cheese & Butter Factor and Dealer in Foreign Spirits, Mary Port Street, c.1783.
*Turnbull, Robert: 133 Pennywell Road; c.1886.
$Turner, E.: Denmark Street; c.1851.
$Turner, Horace F.: 20 Alma Vale Road, Clifton; c.1901-1938.
Turner, John: Spirit Dealer, St. Patrick's Tavern, 62 Broad Quay, c.1836.
Turner, John Robert: Wine & Spirit Merchant, Wine Vaults, 51 Stokes Croft, c.1 Jan. 1861-1879.
Turner & Player Brothers: Wine & Spirit Merchants, 104 Temple Street, c.1879. (See T. & J. Player also Weir & Turner).
*Turner, William: Wine & Spirit Dealer, Maltster, Strong Beer, Ale & Porter Brewery, Jacob Street, c.1836.
(V)$Tyler, Robert: & bottled liquor dealer, 82 Stoke's Croft; 1859-1863; (& at Bath) c.1865-1874; 34 Stoke's Croft; c.1880.
Tyler, William: Dealer in Spirits; Nicholas Street, c.1793-1794.

*Urch & Pritchard: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 11 Denmark Street; c.1822-1830. & Co., c.1836.
*Usher, J. & T.: 2, 4, 6 & 8 Horfield Road, Kingsdown; c.1893-1901; New City Brewery; River Street; c.1906.

Vaughan, Charles: Marsh Street; c.1844.
Vernam, William: Wine Merchant; St. Augustine's Place, c.1793-1794.
Vernum, George: Brightsmith & Corking machine maker, & Spirit Dealer, 81 Redcliff Street, c.1836.
*Verrière & Co. (French wine): 30 Quay Head opposite Drawbridge; c.1847-1866.
$Victor, S. F.: 48 High Street, c.1863.
$Victoria Wine Co.: 26 High Street; c.1874-1880.
Vildosola, A. L.: King Street, Queen Square; c.1844-1847.
Villiers, Edward Wildman Basevi: Wine  Spirit Merchant, Neptune Hotel & City Vaults, Victoria Street, c.1888-1889.
Viney, Samuel: Distiller, 159 Temple Street; c.1775.
*Vizard, Francis J.: 54 & 56 Victoria Street; c.1886  (see Hurman).
(V)Vowles, Alice: 20 Nicholas Street; c.1885.

*Waites, Richard: 25 Triangle; c.1880-1886.
(V)Wakeham, Louisa: 78 Narrow Quay; c.1849.
$Wakeham, M. L.: Quay; c.1851.
Wakeham, William: Spirit Dealer, 33 King Street, Queen Square, c.1844.
Walker, John & Sons Ltd.: 4 Unity Street, College Green; c.1902.
Walkley, John Jabez: 54 Victoria Street; c.1889 (See Hurman).
Walters, George: Digby House, Fishponds Road; c.1902.
Walters, James (see Waters, James): Custom House, Avenue, c.1825; Bottled Liquor Merchant, 26 Stokes Croft, c.1836
$Walton, R.: Clifton Place; c.1866.
Wanklyn, William: Distiller & vinegar manufacturer, 42 King Street; c.1775-1805.
Ware, John: 14 Old Market Street; c.1844 Mary Ware c.1847 (see Bryant).
Waring & Co.: 13 King Street; c.1852-1853.
Warne, John: Wine Merchant, Mall, Clifton; c.1818-1825. Wellington House, near Harley Place; orders taken at Mr. Bough's, 7 Portland Place, c.1828.
$Warren, T.: Agent for W. & A. Gilby of London; 112 & 114 Grosvenor Road; c.1902-1906.
Waters, James (see Walters, James): Wine & Spirit, Porter & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 26 Stoke's Croft; c.1822-1847; Glue manufacturer, Froom bridge (late Collins) c.1836.
$(V)Waters, Mary: 26 Stoke's Croft; c.1849-1859.
$*Waters & Co.: 26 Stoke's Croft; c.1863-1874; 51 Stoke's Croft; c.1880-1914 (see Boone & Pullen in Brewers).
Watson, Lax, & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 29 Broad Street, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Watson, William: Wine Merchant, 1 Ashley Place, Stapleton Rd. c.1828.
*Watson, William & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 29 Broad Street; c.1822-1851.
Watters, George: Ernestville, Fishponds; c.1897.
Watts & Maskelyn: Wine Merchants & Counting House, 15 Prince's Street 7 45 Queen's Square; c.1775.
Watts Thomas, Bullock & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Pritchard Street, St. Paul's, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
(V)Watts, Edward: Wine & Spirit Vaults & Bottled Liquor Merchant, 9 St. James Barton, c.1836.
Wayne, William: Dealer in Spirits; Peter Street, c.1793-1794.
Weaver, Edwin: Wine & Spirit Merchant, Shannon Court, Corn Street c.1830-1836, bankrupt March 1836.
Weaver, Isaac: Brandy Merchant; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Webb, Thomas & Co.: Wine & Spirit Merchants,  Queen Square, c.1830.
Webber, James: Brandy Merchant; Milk Street, c.1793-1794.
Weekes, John: Wine Merchant, Bush Tavern, c,1783.
Weir, F. C. G.: 34 Broadmead; c.1863.
$Weir, Frank G. C.: 1 Dowry Parade; c.1874-1886 (see Tremlett).
$*Weir, Frederick V. & Co.(importers): 16 Thomas Street; c.1850-Feb. 1864; 104 Temple Street; c.1874 (See Clifton & Weir).
Weir & Turner: Wine Merchants, 104 Temple Street, c.1874.
Wellon, William: Spirit dealer (retail), Nicholas Street, c.1822-1836.
Wells, Elizabeth, Spirit Dealer (retail), 9 Union Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818)-1822.
Wescott, William: Dealer in Spirits; Temple Street, c.1793-1794.
$Western Vintage Wine Co.: 94 Church Road, Redfield; 1 New Station Road, Fishponds & 22 Little Peter Street; c.1938.
Westley, William: Rum, Brandy & Wine Merchant, 23 Redcliff Street; c.1775-1783.
Westwood, Elizabeth: Spirit Dealer, Old Market Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
Westwood, Richard: Cyder & Hop Merchant, Wilder Street, c.1805.
$Wetherman, Edward & Co.: & bottled liquor dealer, 17 Small Street; c.1863-1874.
Wetherman, John jun.: 12 King Street; c.1852-1853.
$Wetherman, John & Co.: 17 Small Street; c.1856-1863.
$Wetherman, George (late John & Co.); 17 Small Street; c.1865-1866.
*Wetherman & Ludlow (& rectifiers): 44 Broad Quay; c.1856-1866.
Wheeler, Francis: Vintner, Rummer Tavern, The Exchange, c.1783.
*White, A. L. & Co.: 36 Moon Street (Sole agent for Peter Dawson, Distiller, Glasgow); c.1901.
*White, F. G. & Co.: 36 Stoke's Croft; c.1901-1902.
$(V)*White, George & Co.: 6 Wine Street, 22 Redcliff Hill & 34 Stoke's Croft; c.1885-1914; & Moon Street (Sole agent for Peter Dawson, Distiller, Glasgow), c.1906; Moon Street, St Paul's, c.1938
$White, Herbert John & Co.: Mitchell Lane, c.1897; 37 Thomas Street, Temple; c.1901-1902; 57 Queen Charlotte Street, c.1906
$*White, J. & Son: 66 Thomas Street; 1874; Mitchell Lane, Victoria Street; c.1880-1894; Redcliff Hill; c.1885; 28 Nicholas street; c.1886.
White, Richard: Spirit Dealer, 81 Redcliff Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818).
White & Ross: 28 Nicholas Street; c.1889.
White, William: Wine Merchant, 29 Clare Street & 49 Royal York Crescent; c.1818-1830 died 20 Jan 1831 at his house at 16 Duke Street aged 57. Also at Portland Place near the Mall, Clifton c.1828.
Whitfield, Frederick H.: 57 Frogmore Street; c.1865; 17 Triangle; c.1874 (See Cairnes).
*Whittard, E. & Co.: Hampton Place; c.1880.
$Whitting, John & Co.: 65 Henleaze Road, Westbury-upon-Trym; c.1914, 36 Marsh Street, March 1921 (purchased Sainsbury,, Hibbard & Co.); 7 St. Stephen's Avenue, c.1938.
Whittington, Ann: 74 Redcliff Hill; c.1838-1847.
Wickham & Brooke: Quay Street; c.1847.
Wigan, Thomas & Co.: Distillers (and vinegar makers), Dealers & Importers of Wine & Spirits; Jacob Street, c.1793-1797; Redcliff Street, c.1797-1808.
(V)Wightman, G. F.: 1 Christmas Street; c.1885-1886.
$Wild, James: Horsefair & Barrs Street; c.1852.
$(V)Willett, Henry Spencer: 29 High Street; c.1844-1849; 61 Redcliff Street; c.1852.
Willett, John (the younger): Wine Merchant, c.1761 (Bristol Archives 22936/144/4/10).
Willett, Samuel: Wine Merchant, 20 Marlborough Street; c.1775.
Williams & Gordon: Custom House Avenue; c.1822.
Williams, Eliza: Dealer in Spirits; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Williams, James: Wine Merchant, Queen Square, c.1783; & Co.: Brandy Merchants; Redcliff Street, c.1793-1794.
Williams, Thomas & Co.: Distillers; Narrow Wine Street, c.1793-1794.
Williams, Thomas: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Thomas Street, c.1805. & Co., Customs House Avenue, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Williams, William: Spirit Dealer (retail), 42 St. Mary-le-Port Street, c.1818 (Evans, 1818)-1822.
Wills & Co.: Wine & Spirit Merchants, Temple Street; c.1815.
Wills & Edwards: 35 Bridge Street; c.1856.
Wills, Clarke, & Edwards: 35 Bridge Street; c.1859.
Wills, George: Distiller, 45 Broad Quay; c.1842-1844.
Wills, George & Samuel: 35 Bridge Street; c.1863-1865.
*Wills, G. & F.: 35 Bridge Street; c.1866.
*Wills, George & Co.: 35 Bridge Street; c.1874.
Wilson & Mitchell (Wilson & Co.): 45 Redcliff street; c.1862-1864 (late Houlson & Clarke).
Wilson, James Thomas: 45 Redcliff Street (The Bottle or Bottle & Glass); 1864 only.
$*Wiltshire, Oliver William: 71 Gloucester Road; c.1894-1901; Redcross Street; c.1901-1906.
*Windham, George James: 13 Back of Bridge Street, c.1914.
Wine & Spirit Company (The): 45 Redcliff Street; c.1860-1861.
$Winstone, W. H.: 87 Old Market Street; c.1866.
Winter, Caleb: The Supply Stores, Fishponds Road; c.1897-1902 (see Supply Stores).
Winter, Caleb & Co.: 94 Stapleton Road; c.1902.
Winter, George: Wine Merchant, 5 Orchard Street; c.1775; Unity Street, c.1783.
Winter, Thomas: Vintner; 8 Norfolk Street, c.1793-1794.
*Winterson, F. & A.: 43 Prince Street; c.1886; 20 Prince Street; c.1889-1906.
$(V)Wintle, John: 26 North Street; c.1849-1866.
Wissett, J. E.: 16 Small Street; c.1863.
Withers, Thomas: 54 Stoke's Croft; c.1894-1902.
Wood, Levi: 83 Lawrence Hill; c.1894.
$Wookey, William Elkanah: 57 Whiteladies Road, Clifton; c.1889-1902; 23 Old Market Street; c.1901-1906.
Worgan, J. B.: Spirit Dealer (retail), Bedminster, c.1822.
$Worth, F. O. & Co.: 65 Queen's Road, Clifton; c.1897-1914 & 217 Cheltenham Road; c.1902-1914.
*Worth, W(H). L. & Co.: 2 Quay Street; c.1880-1906; Rupert Street; c.1886 (See Brooke, Broadley).
*Worth & James: 2 Quay Street; c.1874.
Wright, Clayfield & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, Under the Bank, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
Wright, James Ireland: Wine Merchant, married Rachael Messer at the Friends Meeting, Westminster. Feb. 1813.
*Wright, William: Under the Bank (St. Augustine's); c.1828-1844, (& Son) c.1844-1847.Residence 22 Berkeley Square c.1828; Residence Redland Hall (c.1836).
*Wright, William & Son: Augustine's Back; c.1836-1886, & Sons c.1889-1906 (and bonded warehouses).
*Wyld, George & Sons: Rectifying Distillers & Importers, 98 Redcliff Street; c.1822-1828.
*Wyld, George & Sons: 83 Redcliff Street; c.1830-1857, John Hopton Wyld bankrupt Sept. 1857.
Wyld, J. H. (Late G. Wyld & Sons): Wine Merchant, 12 Wellington Place. (See above, Matthews 1863 dir.)
Wyld & Robertson: 2 Bridge Parade; c.1857-1861.
*Wyld & Co.: 2 Bridge Parade; c.1861-1938 (Bristol Bridge) & Tucker Street; c.1902.
$*Wyld & Warburton: (W. P. T. Wyld & C. P. Warburton), St. Stephen's Avenue, Bristol, and 4 Weymouth Street, Warminster, c.1877-1880.

Yarworth, William: Wine Merchant; Back, c.1793-1794; Queen Square c.1805; died before Nov. 1810.
Yarworth, Jones, & Co.: Wine & Brandy Merchants, 36 St. Nicholas Back, c.1818 (Evans 1818).
$Yeeles, William Leonard: 16 Chandos Road, Redland; c.1938.

Zincraft, Caroline: Spirit Dealer, 15 Peter Street, c.1836.
Zincraft, Charles: Spirit Dealer (retail), 15 Peter Street, c.1822.
Zincraft & Croden: Spirit Dealers & Wine Merchants; partnership between Caroline Lambley née Zincraft, James Booth Lambley and James Croden dissolved 24 Oct. 1836. James & Caroline married 31 Jul. 1836 at St. Peter's. See Lambley.
Zincraft, Robert Gomer: Dealer in spirits, 15 Peter Street, c.1828-1830.

Where known, the following prefixes are used to denote trade type:
$=wholesale & retail
(V)=Wine & Spirit Vaults

Directories used in compiling this list include:
1775 Sketchley's
1783 Bailey's Western & Midland
1793-4 Matthew's
1805-7 Holden's Triennial
1818 Evans's
1822 Pigot's
1825 Pigot's
1828 Matthew's
1830 Pigot's
1836 Matthew's
1842 Pigot's
1844 Pigot's
1847 Slater's
1849 Hunt's
1850 Hunt's
1851 Matthew's
1852 Scammell's
1852-3 Slater's
1856 Post Office
1859 Post Office
1863 Kelly's, Post Office & Matthews
1865 Webster's
1866 Matthew's
1874 Wright's
1879 Post Office
1880 Slater's
1880 Wright's
1885 Wright's
1886 Wright's
1889 Kelly's
1889 Wright's
1893 Wright's
1894 Kelly's
1897 Kelly's
1901 Wright's
1902 Kelly's
1906 Kelly's
1914 Kelly's
1938 Kelly's

For bankruptcy research, a primary source is the London Gazette.

Bristol Glass Bottle Manufacturers Evans's 1818 Directory:

Cookson, J. S. & Co.: Cheese Lane, St. Philips. (Black Bottle Glass makers, also in Pigot's 1822).
Lucas, Chance, Homer & Coatupe: St. Nichols Street & Nailsea. (Crown Window and Black Bottle Glass, also in Pigot's 1822).
Nicholas, John & Co.: Limekiln Lane. (Black Bottle Glass, also in Pigot's 1822).
Ricketts, Henry & Co.: Cheese Lane, St. Philips. (Phoenix Flint Glass House, Temple Gate and Black Bottle Glass House, Cheese Lane in Pigot's 1822).

Bristol Potters Evans's 1818 Directory:
Brown Ware:
Colston & Pearce: Avon Street, St. Philips.
Dean, Peter: Boot Lane, Bedminster.
Duffet, James: Barton Hill. (Red Ware, also in Pigot's 1822).
Duffet, John: Commercial Road. (Pipe Lane, Temple Back in Pigot's 1822).
Flood & Hicks: Commercial Road. (Flood & Co, Red Ware, Temple Backs in Pigot's 1822).
Matchin, Jane: 9 Wilder Street. (Benjamin Machin, Red Ware, also in Pigot's 1822).
Yabbicom, H. & T.: St. Philips.
Stone Ware:
Hassall & Co.: 12 Merchant Street & Leek Lane. (Stone Ware, Merchant Street only also in Pigot's 1822).
Hope & Bright: 131 Temple Street. (Stone Water Pipe Makers also in Pigot's 1822).
Patience, Edward: Temple Back.
Powell, William & Thomas: St. Thomas Street. (Brown Stoneware also in Pigot's 1822).
Price & Read: 132 Temple Street. (Charles Price, stoneware, Temple & Thomas Street in Pigot's 1822).
Sheppard, Samuel: Avon Street, St. Philips.
Spokes, James: Avon Street, St. Philips. (also in Pigot's 1822).
Wilcox, J. H.: St. Philips.
Yabbicom, H.: St. Philips & Temple Back. (Sugar, Chimney & Garden pot manufacturer, Temple Back, also in Pigot's 1822, H. & F. Yabbicom, stoneware, Avon Street, St. Philips).

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